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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Fire, 613:The Lunar Gods give him three lower principles: Etheric body Prana Kama - manas The Solar Gods giveFire, 616:those which are functioning in and through the etheric body of the Logos, formed of the matter ofFire, 617:of positive force. On that plane are located the etheric centers of man, which have, in theFire, 617:and Fire Elementals In the words "prana and the etheric body" (or life force and form) we have theFire, 618:His physical vehicle, viewing it apart from the etheric). They are the product of an earlier solarFire, 619:aspect through positive force, from logoic etheric levels upon the three aspects of the logoicFire, 624:as the pranic forces, pouring through the logoic etheric body (our four higher subplanes) which areFire, 626:whilst the force aspect as flowing through the etheric body of the Logos is considered underFire, 634:eventual vitalization of the centers in man. The etheric centers, or the focal points of force of aFire, 634:is closely allied to the buddhic, and as the etheric centers of our Heavenly Man, for instance,Fire, 636:plane. Group B. on the second, third and fourth etheric subplanes. They are the substance of thoseFire, 638:science has definitely admitted the existence of etheric matter as understood by the occultist, andFire, 638:this ether is in differing vibrations. When the etheric counterpart of all that exists is allocatedFire, 639:or of polarization in the case of man into his etheric body, composed of matter of the four higherFire, 639:he may concern himself is that of the systemic etheric in its four lesser allied vibrations;Fire, 639:the greater Adepts are concerned is the cosmic etheric. The three lowest systemic and cosmicFire, 643:God. First, they are the builders of the etheric bodies of all sentient existences, and primarilyFire, 643:sentient existences, and primarily of all the etheric bodies of men. Second, they are theFire, 646:Class 4. A very important class of etheric devas (as far as man is concerned) who are definitelyFire, 647:Entity is manifesting, this center is a unity on etheric levels, for only one petal is to be seen.Fire, 647:planet, one of these petals becomes unfolded on etheric levels, so that at individualization, theFire, 647:for the occultist. As each of the petals of the etheric centers becomes vibrant, or an at-one-mentFire, 647:takes place on allied levels in the cosmic etheric body of the planetary Logos, and of the solarFire, 649:hope for our planet, lies in this very fact. The etheric center of our planetary Logos being inFire, 650:of the Triad - Spiritual evolution. Logoic etheric. Group C - The three worlds - Human evolution.Fire, 651:will enable man to see both the dense and the etheric forms. At this stage his inability to do soFire, 651:the physical organs, and in the vitality of the etheric body. Therefore, those of us who seeFire, 651:primarily among those of the fourth order. The etheric web which protected certain groups in theFire, 658:closely considered, and the analogy between the etheric body, the vehicle of prana vitalizing theFire, 659:plane itself is energized via: The planetary etheric body. The mental plane, or the cosmic gaseousFire, 660:be studied in connection with the burning of the etheric web of the planet, thus illumination mayFire, 660:and abstract, and the physical plane into the etheric levels and the dense subplanes. There is,Fire, 664:physical sun, and its relation to prana and the etheric body. The subjective sun, and itsFire, 666:the evolutions of the four higher planes, or the etheric levels. Of these we can know practicallyFire, 666:being is transferred gradually on to the cosmic etheric planes. From the standpoint of the humanFire, 668:of their victims. They deal with the etheric bodies of their enemies, and by means of sounds affectFire, 669:- one type of force working through the etheric manifestation, and the other through the denseFire, 681:are to be considered in their three groups - etheric, astral and lower mental. The work of theFire, 683:kingdoms of nature, providing man with his etheric, astral and mental bodies. Four corporeal whichFire, 683:Logos, the buddhic plane being a cosmic etheric plane, and the one whereon are to be found theFire, 683:plane, and the one whereon are to be found the etheric centers of a Heavenly Man. From the buddhicFire, 683:investigates more closely the nature of his own etheric body, he must extend that knowledge toFire, 683:fifth states of Pleroma), that the full force of etheric vitality is felt. A hint as to the [684]Fire, 684:of this may be found in the fact that the etheric body of man receives, and transmits pranaFire, 684:sense that the energy of the pranic devas of the etheric body comes from the physical sun. ThisFire, 684:of the cosmic physical just as the energy of the etheric centers on the fourth etheric subplaneFire, 684:the energy of the etheric centers on the fourth etheric subplane manifests first and potently onFire, 687:cosmic ether (whereon as earlier stated are the etheric centers of the planetary Logoi) and ourFire, 690:of matter of our three lower planes. As the etheric centers of the Manasaputras on the fourthFire, 690:centers of the Manasaputras on the fourth cosmic etheric plane become vitalized, they produceFire, 695:physical is linked and coordinated with the etheric bodies of the solar logos and of the planetaryFire, 698:planetary, they produce conditions whereby the etheric, and the dense physical become a unit. TheyFire, 699:dense body. When the last pralaya ended, and the etheric body had been coordinated, a triangle inFire, 714:or wheels of the centers on the astral and etheric levels. 