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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIAL

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Discipleship2, 136:men into a faint glimmer of understanding of the essential Reality underlying all phenomena, andDiscipleship2, 163:highest, and that the apparent duality is but an essential unity. A concentration of spiritualDiscipleship2, 169:need; the motivating power of goodwill is an essential to right action; given these two - light andDiscipleship2, 179:humanity in the Aquarian Age; therefore it is essential that every disciple (aspiring to theDiscipleship2, 185:starts and at the same time demonstrates its essential unity. The disciple becomes outwardlyDiscipleship2, 187:you truly meditated on the given words. It is essential that there be a reorganization of yourDiscipleship2, 198:ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind. It is the essential, divine Prompter, the predominant creativeDiscipleship2, 215:discovers the subtler powers and the fact of the essential dualism of life; he finds that heDiscipleship2, 220:from the angle of the spiritual values (the essential freedom of the human spirit) and that whichDiscipleship2, 237:The Law of Spiritual Approach. The Principle of Essential Divinity. If you will study the manyDiscipleship2, 238:involves a deeply spiritual presentation of essential facts. The principle of simultaneity isDiscipleship2, 247:refer but which must be self-ascertained. It is essential that the would-be initiate discover forDiscipleship2, 258:with the soul. Initiation is in fact the essential and inevitable process of transferring theDiscipleship2, 268:- even so short a time ago as fifty years. It is essential that you grasp the fact that hisDiscipleship2, 274:ancient Sensa which are intended to convey the essential union, the related synthesis and theDiscipleship2, 295:on mental levels. This mental polarization is essential to discipleship. It is as yet a generalDiscipleship2, 296:with all of you, I am emphasizing man's essential duality and not his temporary triplicity. I wouldDiscipleship2, 300:of consciousness, demonstrate to him his own essential adeptship and enable him to share in theDiscipleship2, 304:of occult hints. I wanted you to realize the essential simplicity of all divine processes and toDiscipleship2, 308:the processes of preparing for initiation. It is essential that the modern disciple no longer goesDiscipleship2, 309:The assertion of this revealed fact was an essential piece of knowledge in the world, prior to theDiscipleship2, 314:to discipleship and to initiation; it is essential that the old concepts - profoundly useful inDiscipleship2, 321:have achieved something of the automatic and the essential in their activity. Revelation seldomDiscipleship2, 363:a certain definite esoteric technique which is essential for every worker in an Ashram to grasp.Discipleship2, 364:of the formulas - is the integration of the essential being in all forms with the pattern whichDiscipleship2, 366:of living which, in their turn, will produce the essential creative patterns. There is nothing moreDiscipleship2, 366:your own life, and making it at the same time an essential part of the program of the Ashram withDiscipleship2, 402:of destruction), he can begin to grasp the essential building aspect of this same Will and toDiscipleship2, 402:in terms of the first and highest Aspect of the essential Trinity, of which man knew nothing,Discipleship2, 419:magnetic - has prepared him. As he, in his Own essential nature, makes progress, every phase of hisDiscipleship2, 450:into light. In closing let me say: Preserve your essential and innate integrity, my brother. BeDiscipleship2, 451:into ways which are, for that unit of life, the essential process for the immediate moment. In allDiscipleship2, 453:program should be ever the recognition of the essential demand of your soul for rhythmicDiscipleship2, 458:make the vision factual - meditation is a basic essential, for just as it remains eternally trueDiscipleship2, 470:danger with no loss of your spiritual grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision; yourDiscipleship2, 491:physical plane. Again, you bring this concept of essential relationships to the effect you have, asDiscipleship2, 518:opens the way into Shamballa. That was and is an essential key statement for you. Those upon theDiscipleship2, 518:of speech." For you, simplicity is a major essential practice in this next cycle of your life, butDiscipleship2, 522:and its happenings has well-nigh crippled your essential (not your apparent) usefulness. You [523]Discipleship2, 525:absorbed in some form of service which he deems essential and which looms larger in hisDiscipleship2, 527:be of service to disciples, but because it was essential - as part of the preinitiation tests forDiscipleship2, 539:in your present incarnation where it is also essential that you undertake the summing up of theDiscipleship2, 546:case, the achievement of a definite focus is now essential. In the manifestation of souls in timeDiscipleship2, 579:and inner synthesis. That is why it is essential that all of you read and study each other's papersDiscipleship2, 592:cooperation with your fellow disciples. It is essential now that the projected work receive anDiscipleship2, 600:inherited traits and attitudes is, in your case, essential. You are really cosmopolitan. But inDiscipleship2, 629:and which you feel - at any given time - it is essential that you grasp if your service and yourDiscipleship2, 652:of the eternal, coupled with the realization of essential unity, marks all dwellers in an Ashram.Discipleship2, 660:which is the manifestation of love because it is essential dualism. Tolerance, which is the firstDiscipleship2, 668:will eventually