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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ESTABLISHED

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Glamour, 141:of the spiritual man. A relation must then be established between the soul and the astral plane,Glamour, 160:Inner group adjustments and more firmly established group relations are urgently needed and uponGlamour, 169:great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established. At the June Full Moon, 1942, the firstGlamour, 213:of the light within. When these three stages are established as related activities, habits andGlamour, 214:dealing with very ancient evil and with firmly established [215] habits of glamor. They are closelyGlamour, 228:faces them. Thus a rapport and a relationship is established because the directive magnetic forceGlamour, 228:each other" and similar phrases. Then, having established this interlocking relationship, the groupGlamour, 241:Then the technique of the PRESENCE becomes an established habit. Glamor, in its turn, veils andGlamour, 251:clear direction, become the recipients of the established rhythm of the developed human being, andGlamour, 256:such a relation exists or is beginning to be established, then breathing exercises can safely andGlamour, 257:physical plane. When these are clear and firmly established in the mind consciousness of theHealing, 30:centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation too goes forth. [31]Healing, 31:student. As you know, the magnetic field is established when the powerful vibration of the centerHealing, 35:Causes of Disease Certain things should be established as occult facts in the consciousness of theHealing, 62:becomes less tainted, and as soul contact is established, we can hope to see a steady decrease inHealing, 65:past, and the past presupposes long and well-established habits. Such habits are inevitably theHealing, 69:by the world thinkers, and their existence is established through a right and true science ofHealing, 74:if contact, recognized or unrecognized, has been established. From the environing world to whichHealing, 80:and obsession or possession is easily established. This is an extreme example of the difficultiesHealing, 85:added. This is the interrelation which must be established between all the centers, permitting theHealing, 90:and soul contact - will become permanently established. There are, therefore, very few ills toHealing, 98:in the head. When this magnetic field has been established, the radiance then goes forth. 3. LetHealing, 123:on the human relations which he has karmatically established and the reactions of those heHealing, 127:identification achieved and correct orientation established. Whilst this basic, inescapable andHealing, 127:order of individual service and of world service established, and therefore the coming in of theHealing, 128:The trouble is of ancient origin and of long established habit and inevitably affects the physicalHealing, 134:centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation too goes forth. RuleHealing, 138:of readjustment, and the attainment of established control goes on until after the thirdHealing, 145:infancy and until the will-to-be is sufficiently established so that the incarnating person isHealing, 145:accomplishment on earth of the will energy of established Being. It is the organ of synthesisHealing, 147:the base of the spine. An active interplay, once established between the ajna center and the throatHealing, 153:at the head center. Then direct consciousness is established between the monad and the personality,Healing, 157:humanity through love. The relationship, firmly established, between a rapidly developing humanityHealing, 158:goes forward and direct soul contact is thereby established. Personality consciousness isHealing, 158:are only aspects of the Hierarchy. It is this established relationship, with its subsequentHealing, 159:the case. The nature of its secretion is not yet established, and the effects of this gland areHealing, 180:and wording that time permits not, or the established balance of this Treatise would not beHealing, 181:by the Law of Being, above referred to, and is established where spirit and matter meet and whereHealing, 191:the causes of disease and to the reason for an established immortality; it will be understood withHealing, 206:patient to be healed. That contact must ever be established in Love - fresh, compelling andHealing, 206:and selfless. But once that relation is established, the healer must grasp the fact that, as far asHealing, 214:is adequate [214] and the necessary interplay is established, you then have a highly sexedHealing, 215:conscious relation. This relation, when properly established, will solve the individual problem ofHealing, 226:humanity out of the darkness of disease into established and radiant health. Certain of the MastersHealing, 255:must be reached. The gulf between the old and established and the new and the spiritually demanded,Healing, 269:attitudes and separate customs are well established and hard to overcome. But the needed changesHealing, 273:bridging the "mutilated" area, will have to be established and a basic adjustment will have to beHealing, 292:the fact that past actions and reactions have established in previous lives such a karmic rhythm,Healing, 302:with potent thought for separative action. He established barriers with joy. He brooked noHealing, 310:needed lessons should