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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIAL

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Psychology2, 284:truth, and in this statement is formulated the essential structure upon which esotericism is built.Psychology2, 302:aspects or qualities which [302] embody a man's essential divinity. The following is therefore ofPsychology2, 305:become active, but they are not dynamic in the essential sense, nor are they brilliant focal pointsPsychology2, 309:from the recognition of the aspirant. Yet it is essential that these other pairs of oppositesPsychology2, 314:section with which we are now concerned, it is essential for right understanding and eventualPsychology2, 348:major implications. It has to be regarded as an essential step, prior to passing (in full andPsychology2, 374:position at the center. Thus we can see that the essential integration of this unit into his groupPsychology2, 401:Monad can be fused and blended until Deity, the essential divine Life, is revealed and from aPsychology2, 416:factor. The right use of the intellect is essential to the healing of the personality cleavages.Psychology2, 417:illumination. This illumination reveals the essential oneness which exists on the the inner side ofPsychology2, 431:and of ultimate achievement. It will also be essential that the psychologist of the future shouldPsychology2, 449:of crisis and consequent opportunity, it is essential that men should realize two things: first,Psychology2, 451:to record these aspirations correctly is non-essential. They are unconsciously working towards thePsychology2, 470:he argues they must be divine and, therefore, essential. Because he is still in the dramatic centerPsychology2, 508:to the problem of the polar opposites and the essential duality of manifestation) politicalPsychology2, 563:self occupies, [563] and the recognition of the essential unity of all manifestation by the meansPsychology2, 590:and loss of mental grip and control, then it is essential that at times the psychic should bePsychology2, 637:the world today. They take their stand upon the essential divinity of man; their program is foundedPsychology2, 645:with a spiritual basis and expressive of the essential divinity in man, they are not. The massedPsychology2, 661:work, through efficiency and capability. It is essential that they possess, as far as possible, thePsychology2, 663:trends, nor the necessity to recognize man's essential relationships. That the service rendered byPsychology2, 669:with each other, and thus made to realize their essential unity. The major objective and aim of allPsychology2, 683:concepts must be carried forward in their essential purity; the process of thus educating thePsychology2, 712:for bringing about world stabilization. This is essential if the human being is to find adequatePsychology2, 717:can take form in constructive measures, it is essential that more and more of the thinking men andRays, 8:Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation V. The Basic Essential of Pure Character. This is somethingRays, 8:was in a worse condition than ever. It is essential that aspirants should [9] understand the natureRays, 68:where the initiate by himself and in his own essential identity cannot so respond. The individualRays, 71:more powerful and potentially effective. It was essential, however, that a fusion of the two groupsRays, 78:forms of expression of the unknown Real. This essential Reality, we call spirit or life. As aRays, 83:that I can say no more upon this subject. It is essential, however, that some knowledge begin toRays, 88:or of a murderer, are not the result of the same essential energies. When the din of battle and theRays, 110:three subhuman [110] kingdoms. It was therefore essential that the spirit of inclusiveness and theRays, 110:of response to divine purpose. It is absolutely essential that the will-to-good be unfolded by theRays, 122:body), and personality integration will be the essential first steps. To this will succeedRays, 125:are not so disciplined, are all indicative of essential weaknesses. His fanaticism, latent orRays, 134:the Lord of Life Himself - must be unfolded; the essential and spiritual interdependence of all andRays, 141:term, call it the door of the monadic sense of essential duality. Body and life, soul andRays, 142:everywhere men rate the light of the sun as essential to healthy living; some idea of the humanRays, 171:we study Rule IX carefully and arrive at its essential meaning. Rays, 172:occupied, and the very moment that theory as to essential unity becomes definite realization, thenRays, 175:basic recognitions to the initiate: a sense of essential being which obliterates all the actionsRays, 178:rent and naught stands between the initiate and Essential Being. Rays, 192:referred to in The Bible, though their essential meaning has not been noted or comprehended. TheRays, 203:and of small use to the average reader. It is essential, however, that he avoid the concept thatRays, 211:of all personality ties - are the first two and essential results of true group work. Rays, 212:at a suitable point of united tension, non-essential reactions disappear and undesirable qualitiesRays, 216:taken by the Spiritual Triad and the Monad; the essential life of both the lower aspects (creativeRays, 242:the divine purpose; they are based on man's own essential dualism; they are