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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETERNAL

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Psychology2, 606:Me Not. The vision is a vision of reality. The Eternal Dreamer dreams and the greatest of allPsychology2, 678:that is occurring is seen in its relation to an eternal future, there are [679] carried to ourPsychology2, 745:of the true realities - which are synthetic and eternal - and ignore all outer barriers, andRays, 11:of the intuition. On that you can depend, and no eternal or cosmic fact clothed in a suitable formRays, 25:they govern and control (from the angle of the Eternal Now) all that happens in time and space.Rays, 50:farsighted, unalterable, and serves the Eternal Idea. The stage wherein - after the fourthRays, 53:a new idea to you, but it conveys an idea of an eternal fact. It may help you to gain anRays, 58:years, which is but a brief moment in the eternal history of humanity. From synthesis to synthesisRays, 94:stands upon the mountain top, breathing out love eternal, light supernal and peaceful silent Will.Rays, 124:will, and absolute determination - and the eternal planning of the Lord of the World is so hard ofRays, 142:Fires," the "Buddhas of Activity," and certain "Eternal Spirits" from such centers of dynamicRays, 143:of Life where dwells the Ancient of Days, the Eternal Youth, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara,Rays, 166:Their descent (occultly understood) is from the Eternal Pilgrim, the Lord of the World, then theRays, 176:Individual standing between him and the eternal source of all-power. The Christ is present,Rays, 207:condition and would land the initiate in an eternal impasse or impassable cul-de-sac. Initiation isRays, 242:help you to recognize this third aspect and the eternal purpose of the Lord of the World. Just as aRays, 259:consequent life demonstration of this fact, this eternal fact. Because of this, the man thinks onlyRays, 268:divine purposes, there are none Who approach the Eternal Youth and these three Buddhas in point ofRays, 279:the spiritual temple "not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens," is no longer required; it hasRays, 279:ancient purpose, and that which has been deemed eternal must disappear in the light of [280] ThatRays, 308:care not what word you choose) in terms of the Eternal Now, the significance is clear; at times,Rays, 317:up" of matter into heaven; it does not teach the eternal persistence of the physical body of a man,Rays, 340:Head center 2nd ray Logoic plane The Eternal Pilgrim Love-Wisdom Attraction Initiation 8.Rays, 363:street, so there are also ranges of thought and eternal extra-planetary concepts which are equallyRays, 370:in varying ways (according to ray) of the Eternal Now, and can work free from the compulsion ofRays, 376:enables the Hierarchy to move forward upon the eternal Path. Its functions might be listed asRays, 418:hierarchical life - as seen in the light of the Eternal Now. Its "Blue Lodge" with its threeRays, 437:have been attained, and some awareness of the Eternal Now is beginning to penetrate into theirRays, 437:time, though not of space, because space is an eternal Entity. You will see, therefore, the greatRays, 440:He works through the three Great Lords of the Eternal Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but His two BrothersRays, 461:via the illumined mind, referred to above. It is eternal in time and space. The abstract mind. ThisRays, 461:energizes the will petals until such time as the eternal life of the soul is absorbed into thatRays, 461:into that which is neither transient nor eternal but which is endless, boundless and unknown. It isRays, 697:factor in consciousness as time but only the Eternal Now is known, then the three worlds ofRays, 701:is the energy which enables him to live in the Eternal Now and to renounce the bindings of time.Rays, 725:the final resurrection and that from being the eternal pilgrim or the planetary wanderer, he nowRays, 725:enlightenment. Fixation is not permitted to the eternal pilgrim upon our little planet, the Earth,Rays, 726:initiation the initiate is shown not only the eternal good [727] underlying planetary purpose, butRays, 767:in the opening and shutting of doors, lies life eternal. Know you and understand. Reappearance, 13:stands upon the mountain top, breathing out love eternal, light supernal and peaceful, silent Will.Reappearance, 36:us and has lost none of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement andReappearance, 57:Father's business) in such a manner that the eternal will-to-good will be translated by humanityReappearance, 105:soul, and the fact of soul survival and of its eternal livingness, go hand in hand and have not yetReappearance, 145:of St. Paul. 3. The Fact of Immortality and of Eternal Persistence Third, is the sense ofReappearance, 145:Third, is the sense of persistence, of eternal life or of immortality. From this recognition, thereReappearance, 146:has emphasized immortality but has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of aSoul, 27:temporal bodies are declared to belong to the eternal lord of the body, imperishable, immeasurable.Soul, 82:receives back into itself again all worlds, this eternal infinite divine power is identical withSoul, 132:and came into a wide consciousness of the eternal plan, arriving at union with the Universal Soul.Soul, 153:types Of a dim splendor ever on before In that eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to passTelepathy, 64:and space are (from the point of view of the Eternal Now) the sumtotal of the states ofTelepathy, 170:it is the cause of the return of the so-called Eternal Pilgrim to the Father's Home after manyTelepathy, 171:the point of life and the permanent, persistent Eternal ONE, so the related energies or petals areTelepathy, 171:of the state of consciousness which that Eternal One is able - at any stated point in time and
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