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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESTABLISHED

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Education, x:within existing distribution fields, be established at the University of Pittsburgh. This newEducation, 9:A sense of values and of right standards is thus established. He is taught the distinction betweenEducation, 23:the attribute of order, and the imposition of an established rhythm through the development ofEducation, 28:between the three lower aspects of the man is established and can be used. It stretches, if such aEducation, 33:visual imagination. Many aspirants have already established the following links of the bridgingEducation, 33:has been accomplished, a definite relation is established between the sacrifice or will petals ofEducation, 43:them with his brain, an indication of an established link or relationship) as constituting oneEducation, 75:defensive, and therefore inhibiting) has been established, a form of behavior has been enforced orEducation, 84:the entire international world will be established. Education, 91:and in these three, you have right relations established between education, religion and politics.Education, 122:soul and brain, via the mind, will be steadily established through right understanding, and theEducation, 126:relationships and bridging factors have to be established between unit and unit and between groupEducation, 134:body with its force centers is scientifically established, the above prophecy will assumeExternalisation, 21:that can be brought about, then there can be re-established on earth the condition which wasExternalisation, 23:between the Hierarchy and humanity can be re-established. I speak with love and almost anxiety, andExternalisation, 29:consciousness in some small measure, and having established enough soul contact so that they canExternalisation, 31:not mean that their success depends upon the established success of the first group, but upon theExternalisation, 43:the effects. Those healers whose soul contact is established and who work through the souls ofExternalisation, 65:the enduring, unchanging relation which has been established and which will persist among all ofExternalisation, 104:civilization and the new culture can be rapidly established. As this has to be founded on a basisExternalisation, 118:relationship between spirit and matter which was established in the human kingdom), had theExternalisation, 154:of give and take between all three will then be established, and the emphasis upon giving will beExternalisation, 159:for planetary distribution, owing to the lack of established relation between the three centers:Externalisation, 160:That relation is now becoming somewhat established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is nowExternalisation, 161:It is for this reason that the Christ, Who established for the first time in planetary history aExternalisation, 162:Buddha, through His achievement of illumination, established the first major link with the ForcesExternalisation, 162:the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the first major link with the Spirit ofExternalisation, 206:of goodwill) the new world order can be firmly established on Earth. Today, in the interim periodExternalisation, 248:possible, and rehabilitated with wisdom, and re-established subjectively. They must be aidedExternalisation, 270:en rapport with each other. There will then be established a direct relation between all three, andExternalisation, 279:about release, can that full cooperation be established between the inner and the outer potenciesExternalisation, 291:a fact. This new fact, when added to the facts established by other and earlier Avatars, enrichesExternalisation, 292:begin steadily to condition human thinking; the established thought-form acts increasingly as aExternalisation, 308:this way, if you will note carefully, there is established a direct linked chain from humanity, viaExternalisation, 308:times are urgent. If this relationship can be established (and it will be a sad day for humanity ifExternalisation, 316:of life may be instituted, a greater freedom be established, and a wider responsibility beExternalisation, 319:of the Nazi tyranny, they hope to see established a peace which will afford to all nations theExternalisation, 321:rapidly developing intuition of the people, and established precedent, all bear constant witness.Externalisation, 325:work is soundly done, then a world unity can be established which will produce right humanExternalisation, 327:- and the breaking down of the structure of well-established financial relations, plus theExternalisation, 328:intimate and understanding relations are being established between religion, politics andExternalisation, 328:grow out of this group later, when it is duly established and functioning. From May 1943, untilExternalisation, 343:and by this means and on behalf of humanity established a relationship which even after twoExternalisation, 361:great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established. At the June Full Moon, 1942, will comeExternalisation, 395:Plan for humanity. This relationship can be established at the time of the May Full Moon at whichExternalisation, 419:ritual of the new world religion is universally established this will be one of the importantExternalisation, 423:and theirs the close relation which is being established between the world of men and the world ofExternalisation, 453:superseding and overcoming that which is old and established. Fanaticism, entrenched theologicalExternalisation, 453:They can be expected to fight for their established ecclesiastical order, their