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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESSENTIALLY

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Psychology2, 285:the human being, a unit of energy. They make him essentially an active, intelligent, loving,Psychology2, 294:expressed in the Behavioristic School, which is essentially sound where the dense materialPsychology2, 296:the monad, the ego and the personality, and are essentially three streams of energy, forming onePsychology2, 328:in objective and motive and in scope, and are essentially sublimations of the lower aspects of thePsychology2, 329:man in incarnation. But all phases of desire are essentially forms of aspiration and, on thePsychology2, 346:applies these modes of integration. The soul is essentially the integrative factor, and this showsPsychology2, 353:a crisis based upon the unalterable fact of his essentially divine nature or being, which cannotPsychology2, 363:of energy, which is that of at-one-ment. This is essentially a healing force which brings all formsPsychology2, 367:the moment, therefore, concern ourselves. It is essentially the revelation of the Plan as a whole,Psychology2, 371:and the form-aspect, are seen as they [371] essentially are (through the aid and the use of thePsychology2, 383:its sevenfold appearance, and which are essentially Will, Love and Intelligence. This Technique ofPsychology2, 386:the mystical books. This latter illumination is essentially the evocation of the intuition, whichPsychology2, 396:This third ray meditation concerns itself essentially with inherent forces, and students would doPsychology2, 400:be the functioning of the imagination, which is essentially the planned activity of thePsychology2, 405:propositions: 1. That in time and space, man is essentially dual, consisting of soul and body, ofPsychology2, 428:integration. The aspect to be integrated is essentially more powerful than the lower waitingPsychology2, 441:and from thence to the superconscious - are essentially crises of integration, producing temporaryPsychology2, 473:in character and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as itPsychology2, 519:you also that the problem of the human being is essentially and basically the problem ofPsychology2, 567:the instincts, senses and powers. Psychometry is essentially the capacity to work with and to getPsychology2, 594:take a new form indicating that he is now essentially and consequently dual and is therefore anPsychology2, 631:not based on some such ideal, and which is not essentially an effort on the part of some school ofPsychology2, 634:intelligent, diligent, enquiring, narrow-minded, essentially religious, though frequentlyPsychology2, 644:of the new social order, which is essentially a subjective realignment, resulting in pronouncedPsychology2, 680:spoken or written word) as of greater importance essentially than any other race or nation.Psychology2, 701:and the inner spiritual conditions remain essentially unchanged. The divine impulses are stillRays, 28:you reflect upon why this should be. Love is essentially a word for the underlying motive ofRays, 34:of the progress which lies ahead and which is essentially different to the unfoldment of pureRays, 40:forms of life stand exposed to him for what they essentially are, and he knows that - as directingRays, 43:of the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad is essentially, to the initiate, what the threefoldRays, 84:which veils or hides the glory of God. It is essentially the energy which substitutes good forRays, 102:(with the assistance of his group) that he is essentially the Father aspect himself, the firstRays, 143:is a symptom and an expression of Life, and that essentially, occultly and in a most mysterious wayRays, 180:with the third aspect of divinity. They are essentially the "eye within the Triangle" - a mostRays, 185:matrix surrounding a valuable creation, and was essentially protective, separating and slightlyRays, 195:being and not upon the side of light"; they are essentially physical forces, and although they areRays, 208:an untried experiment and constitutes essentially a pioneering effort. That such a development wasRays, 214:can we train our disciples to realize that, essentially, silence is not refraining from speech. SoRays, 230:is to bring in the energy of Shamballa which is essentially the energy of life itself, implementedRays, 274:The triangles of light and of goodwill are essentially invocative. They constitute the A.B.C. ofRays, 276:associated with Sanat Kumara. Brotherhood, as it essentially is, constitutes a major mystery; alsoRays, 288:world, or to the world of meaning which is essentially the Plan or the pattern underlying thatRays, 294:not be what humanity believes it needs; it is essentially what the Hierarchy recognizes as theRays, 301:working disciples and initiates regard all as essentially one and as brothers, which repudiates allRays, 304:which distinguishes the initiate who is essentially an expression of the Monad through the mediumRays, 306:it is an effort of the spiritual will and is essentially an activity of the Spiritual Triad; itRays, 309:physical plane - of a man, though that is not essentially the rapidly consummated process as isRays, 313:man (in incarnation) has known that he is essentially the indwelling Christ, and the attainment ofRays, 317:died upon the Cross. Resurrection teaches essentially the "lifting up" of matter into heaven; itRays, 317:of attainment