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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIAL

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Rays, 659:worldwide recognition of the One Humanity is an essential prerequisite of the sowing. It is theRays, 666:Major Initiations Thus both ways are seen to be essential; the mystical way is for the majority atRays, 677:in their nature, and are effectual in their essential nature, placing the emphasis upon the wordRays, 682:of the individual and the nation. It is essential that you learn to think in the widest possibleRays, 684:called the Path of Liberation, and it is to this essential aspect of the initiatory process that IRays, 688:of illusion and of distortion. This was an essential experience because the initiate (standingRays, 696:perfectly free choice and thus demonstrate his essential and gained freedom. The ninth initiationRays, 708:with which he is affiliated. These are the three essential energies and without their synthesis inRays, 713:interpretation of the revelation is the first essential. He then comes to the understanding thatRays, 727:scheme of being, are all unknown to you in their essential significance. Remember that when aRays, 727:when a Member of the Hierarchy uses the word essential, He does not mean (as you oft do) that whichRays, 731:nature is ever portraying to us the essential facts in the annual progress of the four seasons, inReappearance, 39:Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy It is essential that today there should be a measure ofReappearance, 62:As we approach the theme of His work, it is essential that we remember that the Eastern TeacherReappearance, 81:of which will be to induce recognition of man's essential unity, [82] of the processes of sharingReappearance, 112:circulation of truth and life itself - the essential quality of both being love. [113] All theReappearance, 113:That life carries within itself the essential quality of the will of God, as well as the love ofReappearance, 124:pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality will be proven to be factsReappearance, 132:Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. One of the essential things at this time is to bring home toReappearance, 145:- no matter what the faith - is that of man's essential relationship to God. Inherent in the humanReappearance, 147:in line with the obsolete old teaching. The essential truth lies elsewhere. "Whatsoever a manReappearance, 147:of Revelation and the Divine Approaches A fourth essential truth and one which clarifies all theReappearance, 159:this is one reason for the elimination of non-essential doctrines. By the emphasizing of theReappearance, 159:doctrines. By the emphasizing of the essential doctrines and in their union will the fullness ofReappearance, 165:we shall then see a much better world. It is not essential or necessary that all these desirableReappearance, 165:of the new world will be the belief in the essential divinity of humanity, in the evolutionaryReappearance, 169:and to refuse to hide behind alibis. It is essential that all spiritual people recognize that inReappearance, 185:take [185] form in constructive measures, it is essential that more and more of the thinking menReappearance, 185:existing between races, nations and types; it is essential that the New Group of World ServersSoula while, is so fundamentally the same in its essential quest. It is this undiscriminating attitudeSoul, 18:but mutually interdependent. They have an essential unity. Western psychology concerns itselfSoul, 26:have been neglected, and much that is beautiful, essential and true to the average man is explainedSoul, 44:continued effort, of energy consumption, and is essential to life. It is believed to stimulate theSoul, 64:the atoms together, the welding ether which is essential to the characteristic configuration of aSoul, 64:configuration of a body - which is as essential as the matter itself? "We do not usually attend toSoul, 70:need only persistently lay the emphasis on his essential Being, persistently demand of himself thatSoul, 75:and serves as the interrelating medium between essential spirit and tangible matter. Pythagoras,Soul, 82:we discover in ourselves as our real most essential being, our individual self, the soul. ThisSoul, 112:of these nadis and respiration, because this is essential to the maintenance of life andSoul, 116:with the varying conditions of stimuli which are essential to the continued existence of theSoul, 122:is often treated as more central and almost more essential to the organism than the heart.Soul, 145:the forms and aspects which veil that unknowable Essential Reality in whose Body we "live and moveSoul, 145:may reveal to us expanding truths about that Essential Life. As the mechanism develops and improvesTelepathy, 37 To:the following three injunctions: First: It is essential that you acquire facility in tuning in onTelepathy, 64:in itself - the evidence of evolution, of the essential dualism in manifestation, and theTelepathy, 70:and protects the true Shamballa center. It is essential that you here bear in mind that just as theTelepathy, 95:can draw when he seeks to aid other people. The essential point to be grasped is that sensitivityTelepathy, 99:aura. The stage wherein the soul expresses its essential nature of love and begins to pour itsTelepathy, 105:of consciousness which is the great distorter of essential truth. Impressions from the Ashram orTelepathy, 106:truth, his freedom from the lower psychism, his essential humility (which plays a major part inTelepathy, 107:to the words "an open mind"; it is as essential to correct interpretation as is freedom from glamorTelepathy, 121:together by divine purpose, constitute the essential dualism of our manifested life. All that weTelepathy, 124:and groups of lives within the framework and the essential structure of our planet. The relationTelepathy, 125:the source of all planetary life; it connotes essential Being. The Heart Center, the Agent of theTelepathy, 126:HUMANITY for it is the basis, the goal and the essential inner structure of all being. HumanityTelepathy, 128:[128] relating Him to the Father through His essential divinity, and also to man through HisTelepathy, 128:essential divinity, and also to man through His essential humanity. The Christian Church gave aTelepathy, 131:each human being is related to Deity through essential similarity. Telepathy, 137:or any possible point of separation or of essential division. Any sense of separateness is dueTelepathy, 137:functioning in time and space. The essential synthesis exists and the end is sure and [138]Telepathy, 141:period. If you are to understand clearly, it is essential that I lay down certain propositionsTelepathy, 142:truth when proven. Truth in all circumstances is essential and in this matter science gives aTelepathy, 161:in the etheric body of the personality, are essential before certain initiations can be taken. TheTelepathy, 170:because it is a definite way in which to convey essential truth. These methods of expression are,Telepathy, 172:vibrant, and are therefore consciously used as essential aspects of the initiate's contactTelepathy, 179:which integrates the form and preserves it in essential being. This form or center - large orTelepathy, 185:final root-race of men upon our planet will the essential central Triangle make its appearance andTelepathy, 193:through the human etheric body) under the essential purpose of Shamballa and under the direction ofTelepathy, 195:Life - A Center in the Solar System It is essential that servers everywhere - the intelligent men
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