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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETERNITY

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Astrology, 443:of Their impulses and Their plans?) is to all eternity the good of the whole and naught can arrestAutobiography, 4:and culture and - incidentally from the angle of eternity - destroying many old and beloved forms.Autobiography, 84:should they be burned to a crisp for all eternity? I saturated myself with the thought of hell and,Autobiography, 289:beyond the strictly human into the very light of eternity itself. The practical acceptance of thisBethlehem, 5:of Christ is undying, and as He lives to all eternity, so that which He incarnated to demonstrateBethlehem, 8:for another deeper one, and so on into eternity; for all things in the sense-connection of life areBethlehem, 93:Christ, and the individual Christ, are to all eternity, and the revelation can therefore beBethlehem, 178:- 'one with God and existing with him from all eternity' - died to save the world; The EgyptianBethlehem, 181:sense. The cosmic Christ has existed from all eternity. This cosmic Christ is divinity, or spirit,Bethlehem, 233:processes of realizing the meaning and nature of eternity and the continuity of life can withBethlehem, 247:consciousness, and the concept of an endless eternity lived with oneself, have for most of us noBethlehem, 252:which manifests in the reorientation to eternity and the eternal values which is the distinguishingBethlehem, 278:of the soul, whose consciousness is that of eternity, are eternal in their living processes. ThisDiscipleship1, 130:soul - regards everything from the standpoint of eternity. You will then see the real valuesDiscipleship1, 240:will you make right decision. In the light of eternity, these little happenings (and how small theyDiscipleship1, 274:- the one in time and space and the other in eternity. Live on the mountain top and walk there withDiscipleship2, 59:which sets the disciple free for all eternity. I am giving you here certain needed hints and muchDiscipleship2, 386:who choose to be the sons of men and yet for all eternity remain the Sons of God." These "sons ofDiscipleship2, 502:a few years more or less are of no import in the eternity of soul reaction. Therefore, a decisionDiscipleship2, 568:of his Will, I dedicate myself from now until eternity. Sound the OM three times inaudibly. Call onDiscipleship2, 652:the man who dwells in the consciousness of eternity; this sense of the eternal, coupled with theDiscipleship2, 682:and are of no real importance in the light of eternity, but I am endeavoring, to awaken you to theExternalisation, 304:spoke of the "sacrificial horse, slain to all eternity." It conveys the same basic idea. ThisFire, 175:as you know, is repeated endlessly throughout Eternity. Each man of us has gone this ceaselessHealing, 412:few years the fact of persistence and of the eternity of existence will have advanced out of theHealing, 438:how conclusive the evidence of persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, aHercules, 80:O Artemis! Its spirit rests with me from all eternity, here in the center of the holy shrine. YouHercules, 190:the Swan, flying in mid-heaven. The swan of eternity, flying in time and space, is the symbol ofInitiation, 5:His realization of the place of time in eternity must be more accurate than ours. He sees thingsIntellect, 49:face, which is the summit of the soul, is in eternity and has nothing to do with time: it knowsIntellect, 82:consciousness of that which truly is from all eternity." - Guénon, René, Man and His Becoming, pageIntellect, 158:three transport the soul right out of time into eternity." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pageIntellect, 192:removal of phenomenality, and the affirmation of eternity, and departure from familiar haunts, andIntellect, 192:to His holy essence; and the affirmation of eternity consists in being convinced that God alwaysMagic, 114:Principles are to be viewed in the light of eternity; personalities from the standpoint of time.Magic, 115:and a determination to see all in the light of eternity and not of time, coupled with a constantMagic, 342:The cure lies in the realization that time, eternity, evolution (call it what you will) brings allMeditation, 93:Study effects. Cultivate the realization that eternity is long and that that which is slowly builtPatanjali, 346:30) Attainment of infinite knowledge. (Sutra 31) Eternity entered. (Sutra 33) Return ofPsychology1, 183:few years the fact of persistence and of the eternity of existence will have advanced out of thePsychology2, 220:our particular stage of development, and leave eternity to reveal its hidden secrets. The factorsRays, 102:how conclusive the evidence of persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, aRays, 280:disappear in the light of [280] That to which eternity is only a phase of that which shall later be
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