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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIAL

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Bethlehem, 267:there is used in the world at this time. The essential thing to remember is that the reason we canBethlehem, 268:The attainment of the faculty of inspiration is essential to any progress upon the path ofBethlehem, 274:process which must be cultivated in this work of essential unity by saying that "... the trueBethlehem, 280:connotes not uniformity but a recognition of our essential unity. Destiny, 7:a few introductory comments to make. These it is essential that you should study and comprehend forDestiny, 22:centers, but all equally divine in their essential natures, and in their essences. Ponder on this.Destiny, 26:That is the factor never to be forgotten. It is essential that you recognize them as existing.Destiny, 35:realization that those [35] who recognized their essential divinity did so symbolically on behalfDestiny, 60:important sections of her populace and the essential brotherliness which is imposed by the idealismDestiny, 63:which concerns itself with the past, we call essential astrology esoterically, in contradistinctionDestiny, 63:Past conditioning factors are basic and essential to the expression of the present and to whatDestiny, 95:from the universal to the particular, it is essential that humanity relate its own mechanism to theDestiny, 131:necessary stage in their development for it was essential that the physical plane should become aDestiny, 132:and motive is regarded consequently as a basic essential. The seventh ray influence is that whichDiscipleship1, XII:faith or his particular religious background as essential to salvation; he knows that the onlyDiscipleship1, XII:essential to salvation; he knows that the only essential is belief in the spiritual realities andDiscipleship1, XII:is belief in the spiritual realities and in the essential divinity of mankind. This beliefDiscipleship1, 4:upon the part of each of my disciples, one basic essential at least and that is a perseveringDiscipleship1, 8:the group. I regard this statement as basic and essential. The individuals are intended toDiscipleship1, 11:and to the opinions of others. Secondly: It is essential that all disciples in an Ashram should beDiscipleship1, 13:alignment with your soul. The reason that it is essential that you link up after alignment is thatDiscipleship1, 18:interchange of wisdom and of knowledge are essential if this is to be perfected. The objectives ofDiscipleship1, 27:lost motion and the emphasis of the non-essential. The glamor of environing conditions, leadingDiscipleship1, 34:be created to meet advancing need. It is essential that members of these groups have a wider visionDiscipleship1, 39:of the Scientific Servers. They will reveal the essential spirituality of all scientific work whichDiscipleship1, 57:meditation or group work. Meditation is essential for establishing a freer inner spiritualDiscipleship1, 59:of rapport. As a member of my group, it is essential that you cultivate two aspects of the "art ofDiscipleship1, 63:of a telepathic nature upon the mental plane is essential. This has always been an established factDiscipleship1, 66:think unkindly or with [66] criticism; this is essential in connection with those whose minds youDiscipleship1, 70:But in connection with this, two things are essential and these are seldom found together: TheDiscipleship1, 73:then a rearrangement of the personnel will be essential. Certain disciples will then have to dropDiscipleship1, 75:body of humanity - as a whole. This is an essential and important statement. This focal point will,Discipleship1, 90:important ways in which a Master works; it is essential, therefore, that you begin to master theDiscipleship1, 91:takes shape. Therefore, my disciples, it is essential that you begin with deliberation and slowlyDiscipleship1, 94:New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IX It is essential that one thing be grasped by all of you,Discipleship1, 137:with my disciples, complete frankness is an essential and the good points and the weaknesses mustDiscipleship1, 148:successful work, if right elimination of non-essential activities (with a consequentDiscipleship1, 148:(with a consequent intensification of the essential and a certain measure of physical discipline)Discipleship1, 164:outer factors of time and physical strength is essential. It is not possible, unless there is aDiscipleship1, 173:for you, this inner mental work is at present essential - a mental work to be carried on in theDiscipleship1, 192:of energy and the elimination of non-essential activity is for you desirable at this time; it willDiscipleship1, 208:lesson upon the right use of time which is so essential in your case, though not exactly in theDiscipleship1, 211:Masters and of humanity. It is the result of the essential loneliness which has beset your path, asDiscipleship1, 218:around the problem of group life, in its pure, essential meaning and that you seek to work out theDiscipleship1, 249:of that must be integration with a view to its essential nature, its dominant need, and the work toDiscipleship1, 258:old, that it must be the will-to-love which is essential to you; it is to this end that I suggestDiscipleship1, 267:plane of experience as achievement. There is no essential failure. At this stage in the life of theDiscipleship1, 277:in love and purpose (from the basic and the essential point of view) but not equality of innerDiscipleship1, 279:to your sense of beauty and your sense of the essential values, you are singularly free. For youDiscipleship1, 297:remains unattained. For you, the keynote to your essential emergence, radiant and free, is silenceDiscipleship1, 