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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENCE

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Fire, 478:come under the Law of Repulsion, and the central essence escapes and seeks a new sphere, occultlyFire, 484:quality of the atom, and the escape of this essence, later to take a new form. Radioactivity,Fire, 487:the magician or alchemist works with deva essence through the control of the lesser Builders inFire, 488:form or sheath of a great deva, who is the essence back of manifestation and the soul of the plane.Fire, 489:the mineral kingdom works practically with deva essence in its earliest form on the upward arc ofFire, 489:loose upon the ignorant and the unwary, fiery essence which burns and destroys. Postulate V. TheFire, 490:of the destructive nature of the substance (deva essence) itself. They burn and destroy theFire, 490:seeking to imprison the escaping volatile essence as the form disintegrates. This hinders theFire, 491:escape (through radioactivity) of the volatile essence. At all the different stages, the fireFire, 493:produces radiation or the escape of volatile essence. Speaking cosmically, and regarding the solarFire, 494:question of electricity and have seen that fire essence or substance is resolved through internalFire, 506:course burns up the third fire, or absorbs its essence, and is itself eventually blended with theFire, 516:result of consequent automatic action in deva essence, for it must ever be borne in mind that manFire, 523:His Monad can be studied in its threefold essence on its own plane, his egoic aspect likewise, andFire, 526:Their threefold nature, but reveal Their triple essence by means of the three great groups ofFire, 538:fires is triple. The fire of mind is also in essence dual, bringing in another triplicity, thusFire, 563:is connected very closely with the type of deva essence of which it is constructed, and (inFire, 576:the ego, and eventually gathering to itself the essence of all experience, garnered, via the Ego,Fire, 602:We are dealing with solar fire per se, with the essence of thought, with the coherent life of allFire, 611:perfect day of revelation it is seen what man in essence is, and the Spirit within is revealed.Fire, 614:knowing himself to be positive force in essence, works with negative substance, or with the lesserFire, 628:Spirits before the Throne in Their essential essence; the dynamic force or will lying back of allFire, 646:in a peculiar manner, and in their essential essence, and in their own peculiar sphere enable manFire, 656:through whom They function, and out of whose essence Their form is made. It might be expressedFire, 656:produced through the peculiar type of deva [656] essence He chooses, or (to word it perhaps moreFire, 658:of the astral plane which we call the elemental essence, and as the vitality energizing the desireFire, 684:The Ego, or the self-conscious Identity is in essence and in truth Love-Wisdom, but manifestsFire, 687:third system nirvanis who will be, in very essence, "active intelligent love"; they will have toFire, 702:the generator of a certain type of intelligent essence which is the positive factor in the life ofFire, 703:mental plane, they are Man himself in essential essence; they enable him to build his own body ofFire, 710:at the heart, Surya or Vishnu reveals Him in His essence as the Wisdom of Love and the Love ofFire, 711:up in order that Man may be. From their very essence, they give out that which is needed to produceFire, 731:Spirit (increased and intensified by the gaseous essence of the fire of matter, or "fire byFire, 735:other, and are resolved into the reservoir of essence to be recollected again when the hourFire, 741:become seven suns, when it has absorbed the life essence of the fully evolved planes, and of theFire, 762:it as the flame encloses the central nucleus or essence in a candle flame, and fire by friction,Fire, 765:wicks, and when spiritual Fire in its threefold essence meets with that which is combustible, theFire, 782:Atomic substance. Molecular substance. Elemental essence. This differentiation is not entirelyFire, 782:word "energy" took the place of "substance and essence." This third group of Pitris is really notFire, 784:The Watery. The ball or sphere of gaseous fiery essence becomes still more condensed and liquefied;Fire, 807:building his egoic vehicle out of Their own essence. We [808] have touched briefly upon the lunarFire, 809:up in the following postulates: I. Man is in essence divine. 59 This has ever been enunciatedFire, 816:these are nevertheless of the same substance or essence as the nine other petals. The student mustFire, 821:form them out of their own substance and who in essence are the threefold Ego during itsFire, 845:fact is that the lesser "lives" or the elemental essence are the "refuse" of an earlier system, andFire, 846:nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor human in essence. He is occultly "blind," utterly unaware; heFire, 873:with the lesser Builders, with the elemental essence in one particular aspect, - its lowest andFire, 873:to do with the "soul of things," or with the essence of matter. The old Commentary says: [874] "TheFire, 876:qualities, but has a character all His Own, an essence which is His peculiar nature, and an energyFire, 890:the impulse in their turn to the elemental essence. They are the