for us, for we are equally and essentially sons of the Father or expressions of theRays, 318:of inflexible will. Forget not that karma is essentially the conditioned will of the planetaryRays, 324:or distribute. This makes the man what he essentially is at any one time whilst in incarnation. WeRays, 332:Mysteries will restore color and music as they essentially are to the world and do it in such aRays, 339:is entered. The zodiacal wheel is itself essentially a cosmic center; it is a twelve-petalledRays, 341:increases group recognition. Initiation is essentially an expanding series of inclusiveRays, 349:he shares with the spiritual aspirant. He is essentially group conscious, and though his motivesRays, 351:the door is itself an electrical phenomenon essentially. Having said this, even if you do notRays, 352:door" in unison with solar fire, of which it is essentially created. These are as follows:Rays, 352:the sum total of all the glamors; a glamor is essentially a bewildering, deceiving and illusoryRays, 358:of the cosmic principle of love. However, being essentially a reflection, it lacks basic realityRays, 364:emotional, intuitional, and so forth) is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of theRays, 428:in any other country in the world. Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute, underlying theRays, 442:its three slowly revealed objectives concerns essentially the life of preparation for initiation.Rays, 454:stream of energy the creative thread. They are essentially, all three of them together, theRays, 467:abstracted from the Spiritual Triad. It is essentially, however, an activity of the integrated andRays, 497:Triad and the Monad. This is an analogy that is essentially complete, from the standpoint ofRays, 516:these Words of Power clear to you, because essentially it is the Word made flesh or the soul inRays, 541:dramatic and a major point of tension - connotes essentially the fusion of the negative and theRays, 558:first five initiations. The Rays of Aspect are essentially related to the life or will aspect ofRays, 571:task is now to grow into the likeness of what he essentially is. This development is demonstratedRays, 589:of the needed tension." These three groups are essentially points of planetary tension and areRays, 592:in process of construction. [592] This energy is essentially a light-bearer. It responds - againRays, 594:account for humanity and to discover what man is essentially and how he functions. You will noteRays, 599:slowly to reveal the will-to-good, which is essentially the will of God. Behind these threeRays, 631:in the fact that each of these three nations is essentially composite in nature and is formed by anRays, 644:you so prefer it) a developing revelation, form essentially the entire theme and objective of allRays, 661:affect our entire planetary life but are not essentially initiations as we understand the term, orRays, 756:the same longing and appeal and they are all essentially correct as to meaning. During the JewishReappearance, 16:First of all, He will come to a world which is essentially one world. His reappearance and HisReappearance, 18:that before the cycle of true democracy (as it essentially exists and will eventually demonstrate)Reappearance, 59:be trained in the divine recognitions which are essentially physical plane responses to the newerReappearance, 76:3. As you are well aware, human history has been essentially the history of great spiritualReappearance, 113:religions have posited the fact that God is Love essentially and that God is life essentially asReappearance, 113:God is Love essentially and that God is life essentially as well as intelligence. That life carriesReappearance, 127:The lesson is not yet learnt. It is, however, essentially one of the values to be extracted out ofReappearance, 131:motherhood found everywhere. But it is essentially a group sentiency, and only in the Aquarian Age,Reappearance, 161:is written here and in the following pages is essentially for those who accept the fact of Christ,Reappearance, 168:or for the sharing of spiritual light. This is essentially a form of spiritual cowardice but is soReappearance, 175:for right human relations. It is, therefore, essentially a question of right education and correctReappearance, 181:service. The New Group of World Servers provides essentially a training ground and a field ofSoul, 65:- the necessity for indirect inference - depends essentially and entirely on the nature of ourSoul, 96:which materializes into relatively stable, yet essentially transitory, forms... The process bySoul, 123:evolution, and is even at the present Stage more essentially connected with desire proper than theSoul, 128:repair or heal them. It is only because man is essentially [129] a living soul that we can evenSoul, 129:the use of medicines and by other means is essentially repair work, and is limited to the highestTelepathy, 25:two major types of energy in the world today. Essentially, energy is active substance. These twoTelepathy, 64:the Supreme Science of Contact. That is essentially what it is. The reaction to this contact,Telepathy, 97:the etheric vehicles): The health aura. This is essentially physical. The astral aura, which isTelepathy, 98:called) are substantial in nature; the aura is essentially radiatory and extends from each [99]Telepathy, 116:not, nevertheless, that true aspiration is essentially an astral product or reaction; all [117]
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