be mastered. The relation established between the outer and the inner forcesHealing, 314:is not found until the malignant condition is established potently that it is exceedingly difficultHealing, 397:Beyond the proven fact of some form of survival, established by the psychical research groups,Healing, 403:interests and responsibilities already established, upon the physical plane. People are apt toHealing, 442:plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled thatHealing, 472:or about relationships and obligations established in past lives. When I say, for instance, that onHealing, 472:Where no soul contact has been consciously established, as in the case of the majority of people atHealing, 474:will later be recognized. A psychic tremor is established which has the effect of loosening orHealing, 483:the moment that true death is scientifically established (by the orthodox doctor in charge of theHealing, 493:the loved, because the relation has been closely established over many incarnations and - as theHealing, 493:or unconsciously. The relation once again established (if those sought have not yet eliminated theHealing, 496:is long and a true group relation has been established. These two critical moments are consciouslyHealing, 521:of conditions and attitudes which must be established between the healer and the patient, andHealing, 526:the centers in the head." The true healer has established a magnetic area within his head whichHealing, 533:centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation then goes forth. Law VHealing, 555:relatively inexperienced, is the result of this established sympathetic relation. There is apt toHealing, 564:to function as a soul, a state of friction is established between soul and personality; thisHealing, 577:centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established the radiation then goes forth. TheHealing, 580:to the three head centers, you then have an established radiance, or energy emanation which is aHealing, 587:the inference is that the antahkarana is firmly established; the rainbow bridge can then beHealing, 588:essentially divine nature, but the relationship established has produced the problem. If thisHealing, 589:of the Spiritual Triad. The vortex of forces established under the impact of the divine will,Healing, 594:the two and the first coordinated activity is established. "That which is above is now related toHealing, 604:corresponding center in the patient's body is established; this is done, not by the healer sendingHealing, 605:Rules Enumerated and Applied An interplay is now established between the healer and the patient andHealing, 642:between the Monad and the personality, have established a contact (non-existent in the average man)Healing, 647:not upon the involutionary arc. Relations are established through affinity, but this can be broughtHealing, 653:is a person who has, at least to some degree, established rapport with his soul. This having beenHealing, 654:- by the healer. Once, however, the rapport is established, the work of the healer simply consistsHealing, 654:as one in whom monadic consciousness was firmly established, the powers then available to JesusHealing, 679:fact of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa can be established. There are three sources of theHercules, 71:In the case of a more advanced disciple who has established contact with his soul and who,Hercules, 144:of attention is achieved, a new perspective established. One of the hydra's heads is immortal, weInitiation, 25:the four facts here enumerated, and they are established as acknowledged truths in theInitiation, 26:kingdom is no wild chimera or phantasm, but an established fact in the consciousness. This each manIntellect, 60:the Self and its vehicle of expression is established. Thus a divine Son of God consciouslyIntellect, 61:of the life, then increasingly soul contact is established. The results of that contact work out inIntellect, 82:a relationship is gradually and steadily established between the soul and its instruments until theIntellect, 127:the sequence of the evolutionary growth, already established, is apparently persisting and must doIntellect, 232:but a fine integrity of the personality must be established before we can carry the power." -Magic, 74:we must note that a conscious relation has been established between the soul and its shadow, theMagic, 75:it in the following terms: "When communion is established, words are forthwith used, and mantricMagic, 86:the Hindrances Thus, again, we have a relation established between a positive and a negativeMagic, 97:truly possible when a steady rapport has been established between the soul and the brain. TheMagic, 127:ear. Later, when the personal note or sound is established and the inner sound is sensed, there canMagic, 247:relation between the personality and the soul is established there is a midway spot in the centerMagic, 258:path" until soul consciousness is permanently established, and purity of motive has become a habitMagic, 301:plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled thatMagic, 303:Now. When contact with the soul is firmly established and the consciousness of the Knower isMagic, 305:When man's contact with his soul is firmly established, and when he has developed the faculty ofMagic, 307:their environment and gradually a momentum is established which sweeps through a race or a nation,
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