the highest explanationRays, 243:the Principle of Pain. Suffering and Pain are essential requirements in order to carry this purposeRays, 261:radiation has two effects: It has made him an essential and vital factor for unity in the Master'sRays, 264:duality must also be resolved, leaving the essential, universal planetary duality, spirit-matter,Rays, 265:initiation, upon the Path of Initiation. It is essential that you ever remember that this thirdRays, 274:the Buddhas of Activity will extract that essential quality (at present very rarely to be found)Rays, 274:and thus complicate, by their thinking, its essential simplicity; others regard it as the simplestRays, 296:with ideas rather than ideals, and with essential truth rather than with carefully formulatedRays, 298:the Ashram, must reveal to humanity the essential unity underlying all creation. This he does,Rays, 299:to bring to humanity? What aspect of this essential unity are they [300] endeavoring to make simpleRays, 303:of significances, the world of reality and of essential truth. Because of the success of theRays, 311:of the will of the planetary Logos and His essential Purpose. If the initiate is on the second ray,Rays, 312:This work concerns what I might call certain essential realities connected with the purpose ofRays, 355:on the road to Emmaus - a symbol of the essential dualism of spirit and matter, as embodied in aRays, 365:a joint goal will be unitedly recognized, where essential unity under diversity of forms, ofRays, 381:strong that the second historical phase became essential. Second: The time when the Hierarchy wasRays, 387:expresses ray quality in its purest and most essential form. During the process of creating theRays, 387:the expression of pure love, which is the essential and - at this time - the primary quality of theRays, 388:today and the requirements for acceptance. It is essential that the uniqueness of the initiatoryRays, 389:endeavor to make some small part of these essential truths clearer to those who can profit by them.Rays, 397:Those Masters Whom He regards at any one time as essential to the work to be done. This He does byRays, 401:way on to this Path work with fohat, or with the essential energy of our solar system whichRays, 401:work. He learns to direct the currents of this essential energy, and because of His past relationRays, 404:process goes on, demonstrating anew the essential synthesis underlying all life - human, planetary,Rays, 436:a rapidity of mental interpretation which is essential to the sane registration of the phenomenalRays, 438:attention has been paid. Existence, Being, Essential Life, Dynamic Energy, Electric Fire are all ofRays, 455:with the life thread. Creative activity. This is essential, for it is not only through theRays, 464:the underlying Plan of God The Will Aspect The essential Cause of Being Purpose Life purpose,Rays, 467:the Path of Life. One of the points which it is essential that students should grasp is the deeplyRays, 468:the stages of character building are seen as essential and effective, and are willingly andRays, 470:in his own consciousness the fact of his essential dualism. I would also point out that theRays, 482:general public. There are two things which it is essential that the student should note: One isRays, 484:of the method of building the antahkarana is essential if humanity is to move forward as planned,Rays, 502:because the use of the visual imagination is an essential factor in the building process and one ofRays, 539:is not light as we know light. It is that pure essential essence of that Light which reveals ItselfRays, 541:if you will constantly bear in mind the essential duality of manifestation itself; the negative andRays, 542:We will now consider one of the lesser, though essential, fusions which must be achieved by theRays, 558:(or apparatus of contact) and evoke his essential quality. The three Rays of Aspect enable him toRays, 561:characteristics of the Hierarchy and the essential qualities of those who form the kingdom of God.Rays, 564:pilgrim" has found his way home. The extent and essential purpose of this divine sacrifice becomeRays, 565:of the rays and the initiations, I find it essential to discover new and arresting words and wordRays, 579:Baptism. These are the people who express the essential qualities of ideological recognition,Rays, 580:are all present simultaneously. The essential etheric world unity (of which the telephone, theRays, 581:the source of mist and fog, and yet ever essential to human living. The Piscean Age, now in processRays, 582:soul contact (itself the second aspect of his essential divinity), his emotional, kamic andRays, 597:material things which men everywhere regard as essential to their well-being is also the result ofRays, 600:him and he now feels and knows something of the essential unity of all manifested life; therefore,Rays, 603:most important I have yet given because of its essential and obvious implications. We willRays, 606:emotional reaction, which is present in the essential duality of manifestation, and thusRays, 610:of humanity and of the current ideologies. It is essential that the issues become still clearer inRays, 619:will-to-good originates. This will-to-good is essential love. [620] The Hierarchy, which is theRays, 641:raging today between conflicting ideas, it is essential that this cleavage be made abundantly
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