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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENCE

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Astrology, 28:development of the life of the soul. This is in essence the will-to-love. The planets, twelve inAstrology, 42:The Hierarchy, for instance, which is the essence of the intangible Life of Spirit, the principleAstrology, 313:to be known or said about that "mysterious essence which is divinity in motion." When you, forAstrology, 496:with that which is perceived to be the divine essence, underlying form. This identification withAstrology, 508:form being the custodian of a living spiritual essence, of the home, whether the home is the fourthAstrology, 637:seven. Each of these Hierarchies furnishes the essence (the soul) and is the builder of one of theBethlehem, 8:phenomenon is, first and last, a symbol; for the essence of life is meaning. But every symbol whichBethlehem, 28:through the sacrifice of humanity, which is the essence of the crucifixion, can the resurrection beBethlehem, 73:which removes all dross and leaves only the essence for the blessing of God. Myrrh or bitternessBethlehem, 79:and happiness, of test and of problems, but its essence is love and its method is love. It leavesBethlehem, 148:Transmutation being the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek a new center, theBethlehem, 169:nations, will show that they are based, in essence, upon some definitely Christ-like concept. ThatBethlehem, 215:bring about that forgiveness which is the very essence of life itself. That forgiveness is theBethlehem, 217:was "acquainted with sorrow," He knew joy in its essence, for the "joy of the Lord is ourDiscipleship1, 721:be "enough of the will-to-love with the fiery essence." Where that will is present two things canDiscipleship1, 729:these must be first comprehended and their fiery essence quenched before the fire of theDiscipleship2, 164:the medium of war, and making available also the essence of the material world. I have endeavoredDiscipleship2, 200:of Activity, who embody within themselves the essence of the third Ray of Active Intelligence,Discipleship2, 237:Rules for Group Work; all these rules are, in essence, modes of conduct which, when imposed upon,Discipleship2, 286:by the initiate, is essentially that monadic essence, qualified by "fixed determination," which isDiscipleship2, 453:learns to do), and as he exhales the living essence into the "world of serving lives," he becomesDiscipleship2, 627:to help you. Let them draw from you the very essence of spiritual service, which means that theyExternalisation, 286:Harmony, Alaya's Self; a shoreless, universal essence, the light of everlasting right and fitnessExternalisation, 562:inflow of what is esoterically called "angelic essence" from the deva kingdom, under the directionFire, xiii:of those myriads of sentient lives who form the essence of objectivity; to indicate the nature ofFire, xiv:with these subjects we are concerned with the essence of that which is objective, with theFire, xvii:and flame destroy the body of an Arhat; their essence makes him immortal. (Secret Doctrine I. 35)Fire, 32:Their threefold nature but reveal Their triple essence by means of the three great groups of atoms.Fire, 44:of ether (S. D., I, 353, 354) It is the essence of ether (S. D., I, 366) It is primordial ether (SFire, 44:the medium of those entities who, in their very essence, are fire itself. These dualities ofFire, 45:Fire in the Microcosm is likewise threefold in essence and fivefold in manifestation. 1. There isFire, 50:with in this Treatise concerns the subjective essence of the solar system, not primarily either theFire, 52:or the fire elementals who are themselves the essence of fire. They are mainly divided into twoFire, 58:means of a threefold channel. 17 17 "The divine essence that, pervading the entire universe ofFire, 58:of our solar system, so that this manifested essence may be the basic soil of the growth,Fire, 58:and destruction of our worlds, that divine essence is simple Nadam of our yogic philosophy and thatFire, 58:the vedic metres as the coursers of the solar essence." - Some Thoughts on the Gita, p. 74. Fire, 63:of there cosmic Entities is, in His essential essence, Fire; each manifests as fire in a threefoldFire, 63:its latent internal Fire. His is the fire essence that lies at the heart of the Sun, of the planet,Fire, 64:within this solar system) the development of the Essence of the cosmic Lord of Love, the secondFire, 66:In Their totality these seven Lords form the essence of the cosmic Lord, called in the occultFire, 66:with Their affiliated groups of pupils, form the essence or centers in the body of one of theFire, 66:Logoi. These seven again in Their turn form the essence of the Logos. Each of the seven Lords ofFire, 66:all focal points of heat, who are themselves the essence of warmth, and can be contacted [67] inFire, 67:great light rays, and Who are in Themselves the essence of those rays. Other forms of suchFire, 75:a control of the evolution of the monadic essence, the elemental essence and of the atomic matterFire, 75:evolution of the monadic essence, the elemental essence and of the atomic matter of the plane; itFire, 77:force behind planetary manifestation. Monadic Essence, the matter of the atomic (or highest)Fire, 77:(or highest) subplane of each plane. Elemental Essence, the matter of the