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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Discipleship1, 85:expression - the [85] mental, astral and etheric levels of awareness. Some group members contactDiscipleship1, 90:thought produces inevitable effects within the etheric body and thus two aspects of the creativeDiscipleship1, 114:organism to carry off the energy contacted; the etheric web is, therefore, in this localityDiscipleship1, 134:because your soul, anchored and focused in your etheric body, can - if you so choose - galvanizeDiscipleship1, 135:and subtler forces which are focused in your etheric body so that you can occultly "bring through"Discipleship1, 138:increase. You have the problem of a devitalized etheric body and also of a heart attached to manyDiscipleship1, 139:somewhat to give him too. The problems of the etheric body will yield to treatment if theDiscipleship1, 139:(which I will give you to follow) with a view to etheric vitalization. Your heart center isDiscipleship1, 141:brother, for too much sleep leads to diminished etheric force. A hint suffices for the wiseDiscipleship1, 143:seat in a constant draining and leakage of the etheric body. This keeps you devitalized and henceDiscipleship1, 143:yet are ever tired. Forget not that a weakened etheric body is easily drained by other peopleDiscipleship1, 157:of the physical plane activity is hampered by etheric devitalization, though the causes producingDiscipleship1, 157:emphasis I lay on steadfastness in meditation. Etheric vitalization lies in meditation where youDiscipleship1, 157:the inflow of energy to the centers in the etheric body and the vitalization, above all, of theDiscipleship1, 190:and to the new developments in relation to the etheric body. Will you go through all of them andDiscipleship1, 202:working (as does the average healer), with the etheric prana... [203] This exercise will build up aDiscipleship1, 209:by the quality of the energy pouring through the etheric body. I have given to each of you anDiscipleship1, 209:I will endeavor to show you all the state of the etheric body which is the prime conditioningDiscipleship1, 216:my plans for you. From the angle of the etheric body, this soul transition or refocusing ofDiscipleship1, 239:thing that I want to say to you is that your etheric [240] body (which expresses itself through theDiscipleship1, 241:that which I may here indicate. The rent in the etheric body, which reduced you to such a seriousDiscipleship1, 248:center between the shoulder blades and in the etheric body. Thought must be kept off this location,Discipleship1, 248:definite focusing of the consciousness in the etheric body. Here is the meditation: Alignment withDiscipleship1, 257:your case, seeks expression through the vital or etheric body. Personality force is focused in theDiscipleship1, 356:thought." The main effect should be upon the etheric nadis which underly the nerves, and not uponDiscipleship1, 364:M. as the soul, energizing by its will force the etheric body. Sound the O. M. again but this timeDiscipleship1, 409:This is due to the tremendous potency of your etheric body. This vital body of yours is of suchDiscipleship1, 456:high aspiration and devotion; and through the etheric body, vitalizing it in every part; thus itDiscipleship1, 495:humanity and God's plan for man. Vitalizing the etheric vehicle so that the physical body isDiscipleship1, 505:of mine? But much hindrance comes through fear. Etheric weakness also exists and I suggest to youDiscipleship1, 505:and that you send it on a mission to the etheric counterpart of the spleen. Find out from a diagramDiscipleship1, 505:visualize not the physiological organ but the etheric area surrounding it and picture it as bathedDiscipleship1, 505:has been that not only have the physical and the etheric bodies been too loosely combined, tending,Discipleship1, 698:thought power for constructive work, the etheric web is definitely involved. It leads then to aDiscipleship1, 698:of soul life, soul light and soul love, and the etheric web is responsive to the inflow of energyDiscipleship1, 698:mind, then the reorganization of the individual etheric web takes place. The individual ethericDiscipleship1, 698:etheric web takes place. The individual etheric body is only a part, an aspect, of the etheric webDiscipleship1, 698:etheric body is only a part, an aspect, of the etheric web of humanity; the steady reorganizationDiscipleship1, 699:to convey the embodied mental energy to the etheric body - unimpeded by the emotional nature or byDiscipleship1, 699:nature or by any lower upsurging desire. The etheric body is a web of light energy, impulsed orDiscipleship1, 699:to the activity of prana as it pours through the etheric or vital body. Average man is impulsed byDiscipleship1, 699:focuses his life in the astral vehicle and his etheric body becomes animated by the potent inflowDiscipleship1, 699:an integrated personality, gradually brings the etheric body under the control of mental energy andDiscipleship1, 700:Stages of Discipleship - Part III The individual etheric web galvanizes the automatic physical bodyDiscipleship1, 700:the physical body through the medium of the etheric web, are the four mentioned above. The conflictDiscipleship1, 753:realization that his three bodies or vehicles - etheric, astral and mental - are only theDiscipleship1, 756:The sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus. The etheric vehicle in its highest aspects. The headDiscipleship1, 779:physical body and its purification and upon the etheric or vital body; most of them have beenDiscipleship2, 7:of the Problems of Humanity. Teaching anent the Etheric Body. Added to the above, I seek to giveDiscipleship2, 20:and definite instructions anent the uses of the etheric body. This