prove so difficult that it is essential that they start with a strong bias towardsDiscipleship2, 674:understanding. This is hard for you, but it is essential for the development of that lovingDiscipleship2, 699:of fact and indicates your immediate and essential endeavor. Your focus of identification has beenDiscipleship2, 706:with the inner learning process which is so essential to all teaching-leaders. That, my brother, isDiscipleship2, 728:your great and beautiful staying-power, your essential humility and your very real need forDiscipleship2, 742:daily life is full of the non-essentials - non-essential in view of world emergency. You areDiscipleship2, 746:made progress, that you have eliminated much non-essential living, and are finding more time forDiscipleship2, 746:- "grounded in your place"; that was for you an essential step. Now must come the mastering of theDiscipleship2, 755:It is the depth which the Master sees; the essential quality which he grasps, and the major needDiscipleship2, 756:throughout this entire incarnation. What is your essential quality? Here I refer to the outstandingDiscipleship2, 756:based on clear perception and insight, is essential. To aid you in making this supreme life effort,Discipleship2, 757:of your being, seeking revelation? What is the essential quality which you should radiate? What isDiscipleship2, 757:this inner beauty and enhance your service. The essential quality which you should radiate is anEducation, 8:the desirable from the undesirable, and the essential from the non-essential. This can be taughtEducation, 8:the undesirable, and the essential from the non-essential. This can be taught him [9] through theEducation, 14:work intelligently, but not critically. It is essential that as we start our work it should beEducation, 23:it will mark the shift of attention from the non-essential to the essential. 7. Finally theEducation, 23:shift of attention from the non-essential to the essential. 7. Finally the attribute of order, andEducation, 34:bring about this bridging and synthesis, it is essential that we avoid that mental laziness andEducation, 45:In the field of education united action is essential. Surely a basic unity of objectives shouldEducation, 69:of Psychology. This is the science of the essential man, and is at this time being more generallyEducation, 71:its prevision factor, its emphasis upon the non-essential points and upon the physical concerns ofEducation, 72:throw upon the problem. At the same time, it is essential that such schools and colleges preserveEducation, 74:to give him the needed time - busy with non-essential matters, compared to the important andEducation, 74:matters, compared to the important and essential business of giving their child a right start uponEducation, 78:these four types of atmosphere regarded as essential preliminary steps to the new education: How,Education, 116:the nature of early humanity. Some grasp of the essential situation will be of value if you are toEducation, 121:the general public is educated to believe are essential to happiness. The old simplicity and theEducation, 130:recognition of the four factors I have listed as essential to human progress at this time. TheseEducation, 131:parents and their teachers the idea of their essential and determined independence. The revolt ofEducation, 135:I take. Through this lack of regulation and of essential rhythm, the natural consequences haveExternalisation, 14:is vital. The service rendered has been real and essential, but if these movements are to availExternalisation, 15:part of one "discipline." There is therefore no essential conflict of interests, and on [16] theExternalisation, 36:on the plane of mind. This is necessarily essential and for two reasons: The members of theExternalisation, 36:consciousness. They can, therefore, in their essential Selves and when they so choose, carry onExternalisation, 70:in them I sought to give some insight into the essential situation which confronts mankind due toExternalisation, 79:realized synthesis and divine potency. It is essential, however, in spite of the work to which IExternalisation, 80:and desires, our origin and our goal. It is this essential and recognizable integrity which isExternalisation, 95:that the illumination of the mind is a vital and essential factor. There are, therefore, threeExternalisation, 102:and of at-one-ment which is the protective and essential characteristic of the fifth kingdom, andExternalisation, 102:and acceptance of that which is indicated as essential to the disciple and to the work must firstExternalisation, 104:right relations between men and nations, it is essential that the establishing groups shouldExternalisation, 106:does not undermine the present right and essential attitudes and that the chaos and clamor does notExternalisation, 117:clear the picture, I shall have to overlook many essential details; I shall also be forced to takeExternalisation, 118:is taking place is due, first of all, to the essential duality of man; in the second place, it isExternalisation, 118:of cleavage which were brought about by this essential dualism in an early stage of human history,Externalisation, 119:family and expressing their basic qualities and essential nature, were eternally in conflict. InExternalisation, 119:resistance to shock. But the dualism of man's essential nature was, as always, present and theExternalisation, 165:themselves as a group activity, motivated by the essential values of selflessness and persistentExternalisation, 167:which are next upon the evolutionary scale and essential to the general good. The wording of theseExternalisation, 174:the suggested formula, prayer or invocation is essential. I would ask you to call as many people as
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