six subplanes which areFire, 83:intelligence. Each of the cosmic Rays is in essence threefold, a fact which is oft overlooked,Fire, 97:absorbed; fire, the basis of all life; fire, the essence of all existence; fire, the means ofFire, 97:passes out from the ring-pass-not as perfected essence, whether essence emerging from the humanFire, 97:the ring-pass-not as perfected essence, whether essence emerging from the human ring-pass-not, theFire, 97:life manifesting objectively. Fire: The essence of the first Logos. Electric fire. Spirit. Heat:Fire, 97:Logos. Electric fire. Spirit. Heat: Duality. The essence of the second Logos. Solar fire. The SonFire, 97:fire. The Son aspect. Consciousness. Motion: The essence of the third Logos. Fire by friction.Fire, 99:center and the dense physical organ. The vital essence from the sun is passed into the ethericFire, 100:system by means of surface radiation. The pranic essence escapes from the circumference of itsFire, 100:to it during its transitory circulation. The essence escapes, plus individual quality. Here againFire, 122:religions of the world, and with the spiritual Essence in Man. The Manu. The One Who presides overFire, 144:grades of manifestation down to the elemental essence on the arc of involution.64 We need toFire, 144:in the second and third root races. 64 Elemental Essence is seen to consist of aggregations ofFire, 145:evolution, till it is merged in its own essence. Therefore: The goal of the second Logos isFire, 158:disintegration of form, The liberation of the essence which the form confines, The separations ofFire, 158:or manifestation, The reabsorption of the essence, and the merging again of differentiated matterFire, 164:plane for the Logos from whence He abstracts the essence in manifestation; the other for the Monad,Fire, 176:incarnation those cosmic Entities who are in essence identical with Himself. After the thirdFire, 194:which appeals to him as of the same quality or essence as himself. In all these definitions it isFire, 197:faculty which enables us to arrive [197] at the essence by due recognition of the veiling sheath.Fire, 197:utilizes it to put himself en rapport with the essence of all selves at all stages, and thereby toFire, 201:that faculty whereby the Self recognizes its own essence in and under all forms. DiscriminationFire, 204:tends to identification of the Self with its own essence in all groups and the rejection of theFire, 209:of the plans of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels andFire, 215:Self, and finally with the All-Self, and also of essence with essence in contradistinction to theFire, 215:with the All-Self, and also of essence with essence in contradistinction to the synthesis of matterFire, 232:that will adequately express Spirit. Merge the essence within the form, which is occultly [233]Fire, 233:[233] qualified during evolution, with the essence in all forms - humanly, in a planetary sense,Fire, 236:eventually, until the three have absorbed the essence of the four; finally the one absorbs theFire, 236:essence of the four; finally the one absorbs the essence of the three, and the work is completed.Fire, 260:Who is the Thinker? Man, in essential essence, is the higher triad demonstrating through aFire, 261:objectivity. This threefold lower nature is in essence a quaternary - the etheric vehicle,Fire, 263:S. D., I, 46. They are called the three Rays of Essence and the four Aspects. - S. D., I, 147. TheyFire, 294:Source, and which is recognized as the same in essence as the God within the individual, whetherFire, 302:manasic in a different sense. Man bridges in essence; the devas bridge in matter. Fire, 336:permanent Triads in a triple envelope of monadic essence. The permanent Triads are a reflectionFire, 338:employs will or atma in all that relates to the essence of all, to itself, considering the essenceFire, 338:the essence of all, to itself, considering the essence and the Self as pure Spirit as distinguishedFire, 349:in its basic sense as "the drawing out" of essence). This occult abstraction is brought about by anFire, 404:of Brahma. The sumtotal of manas is pure deva essence, and it is only as union is made between thisFire, 405:may be conceived as the point in which the Deva essence is changed into Pitric essence or the noFire, 405:in which the Deva essence is changed into Pitric essence or the no loka is made fit to appear as aFire, 406:and Saturn will, therefore, have absorbed the essence of manifestation and (in connection with theFire, 420:am," then he has merged himself with his divine essence, and is freed from form. The first occultFire, 448:of the identity of the deva evolution with the essence they manipulate must ever be borne in mind.Fire, 469:is intelligent material composed of deva essence. Cosmic Karma - Imposed upon the solar Logos fromFire, 472:sound. In this way vibrations are set up in the essence of the planes by the conscious Builders.Fire, 473:and not an approach of the concrete to the essence. Man, while functioning in material, substantialFire, 476:the Agnisuryans, that blaze, that liberate the essence, and thus produce the needed radiance. FirstFire, 477:form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatile essence, and the gathering of the residue back toFire, 478:Transmutation being the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek a new center, the
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