vehicle of vitality or energy isDiscipleship2, 20:impulsed by some energy emanating from the etheric body. An understanding of some of the processesDiscipleship2, 20:an understanding of the body of vitality. The etheric body is the organ whereby personality or soulDiscipleship2, 21:Doctrine) but is basically an automaton. The etheric body invokes and evokes; but it also, inDiscipleship2, 21:invocation and evocation. The teaching upon the etheric body naturally follows upon anyDiscipleship2, 61:which is the highest center of all. Is the etheric web of the planet sufficiently stable andDiscipleship2, 61:energy has had a far more potent effect in the etheric web than in the dense physical vehicle ofDiscipleship2, 61:was used twice in Japan, thereby disrupting the etheric web in what you erroneously call the FarDiscipleship2, 78:Training in Telepathy. Teaching anent the Etheric Body. The Problems of Humanity. TheDiscipleship2, 95:and incorporated into the mental, astral and etheric auras of those who form the group of which youDiscipleship2, 95:a fellow-worker come under the influence of your etheric body and, therefore, of the energies whichDiscipleship2, 96:me. The Science of Impression (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, Pages 41-57.) is of majorDiscipleship2, 108:and it will also create an energy body - an etheric body - for the entire subjective group and willDiscipleship2, 129:and consider it from the angle of the etheric body. Consciously throw soul energy down into theDiscipleship2, 132:will be contributed by the group members. This etheric form of the group life will be an expressionDiscipleship2, 134:given, you dealt with the centers of the etheric body, and were therefore dealing with theDiscipleship2, 138:previous meditations; these sought to bring the etheric body with its various force centers intoDiscipleship2, 152:energy. The alignment of all the centers in the etheric body [153] of the disciple. This results inDiscipleship2, 154:which deals with telepathy. (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.) Each of these possibleDiscipleship2, 170:energy which mankind wields familiarly, and to etheric matter. The Triangles of Goodwill areDiscipleship2, 180:[180] (within the physical man, or rather, his etheric centers) of the building of the antahkarana.Discipleship2, 180:Bear in mind here, as always, that the etheric body is a physical mechanism. It was this meditationDiscipleship2, 181:his own place within the Ashram, using his own etheric body as the implementing factor. He hasDiscipleship2, 182:center. The establishing of a triangle in the etheric body, composed of a line of energy between:Discipleship2, 281:to the thought-form eventually created what the etheric body is to the dense physical vehicle.Discipleship2, 289:stream down into the physical brain, via the etheric body. It will then condition the type ofDiscipleship2, 290:is: The third eye, not the pineal gland but its etheric correspondence. This is the responsiveDiscipleship2, 290:into two streams which are the correspondence in etheric matter of buddhi-manas. Right eye -Discipleship2, 298:that Science of Impression (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, Pages 41-57.) which will eventuallyDiscipleship2, 374:many of the Masters work through no physical or etheric mechanism whatsoever, but utilize whatDiscipleship2, 374:the ajna center or any other center within the etheric body. Writing as I am, for disciples andDiscipleship2, 403:with divine Purpose and with those substances (etheric in nature) and those energies which permeateDiscipleship2, 403:and those energies which permeate the cosmic etheric body (the four higher planes of our cosmicDiscipleship2, 405:buddhic plane; this is the lowest of the cosmic etheric levels; it is therefore a plane ofDiscipleship2, 405:plane, thereby making direct and unimpeded etheric reception possible. This is one of theDiscipleship2, 407:aura is co-mingled with the mental, astral and etheric auras of mankind. Recognition only isDiscipleship2, 451:the consequent physiological effects and their etheric correspondence. Knowers and disciples payDiscipleship2, 460:withdrawal of energy from the physical body (the etheric body), leading to physical debility andDiscipleship2, 461:of attrition or of semistarvation of the etheric body (determining the physical condition) and alsoDiscipleship2, 472:simultaneously. There is a reaction in his etheric body, in his emotional vehicle and in his mind.Discipleship2, 473:of personality claims, or the hindrances of an etheric body which is too loosely knit, and aDiscipleship2, 582:that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and this automatically and easilyDiscipleship2, 595:the changing of the energy discharging unit (the etheric subplanes - A.A.B.). The fourfold formDiscipleship2, 604:The centers are physical, being aspects of the etheric body and constructed of etheric matter, andDiscipleship2, 604:aspects of the etheric body and constructed of etheric matter, and their function is simply toDiscipleship2, 604:energies seeking outlet and expression, via the etheric body as it conditions and renders activeDiscipleship2, 607:a too direct stimulation of the centers in the etheric body, and a consequent arresting of the workDiscipleship2, 622:emotional body itself but a sublimation of the etheric, as that in turn is but the sublimation ofDiscipleship2, 710:downflow of the energy of love into the vital or etheric body, from whence it would automaticallyDiscipleship2, 712:of your mind - into the physical brain, via the etheric body. You must do this through the power ofDiscipleship2, 715:and not your master, as it is at present; your etheric body will stabilize and your general health
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