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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIAL

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Astrology, 12:astrologer remains profoundly unaware. It is essential that he learns to think in larger Wholes andAstrology, 12:he will discover for himself the signs of the essential divinity of man - a divinity which is to beAstrology, 69:must be made for this. It is consequently essential that the modern astrologer begin to study theAstrology, 83:the conditioning soul, and thus discovers his essential duality. When he is upon the Path ofAstrology, 161:and of Gemini (expressive of man's essential duality). You find, therefore, today, the activity ofAstrology, 192:the intuition begins to take its place. This is essential before the sign Capricorn is entered byAstrology, 202:serves, nevertheless, to add its evidence to the essential integrity and interlocking dependenciesAstrology, 226:agree on one); I cannot indicate to you the essential truth because a new planet is arising in thisAstrology, 241:recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism which underlies allAstrology, 257:of the soul in manifestation: I. Gemini Essential unrelated duality. The Twins. Sensed andAstrology, 272:There is here an esoteric reference to the essential identity of Son with the Father, the "undyingAstrology, 272:characteristic can be noted, and that is their essential duality - the effect of which is obviousAstrology, 306:and the lower self. Man becomes aware of his essential duality. Uranus - Occult consciousness orAstrology, 307:of the interrelation involved in man's [307] essential duality during the process of manifestation,Astrology, 313:is beyond the average grasp and its 'linking' or essential unity (lying as it does outside ofAstrology, 313:vaguely acknowledged by you - that in Aries the essential substance of manifestation awoke toAstrology, 314:(later to be disturbed in Scorpio), so that this essential triplicity appears clearly in relationAstrology, 318:reality. The human soul and the divine soul (the essential duality) are there but their presence isAstrology, 319:to set its seal on the human being, and his essential duality is put to the test. This isAstrology, 328:of beneficent development in which the conflict essential to the interplay between the dualitiesAstrology, 329:express conditions connected with the soul whose essential nature is light. This soul-light affectsAstrology, 334:status for correct interpretation. It is essential, for their right understanding that theAstrology, 341:forms and the use and control of form are essential if there is to be wise and right cooperationAstrology, 357:activity and of [357] eager potencies which are essential for the development of humanity. In thisAstrology, 357:produce the conflict in the astral body which is essential to the final treading of the burningAstrology, 364:Masonic tradition and indicating also again the essential dualism of this sign. All the innerAstrology, 365:of the Zodiacal Constellations Thus again the essential dualism of this sign becomes apparent. WhenAstrology, 382:all these three within himself. Man the essential triangle of energy, man the square, man upon theAstrology, 389:was necessary at this point because it is essential that esoteric astrologers should realize thatAstrology, 418:pattern. A further aid to the grasping of this essential beauty of coordinated and organizedAstrology, 422:which blend with the ray energies, producing the essential dualism of manifested life, andAstrology, 438:planet of occultism for it veils "that which is essential; it hides that which must be discoveredAstrology, 444:as the Eastern teachers call it, it is an essential basic attitude) can karma be brought to an end.Astrology, 444:of matter comes through a recognition of the essential dualism underlying events. I commend thisAstrology, 445:2.Humanity and its karma, for it is equally essential that the laws for the transmutation of karmaAstrology, 518:must from the universal to the particular, it is essential that humanity relates its own mechanismAstrology, 546:the German approach. The spirit of man in its essential divinity can be trusted to arise unhurtAstrology, 572:Cross of the Crucified Christ It was, however, essential that these distinctions in attitude shouldAstrology, 608:a part of the sevenfold appearance of that same Essential Cause. As you know, from a study of TheAstrology, 626:of spirit-matter and the demonstration of their essential oneness. Gemini, as you know, is the signAtom, 58:in nature. We have considered somewhat the essential nature of the atom, and its primeAtom, 73:be in a position to collaborate with Him in His essential purpose. [74] To sum up the centralAtom, 85:quality of the life of God, and thus His essential nature is demonstrated. First, you have oneAtom, 92:Thus may the life of God be seen in its essential triple manifestation, working out in anAtom, 106:is a necessary and protective stage, and one of essential value to every unit of the human family.Atom, 106:have not taught that discrimination which is so essential. If you watch the development of a littleAtom, 107:those of taste and smell, but they are not so essential to the development of intelligent awarenessAutobiography, 7:of proving certain facts which I know to be essential to the future happiness and progress ofAutobiography, 13:that my three [13] children could have what was essential to eat. As a girl, I visited for weeks atAutobiography, 41:be felt and which was more real and more truly essential than the tangible. I had been brought