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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETERNALLY

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Astrology, 62:It has no basis in material fact and yet is eternally based on truth. The zodiac is, as you wellAstrology, 170:spiritual attitude, yet the symbolic meaning is eternally true. When the man born in Capricorn canAstrology, 192:indicates a significant truth. The soul remains eternally present - in the past, in the present andAstrology, 348:Pause and consider this phrasing. The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of humanAstrology, 363:and the Earth, which are productive of the eternally recurring, divine triplicity and its work ofAstrology, 384:of time, because they are essentially basic and eternally cosmic in their implications. Taurus isAstrology, 415:ever the clue to the Macrocosm. The Macrocosm eternally reflects itself in man, the microcosm, andAstrology, 417:must not be thought of as placed, static and eternally the same, or even as three dimensional. TheyAstrology, 417:must be regarded as in rapid movement, revolving eternally in space and ceaselessly moving onwardAstrology, 463:the Eternal Now all three sides of the triangles eternally exist and persist. The problem is foundAstrology, 494:them. These three constellations, cyclically and eternally, leading the "Eternal Pilgrim" along theAutobiography, 11:and experience are good, and the will-to-good is eternally present. Always we are proffered theAutobiography, 40:the Christ, the Buddha and all the Masters are eternally dedicated. I realized for the first time,Autobiography, 86:which I have never questioned and of which I am eternally sure is the fact of Christ Himself. I doAutobiography, 92:that shall he also reap" does [92] work; it eternally works. So today we do not do these things,Autobiography, 113:and so many kind things were done that I remain eternally grateful. Custards, pie, port wine, freshAutobiography, 199:writing school papers and articles. I was eternally seeing people by appointment and by 1928 I wasAutobiography, 262:no recognized leaders. This one true School has eternally met the need of seekers who - down theBethlehem, 9:in the Person of Jesus Christ, and which remains eternally truth, in the cosmic sense, in theBethlehem, 81:of a child into the world of physical life. Eternally, down the ages, men have made and willBethlehem, 152:life. This the mystic has proved, and to this he eternally testifies. This awareness of the fact ofBethlehem, 181:cross of the heavens." Upon this cross God is eternally crucified. "The sky is mystically spoken ofBethlehem, 183:not excepting the Christ of the West, have been eternally crucified, as reminders to man of theBethlehem, 239:the kingdom of God; Christ, the cosmic Christ, eternally on the Cross, yet eternally alive; Christ,Bethlehem, 239:the cosmic Christ, eternally on the Cross, yet eternally alive; Christ, the historical Savior, theDestiny, 27:of truth. The Law of Cause and Effect holds good eternally and particularly so in the realm ofDestiny, 82:British which leads them to regard themselves as eternally in the right, and the [83] noisyDiscipleship1, 59:aspects of the "art of rapport" which is based, eternally, on loving attraction. Rapport or contactDiscipleship1, 347:constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally the same. But techniques and methods ofDiscipleship1, 365:of the plan. 6th month - The Way of Sacrifice is eternally the Way of Joy. The Way of Joy leads toDiscipleship1, 664:to yourself: I am not this; I am not that; eternally, I am the Self. These lessons you are learningDiscipleship1, 767:is the significance of life itself, as it beats eternally at the very heart of the universe. WithinDiscipleship2, 29:unmoved amid the wreckage of all around and eternally loves; I would ask you to put your hand intoDiscipleship2, 152:need ever to bear in mind that the initiate is eternally occupied with energies and forces which heDiscipleship2, 208:and the world was made and is sustained" remains eternally true. 2. The Group which is the higherDiscipleship2, 223:activity, in conformity to the pattern which he eternally vitalizes. He has organized a group whichDiscipleship2, 237:- which is the work to which the Hierarchy is eternally committed. I have given you the Rules forDiscipleship2, 238:long run they cannot, for the human spirit is eternally sound and sane. I would have you considerDiscipleship2, 252:ever bear in mind that that which is revealed is eternally present. There is, therefore, occultDiscipleship2, 370:the ancient truism "as above, so below" holds eternally good, and it is the task of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 458:is a basic essential, for just as it remains eternally true that "as a man meditateth in his heartDiscipleship2, 638:from the personality angle, but the soul remains eternally young and unsatisfied, knowing no staticDiscipleship2, 755:the effects produced. For these you will be eternally grateful. Externalisation, 65:and which will persist among all of you eternally. Nothing can basically separate you. TheExternalisation, 119:their basic qualities and essential nature, were eternally in conflict. In the early stages andExternalisation, 188:to women. War is a natural process and therefore eternally right. All sources of supply must beExternalisation, 355:cause no basic concern, for God Transcendent eternally exists, but can only be seen