builders of lesser degree, but areFire, 898:and energies affect paramountly the deva essence of this sixth subplane matter, reaching them viaFire, 899:- human and divine - are composed of deva essence, the connection between this influence and theFire, 900:When this is realized, the work of the deva essence takes due place; the factor of desire, or ofFire, 907:All these factors involve the activity of deva essence, plus the resultant awareness of theFire, 926:latent. Faculty inheres from an earlier solar essence. The logoic Sound - Second plane - The SoundFire, 933:planetary life and the absorption of the life essence into its synthesizer. The process ofFire, 936:of builders and three major grades of building essence or deva substance. He connects with theFire, 937:of the Monad. The three grades of building essence which are built into forms through the activityFire, 940:up they drive into activity the surrounding deva essence in their two groups: Those who build theFire, 966:I. 77. The initiate directs the eye towards the essence of things. The third eye must be acquiredFire, 984:man. - Isis Unveiled, I, 309. Magic explores the essence and power of everything. - Isis Unveiled,Fire, 986:Magic consists in the ability to perceive the essence of things in the light of nature (astralFire, 1028:part of manifestation, for that which is the essence is not regarded as a reality at all by them asFire, 1060:but permit of the escape of the subjective essence. It marks a specific point of attainment in theFire, 1061:which is unorganized. Third, that the "volatile essence," or the spiritual essential Life, focusesFire, 1062:dealing with the effect produced by the inner essence as it makes its presence felt through theFire, 1062:and through radiation transfers its essence to another "absorbent planet," or planets, as is theFire, 1062:as is the case with a solar system also. Its essence, or true Life, is absorbed by a receivingFire, 1063:adequate frequency, so that the volatile life-essence is ready to escape from that form and mergeFire, 1067:majority of cases because, having located the essence, they had no idea how to deal with it whenFire, 1067:magnetic force which was drawing the released essence to itself. To comprehend the law andFire, 1067:student must have the ability to release the essence from its form. He must know the formulae andFire, 1068:imprison the life, and force back the life essence again and again into the sheath at the moment ofFire, 1068:when the time has come for the return of the essence to its center, then the work will beFire, 1069:the mineral kingdom is radioactive and the essence of all mineral forms is fast escaping. InFire, 1098:mental body is composed of only four types of essence, whereas the astral body and the physical areFire, 1106:Each of the groups of lives which are the living essence of four subplanes and which focalizeFire, 1133:provides that vital something which is the essence of the physical permanent atom of the humanFire, 1136:are found in every manifested atom; His essence indwells all forms. This we call Spirit, yet HeFire, 1153:force, for it will be utilized by the abstracted essence and energies of the septenate of schemesFire, 1158:be neither the man nor the angel, but a divine, essence or Spirit. These three types of energyFire, 1186:Form building Fire. 3. Elementals. Elemental Essence. Molecular Substance. Lunar Force. TheFire, 1200:The hierarchy, for instance, which is the essence of the intangible Life of Spirit, and principleFire, 1232:the source of that illumination, and the essence of that Life whose quality is known to him alreadyFire, 1247:basis of all coherency in nature, and with that essence which through the force of its own innateFire, 1268:and four. These two are drawn together. Their essence blends. The man who seeks this path is thenFire, 1279:the spheres, seeketh a form wherein to veil the Essence, and through the progress of the aeons toFire, 1279:and veiled by that which is. Deep is the essence, and sheathed by that which moves. Profound theFire, 1279:- apportioned to the Lord of Cosmic Love Whose essence is the fire - the sacred Name is heard. TheFire, 1279:the past and blends within the time to be. The essence and the life, the point within the circle,Healing, 111:form nature into its component parts and basic essence. Disease is essentially an aspect of death.Healing, 131:not concerned with the circulation of the life essence. These two basic energies, as they play uponHealing, 173:force (for astral force is spiritual in essence) and its three manifestations. All these threeHealing, 246:of the planetary Logos to extract the life essence innate in each atom, produces what might beHealing, 246:of the form at any point from whence this life essence is emitted. This brings about conditionsHealing, 248:soul which says to its instrument: I draw the essence back. The other is the magnetic power of theHealing, 287:nature. It is pure planetary substance or living essence, and is that substance of which the vitalHealing, 430:constantly and rhythmically the universal life essence or prana. The whole subject is of courseHealing, 535:which says to its instrument: [535] I draw the essence back. The other is the magnetic power of theHealing, 586:and supports a form [586] which anchors the life-essence and proves the reality of its existence.
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