upAutobiography, 64:whether my Master sent the money. It was essential that I go to India to learn certain lessons andAutobiography, 117:on current bills, would be spent by him on non-essential luxuries. He would leave the home to payAutobiography, 155:thereby. Learning to hold one's tongue is essential in group work, and one of the first lessonsAutobiography, 187:limits - a freedom based on trust - is essential. The three girls started in the public school. IAutobiography, 224:He could not come into a room without his essential spiritual qualities making his presence known.Autobiography, 265:the integration of the personality and made the essential dualism of the mystic factual. The newAutobiography, 273:and [273] omitting that which is spiritual and essential. They advertise their schools in some wayAutobiography, 275:and that it deals with effects and not with the essential causes of the effects. All theseAutobiography, 280:new and spiritual livingness, there are certain essential propositions and esoteric conditionsAutobiography, 281:or veiling the Vision. The seven principles or essential propositions are as follows: The ArcaneAutobiography, 294:preparing the minds of men for His coming. It is essential that the material trend of money beAutobiography, 294:dogmatic imposition of truth. What are the essential doctrines from the angle of the Arcane School?Autobiography, 297:strive to so live as to increasingly exemplify essential spiritual qualities. The circumstance ofAutobiography, 297:as a spiritual group in the world, but is the essential factor in all our future undertakings.Autobiography, 301:on group responsibility and world service as the essential of all true discipleship in the days toBethlehem, 8:Yet behind symbol and myth stands reality - an essential, dramatic and practical truth. OurBethlehem, 12:human beings who take their stand upon their essential divinity. Both the Hindu teaching and theBethlehem, 18:carry forward within himself, bridging that essential duality which is his nature, and bringingBethlehem, 26:life of Christ. He revealed to us the nature of essential love, and then told us to love. HeBethlehem, 28:the world of spiritual being, true meaning and essential values. This world is the kingdom of God,Bethlehem, 33:of God, as he drew nearer to his own latent and essential divinity as a son of the Father. TheBethlehem, 36:are imminent. This coming revitalization of the essential and inner nature of humanity, with theBethlehem, 50:every spiritual reality in the universe; and the essential nature of mind forces it always in someBethlehem, 69:the human unity plus the duality which are so essential to existence itself. In the newborn BabeBethlehem, 78:the next step to God. Until aspirants grasp this essential fact and happily settle down to a lifeBethlehem, 82:which will make it possible. The halves of our essential duality - soul and body, Christ and Mary,Bethlehem, 87:the purification of the lower nature which it is essential should preface the second initiation.Bethlehem, 92:this when He called attention to man's essential divinity, speaking of God as "our Father," as HeBethlehem, 101:Our desire-life is then confronted with essential choices which only the mind can enable usBethlehem, 105:that the word is himself made flesh. This is the essential factor. An initiation is a blaze ofBethlehem, 106:peace of God descended upon Jesus. Secondly, the essential dualities of existence are typified forBethlehem, 107:faulty and weak in the interpretation of its essential teachings, it symbolizes the form of theBethlehem, 113:the artist's of the whole in its parts, of the essential in a multiplicity of detail." - ReligionsBethlehem, 120:is the life of, the lower man. This is the first essential for understanding. Upon that soul lifeBethlehem, 123:Lord thy God." (St. Matt., IV, 5, 6, 7.) It is essential for the right understanding of thisBethlehem, 125:soul, there is no definite persistence, no essential divinity, and nothing real - only a momentaryBethlehem, 139:here lie his triumph and the expression of his essential divinity. The higher self exists, andBethlehem, 148:to the revelation to the Apostles of the essential nature of the Master they loved and followed,Bethlehem, 149:is an attempt to express or reveal that divine essential Spirit manifested at the Transfiguration:Bethlehem, 152:light-heartedness in difficulty, and his basic essential goodness. This awareness deepens as heBethlehem, 154:and John, and in their names we find the same essential symbolism working out, thus giving us theBethlehem, 155:impact and produced revelation. Thus again the essential duality of humanity is revealed throughBethlehem, 155:Christ, and His threefold personality and His essential divinity are portrayed for us in such a wayBethlehem, 176:One of the first things that it seems essential to recognize is the fact, the definite fact, thatBethlehem, 176:the story of Jesus upon the Cross, it is essential, therefore, that we see it in broader and moreBethlehem, 179:of a very old doctrine. It is not new. It is so essential to the salvation and to the happiness ofBethlehem, 201:is (in the last analysis) the problem of man's essential duality, before he has made theBethlehem, 220:protects, all that has hitherto been regarded as essential to one's very being, is the hall mark ofBethlehem, 226:from being truthful and from facing facts. It is essential that today we face the problem of theBethlehem, 251:we shall live also. In us is the same germ of essential life which flowered forth to perfection in
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