material profit andExternalisation, 462:a method whereby right human relations can be established. They present a field of expression toExternalisation, 500:death. When these new and better conditions are established, then men will be free to live and moveExternalisation, 524:and retain contact with you, even when you have established the right to such a contact, [525] so -Externalisation, 525:to react correctly when fuller contact has been established by Shamballa with the Hierarchy. IExternalisation, 525:the phrasing here. That contact has now been established as a result of the inflow of certainExternalisation, 527:Ashram and its subsidiary Ashrams must be firmly established, whilst that between a major AshramExternalisation, 528:rapport between the Hierarchy and Humanity is established via aspirants, disciples and initiates inExternalisation, 528:and the Hierarchy is being more closely established via the senior Ashrams, and not via theExternalisation, 535:Hierarchy - the first few strands of which were established through the sacrifices of certain ofExternalisation, 537:can again take on fresh meaning, can be re-established on new and somewhat different lines, andExternalisation, 539:and selflessness which may have been already established, and to do this free of hierarchicalExternalisation, 541:that phrase. This Ashram, when duly formed and established, will enable the Members of theExternalisation, 542:if He so chose, owing to the direct contact now established between the Hierarchy and Shamballa.Externalisation, 545:of the Hierarchy itself to the new relationship established between It and Shamballa and to thatExternalisation, 565:public of the fact of the Hierarchy; this has established a new type of relation between theExternalisation, 567:affected His entire planetary life, has also established certain extra-planetary relationshipsExternalisation, 568:exist and, are used at need, but the contact established and maintained with disciples and seniorExternalisation, 582:and physical recognition - has been established, a system of "appearances and of abstractions" willExternalisation, 591:existence of the kingdom of God on earth is established. Externalisation, 606:Christ, representing mankind, anchored or established the Father's will on earth and made itExternalisation, 632:and the closer relationship which will then be established between humanity and the Hierarchy. TheExternalisation, 652:no means mediumistic in their nature, but have established a right relationship with their ownExternalisation, 655:and necessarily of the Hierarchy. Its rhythm is established and its effects are well known andExternalisation, 668:Forces of Evil is chaos, disruption, lack of established security, and consequent fear. The potencyExternalisation, 673:their activities in the very night of time; they established - each of them - their needed cyclicExternalisation, 681:deepening telepathic relation will inevitably be established and sustained by the group, with theExternalisation, 701:humanity in ignorance; it applies equally to any established system Catholic or Protestant - whichFire, viii:authorities and comparing them with previously established doctrines, while of undoubted value inFire, 89:the etheric body and its basic function will be established past all controversy, and the whole aimFire, 429:of the existence of the etheric body will be established, and the healing of the dense physicalFire, 622:of the Ego, and has with full knowledge established his identity with the Spirit aspect and notFire, 785:form a unity in work. The rhythm set up has been established and the work synchronized. The lesserFire, 812:dense physical and the subtler bodies is a fact established in medical circles, then will the rightFire, 938:process of human birth definitely into line with established karmic law. It shows the closeFire, 970:the Ego and the receptive physical brain, is established, the interplay is reciprocal, and the twoFire, 1216:consciousness of relationship is somewhat established owing to there being self-consciousness. TheFire, 1216:is realized as part of the group and the unit is established. This is not the same thing as makingFire, 1216:thing as making sense contacts, as the relation established is between the Self in all, and notFire, 1217:comes consciously into play when the atom has established certain basic discriminations, and guidesFire, 1229:aspect, and only when this contact is firmly established can the higher concept be entertained. TheGlamourof disciples who have a common vision and an established group purpose is very great, and can be aGlamour, 3:and thus again an essential relationship is established and the sense of superiority andGlamour, 15:of aspirants, whose intuitional interplay is established, can accomplish, is to aid in the work ofGlamour, 37:to you that small groups such as this, if established in different countries and cities and ifGlamour, 54:alignment consciously and easily, and firmly established his technique of contact. Taken the firstGlamour, 55:coming through the medium of the feebly established soul contact, seems to the unaccustomedGlamour, 57:aspects of the personality, and the alignment established between soul-mind-brain. This, beingGlamour, 66:and in truth a fact in His Own consciousness, established unalterably. Yet, nevertheless, in thisGlamour, 74:from soul levels has always existed, being established by Those Who have freed Themselves from theGlamour, 109:was greatly increased and glamor was definitely established on Earth. It was that which enfoldedGlamour, 124:time for the needed subjective rhythm to become established. But they all worked with
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