and known andExternalisation, 432:humanity and its general well-being comes [432] eternally first. Nations and their ephemeralExternalisation, 468:minds the fact of Resurrection - a universal and eternally recurring resurrection. I would like toExternalisation, 469:It appears that He cares not whether they suffer eternally or attain complete annihilation. ThisExternalisation, 477:such people that "God loves all men" is true - eternally and forever true. It is one of theGlamour, 3:is the "Light of the World," a Reality which is eternally existent, but which can be discoveredGlamour, 162:cause no basic concern, for God Transcendent eternally exists but can only be seen and known andHealing, 245:of the planetary life, cyclic in nature and eternally present, is closely related to the influenceHealing, 438:all life processes and will convey to you the eternally lovely secret of Death which is entranceHealing, 627:the related gland. Forget not, the truth remains eternally right that the "blood is the life" -Herculesthe great presiding Elder's watching eye, he who eternally presides within the Council Chamber ofHercules, 10:as we look at the starry heavens above, we have eternally pictured for us this great drama, whichHercules, 69:about 250 B.C., speaks of Lepus as being "chased eternally", and it is interesting to note that theHercules, 69:are characteristics of the lower self chased eternally by the higher self; the human soul pursuedHercules, 205:words, Dr. Jones calls our attention to the work eternally done in the spiritual field by theHercules, 210:heavens above us, we have this great drama, eternally pictured for us. [211] Initiation, 75:problem of all disciples, and the solution is eternally the same. [76] Stand ready and watch theIntellect, 73:soul and the form nature, but they are joined eternally (and here lies the solution of man'sMagic, 212:state of pure Being in which the monad or spirit eternally rests. The development of the intellectMagic, 392:of individuality and of self-awareness is always eternally possible. In the higher states ofMagic, 392:position. God, for instance, can always and eternally be aware of that reality which constitutesMagic, 464:the future along certain lines. This is eternally true of all human beings at a certain level ofMagic, 482:of the universe, which is the law of love, is eternally against them, and out of the seeming evilPatanjali, 396:of those greater streams of mind images which eternally exist. Thus only can he achieve theProblems, 122:from close at hand and near to humanity whom He eternally loves. When He said, "Lo, I am with youProblems, 122:approach, will inevitably go on; the way stands eternally open to pilgrims and all such pilgrims,Problems, 142:dogma: Be a true professing Christian and live eternally in a somewhat fatuous heaven or refuse toProblems, 148:Father - but from the angle of the divine life, eternally present in every human heart, andProblems, 148:eternally present in every human heart, and eternally struggling to express itself throughProblems, 153:every man, unrevealed as yet in the majority but eternally present and moving towards fullPsychology1, 398:the law as no other race knows it, for he is eternally its victim. He has enunciated the law fromPsychology2, 30:actions and reactions and awareness are equally eternally present and capable of reacquisition atPsychology2, 34:for gain and loss are one; darkness and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternallyPsychology2, 34:light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life. Naught disappears butPsychology2, 207:the limitations of the form nature and who dwell eternally in the consciousness of the One Soul,Psychology2, 677:old attitudes and activities will be rendered eternally impossible on a large scale. This comingRays, 25:and there is no denying them, for we are eternally swept into activity by them and they govern andRays, 167:all life processes, and will convey to you the eternally lovely secret of Death, which is entranceRays, 348:of the personality to time and experience. It is eternally true that no one may pass through thisRays, 419:and cosmic activities wherein They are eternally engaged. Their intention and purposes are not,Rays, 438:plane of Being and demonstrates the fact that He eternally Is, that He exists as a divine aspectRays, 453:if I pointed out that though these threads eternally exist in time and space, they appear distinctRays, 505:or matter), with a tiny point of consciousness eternally present which is aware of both theseRays, 650:this divested him of everything, and finally and eternally destroyed all that which held him in theRays, 725:cosmic plane, for the physical is, for him, eternally left behind. This initiation is thereforeReappearance, 64:remembering always that the Gospel story is eternally true and only needs reinterpreting in theReappearance, 106:the Four Noble Truths, which satisfactorily and eternally answer man's demand of why. These TruthsReappearance, 120:true and realistic; we shall know that we are eternally related to the souls of all men, and thatReappearance, 128:and of states of consciousness which are always eternally present but which the individual man wasTelepathy, 53:with is the constant awakening to that which eternally IS, and to what is ever present in theTelepathy, 137:the divine Plan. It is therefore literally and eternally true that the same energetic Life pours
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