316:of the self, and of right observation are essential [317] to this group. They must be developed asDiscipleship1, 325:attitude. So sure is a first ray person of his essential kindness and love (and he is rightly sure)Discipleship1, 335:line of thought or inner emotional reaction an essential or is it of no importance in the light ofDiscipleship1, 335:of the larger issues and is, therefore, a non-essential? Is my agreement or disagreement withDiscipleship1, 335:or do they bring to light that which is non-essential? Am I throwing the weight of my influenceDiscipleship1, 335:the weight of my influence upon the side of essential facts or am I fostering the non-essentialDiscipleship1, 335:of essential facts or am I fostering the non-essential and, therefore, the unnecessary? One couldDiscipleship1, 361:by your head and not just by your heart. It is essential that we tap the reservoir and make yourDiscipleship1, 388:(in the interests of the soul) will separate the essential from the non-essential and so enable youDiscipleship1, 388:soul) will separate the essential from the non-essential and so enable you to enrich your serviceDiscipleship1, 401:you been able, more efficient, to separate the essential from the non-essential. This I think youDiscipleship1, 401:to separate the essential from the non-essential. This I think you know. Having realized this, aDiscipleship1, 442:your strengths will be revealed to you. The essential attitude for you to cultivate is that of theDiscipleship1, 467:group. The possession of a fourth ray mind is an essential factor in my planned work and I wouldDiscipleship1, 476:For you, the releasing power of love is essential but it must be the love of the soul, and notDiscipleship1, 490:the unfoldment of that inclusiveness which is essential before any of the major initiations can beDiscipleship1, 510:The tower is only symbolic but, if you grasp the essential underlying meaning, you will literallyDiscipleship1, 547:self, and the Angel, the divine Self, are one essential Reality, manifesting through three aspects.Discipleship1, 556:express it, is of paramount importance. It is essential for your rapid integration into theDiscipleship1, 560:of attention to astral sensitivity. That, it is essential that you outgrow. You are over-sensitiveDiscipleship1, 568:The attainment of a mental polarization is also essential. This (on account of your having a thirdDiscipleship1, 572:outer detail and from the standpoint of the non-essential. This acts as a real deterrent toDiscipleship1, 581:is to make the needed shift in this life, it is essential that you focus yourself and remainDiscipleship1, 583:problems. For you the group meditation is essential; it will serve to aid your soul in its lifeDiscipleship1, 583:group happiness and group work are essential to progress, real happiness and good physical health.Discipleship1, 603:clarity as to the causes of all that you do are essential and needed. At sunrise, at noon, atDiscipleship1, 611:is your present condition of glamor that the essential strikes you not. You see it not. Such isDiscipleship1, 612:values. You have been sidetracked by many non-essential issues and you have not collaborated in myDiscipleship1, 668:- as it does - to soul strength; it is an essential quality for all those second ray people who areDiscipleship1, 683:building in of the needed qualities which are essential to the world worker are the normal theme ofDiscipleship1, 693:be my service at this time? What are the non-essential things in my life to which I should pay noDiscipleship1, 734:It is basically a question of registering essential unity and the cessation of separateness.Discipleship1, 740:an occult statement of major importance. It is essential that disciples cultivate the attitude ofDiscipleship1, 745:It implies also a chela of such devotion and essential basic selflessness that the Ashram needs noDiscipleship1, 750:to conditions susceptible of disturbance. It is essential to progress and an inevitable happeningDiscipleship2, 19:certain brain and mind realizations which are essential for the right transmission of force uponDiscipleship2, 42:to make sacrifices, to refuse time to non-essential activities and to deal with the physical bodyDiscipleship2, 48:and initiates of the next two generations. It is essential that disciples in all Ashrams considerDiscipleship2, 52:or divinity. 5. Three things are, at this stage, essential to success: The mind must be "heldDiscipleship2, 52:all the previous work in meditation has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has beenDiscipleship2, 52:Its positive, attentive activity has been an essential factor in producing the desired mindDiscipleship2, 56:will also be employed, and thus we have an essential dual activity. The first stage of this dualDiscipleship2, 59:evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode - ahead of allDiscipleship2, 70:preparing disciples. It is usually regarded as essential that disciples who are taking the secondDiscipleship2, 77:preparation for initiation, will continue; it is essential that the second volume of DiscipleshipDiscipleship2, 102:One of the major recognitions which is essential to the spiritual aspirant is that the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 106:it has done. Had you eliminated criticism, the essential unity would have been strengthened. One ofDiscipleship2, 107:exploit and use the methods which they regard as essential to success. There is therefore littleDiscipleship2, 107:- to mention only two out of the seven - it is essential that you bear in mind that though itsDiscipleship2, 122:to the dual energy which constitutes the essential nature of the soul - atma-buddhi, or spiritual
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