38 The Sacrificer or Yajamana. TheFire, 717:conditions are brought about. The dense and etheric bodies of the Logos and of the planetary LogoiFire, 720:the then existing men (through knowledge of the etheric constitution of the body) of the vitalityFire, 720:and from the standpoint of the gaseous and etheric subplanes, and he will see that in all theseFire, 721:moon chain) to remain polarized in the physical etheric body after having supposedly dominated theFire, 728:kinds. The first type is a manifestation on etheric physical levels of the planetary Logos HimselfFire, 728:period in Lemurian days) to enable Them to take etheric bodies and incarnate among men. They act asFire, 732:term has been applied to the unification of the etheric double with the dense physical body, or toFire, 735:stage is the withdrawal of the life force in the etheric vehicle from the threefold (dense, liquidFire, 735:seen by the physical eye, though still in his etheric body. When etheric vision is developed, theFire, 735:eye, though still in his etheric body. When etheric vision is developed, the thought of death willFire, 735:When a man can be seen functioning in his etheric physical body by the majority of the race, theFire, 735:is the withdrawal of the life force from the etheric body or coil, and its devitalization. TheFire, 735:body or coil, and its devitalization. The etheric coil is but an extension of one aspect of theFire, 739:associated. This period of conscious activity in etheric substance (of which the planetary body isFire, 740:planetary law which only works on cosmic etheric levels, and is transferred to his destination. IfFire, 740:we considered the abstraction of man from his etheric vehicle, and his ability then to function onFire, 740:similar to that undergone when man withdraws the etheric body out of the dense physical vehicle,Fire, 747:does man, but the process is carried on in the etheric brain. This should be pondered on, for itFire, 751:the student transfers the whole concept to the etheric levels of the cosmic physical plane, andFire, 752:Logos of a man's Ray consciously - via His etheric brain - turns His thought upon the Initiate, andFire, 753:dense physical bodies. They work on the vital etheric levels, and dwell in etheric bodies.Fire, 753:work on the vital etheric levels, and dwell in etheric bodies. Shamballa, where They dwell, existsFire, 753:physical plane, and only when man has developed etheric vision will the mystery lying beyond theFire, 759:of healing and to demonstrate: The place of the etheric body. The effect of pranic force. TheFire, 759:The effect of pranic force. The opening up of etheric vision. It is not permissible to say more inFire, 772:is being resolved into mantrams on the cosmic etheric planes, for He is in a position to createFire, 775:with the astral body and finally with the etheric body. At a later stage in the evolution of manFire, 785:in its totality on the astral plane. 5. The Etheric. The stage is not to be confined to theFire, 785:to the building of the physical body in its etheric division, for its counterpart is found on allFire, 785:This can be clearly seen in relation to the etheric body which circulates the vital force or pranaFire, 787:occurrence takes place in connection with the etheric vehicle, the astral, and the mental. TheFire, 788:into cyclic activity, and in which the etheric body is vitalized. It concerns that which links theFire, 788:astral man; then the two take to themselves an etheric sheath for purposes of objective work. ThatFire, 788:That is the true lower man, these two in the etheric body. But later - in order to know even on theFire, 788:as the Bible expresses it, and puts on (over his etheric body) that outer illusory form we know soFire, 789:and man functions in his lowest manifestation in etheric matter. This appropriation of the lowestFire, 789:reflect the abstract subplanes and the four etheric subplanes reflect the four mental concreteFire, 789:and is based on the force of the group of etheric centers through which man (as an aggregate ofFire, 789:an adherence to, or aggregation around, the etheric body of particles of what we erroneously termFire, 789:to the energy direction around and within the etheric sheath till it is hidden and concealed, yetFire, 790:one case, through right direction of force, the etheric web no longer forms a barrier; it isFire, 790:work of building upon the scaffolding of the etheric body the dense physical form. It has beenFire, 791:an ovoid is not formed as in the case of the etheric, astral and mental sheaths. The fivefold shapeFire, 794:moment. This attitude of mind will change when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of theFire, 794:a fact, and the reality of the existence of an etheric double of all that is in manifestation willFire, 794:occur which will result in the study of the "etheric planets." As these bodies are organs of
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