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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Fire, 794:be interpreted in terms of energy and on etheric levels. Fire, 794:physical body - a decay which is proceeding on etheric levels as well as [795] on physical. TheFire, 795:This will be more truly apprehended when the etheric double of our moon is studied. As the moonFire, 795:mantrams, and thus much evil will be offset. The etheric moon is included in these remarks. TheFire, 796:until the subject of energy working through the etheric body, of radioactivity, and of theFire, 796:of energy-radiations emanating from the etheric bodies of all these suns and groups of suns, andFire, 805:physical body. Increasing the resistance of the etheric web, a work which was only carried to theFire, 811:system; to discover what is the hindrance in the etheric body which is preventing the right flow ofFire, 812:When also physicians learn the nature of the etheric body, and the work of the spleen as a focalFire, 831:as a center of energy on planes of cosmic etheric energy. We have endeavored above to convey aFire, 833:between prana, the life force which animates the etheric body of man, and by means of that [834]Fire, 834:upon, and the fact of all our planes being the etheric and dense manifestation of the solar LogosFire, 838:linked with the decaying body, much as the etheric double is connected with its dense sheath, andFire, 838:he says, 'is affected by a wider range of etheric undulations than the Eye can take cognizance of.'Fire, 843:are objective. Man has not as yet achieved etheric vision, and the etheric [845] subplanes are toFire, 843:has not as yet achieved etheric vision, and the etheric [845] subplanes are to him as yetFire, 845:as yet unmanifest. The solar Logos has cosmic etheric vision fully developed, and because He is onFire, 845:third evolution of the next system; that is, the etheric body of the planetary entity. ThisFire, 857:and Fire Elementals (d.) The Petals and the Etheric Centers It remains now to point out the closeFire, 857:of the petals in the egoic lotuses and the etheric centers in man. It is through the centers thatFire, 857:bear in mind the two following facts: First, the etheric body is vitalized, as we know, by prana.Fire, 857:even if not wholly, dependent upon prana. The etheric, centers are the force vortices formed inFire, 857:centers are the force vortices formed in etheric matter by astral impulse, transmitted via theFire, 858:thus the statement is technically true, that the etheric centers are the source of man's psychicFire, 858:and the energy emanating from it affects the etheric centers, and produces every type of psychicFire, 858:of the pouring in of egoic energy through the etheric centers (mainly through five of them) in suchFire, 859:of compassionate healing. In connection with the etheric centers, we should note the fact that theFire, 860:to give at this stage. It is only when the etheric centers - the two head centers and the heartFire, 860:the eight circles of twelve petals each in the etheric lotuses on the mental plane is of greatFire, 861:of energy between the egoic lotus and the etheric centers becomes so powerful as to awaken man'sFire, 861:It must be remembered that the aggregate of the etheric centers of any particular group of men formFire, 861:and material a concept, he will go astray. The etheric centers of man are not on the same plane asFire, 861:centers of man are not on the same plane as the etheric centers of a planetary Logos. His centersFire, 861:of the planetary center on its own plane. The etheric centers of the planetary Logos areFire, 862:flows in from the Ego. It works through the etheric centers and produces results on the threeFire, 862:of the petals and their connection with the etheric centers. Three hints of practical import anentFire, 862:to those who are ready. The first is that the etheric centers become active in a fourth dimensionalFire, 864:results might be enumerated as follows: The etheric web, separating the lower physicalFire, 884:here between the petals and the centers on the etheric level of the physical plane, [885] and thusFire, 885:to that one of the three higher centers in the etheric body particularly concerned. From theFire, 885:etheric body particularly concerned. From the etheric center to the physical brain. We have hereFire, 890:is compounded of dense, liquid, gaseous, and etheric matter. Diversity, producing a unity, isFire, 892:like nature spirits are to be found solely in etheric matter, but this is not so. They are to beFire, 892:of all that which can be objectively seen is the etheric structure, and these little busy livesFire, 892:a veil over their objective manifestation. When etheric vision is present then they can be seen,Fire, 894:should be noted here that this evolution on the etheric planes has a closer effect upon man than onFire, 896:essences, being volatile and the result of heat. Etheric matter, or the lowest orders of the devasFire, 910:of the Ethers We will consider now the etheric levels of the physical plane or the four highestFire, 910:highest subplanes of the physical plane. These etheric levels are but gradations of physical planeFire, 910:or subatomic matter. The third ether, or super-etheric matter. The fourth ether, or simply ethericFire, 910:matter. The fourth ether, or simply etheric matter. The fourth ether is the only one as yetFire, 911:many types of life to be contacted on the four etheric levels, but we can only concern ourselves atFire, 911:the four subordinate deva lords of the four etheric levels. He, with these subordinate devas,Fire, 911:of physical disability which are inherent in the etheric double. Devas of all kinds and colors areFire, 911:all kinds and colors are found on the physical etheric levels, but the prevailing hue is violet,Fire, 911:the two kingdoms. It is in the development of etheric vision (which is a capacity of the physicalFire, 912:the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the sameFire, 912:much the same color as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet, on the second, whilst onFire, 912:Four groups of violet devas, associated with the etheric doubles of all that exists on the physicFire, 912:those associated with the building of the etheric doubles, and those out of whose substance theseFire, 914:1 are found all the elementals working with the etheric doubles of men, all the elementals formingFire, 914:doubles of men, all the elementals forming the etheric bodies wherein is life, and all theFire, 914:is life, and all the elementals working with the etheric counterparts of so-called inanimateFire, 915:secondly, those devas who form the etheric bodies of every form in manifestation. These constituteFire, 916:of remembering that when we consider the etheric levels of the physical plane we are dealing withFire, 916:are the basis of the life and energy of the etheric body of a planetary Logos and of a solar Logos,Fire, 916:it is the Holy Spirit. The work, therefore, on etheric levels, and the energy and activityFire, 917:the densification of substance around the vital etheric nucleus are in themselves the result ofFire, 917:the energy of the first subplane or the first etheric plane. The vital form building energy of theFire, 917:vital form building energy of the three ensuing etheric levels. The negative receptive energy ofFire, 918:of evolutionary importance, and this is why the etheric body which lies back of all that is visibleFire, 919:of buddhi, which flows from the fourth cosmic etheric plane. 84 The Secret Doctrine says that: God,Fire, 919:the intelligent forces that are to be found on etheric levels, and when they become convinced ofFire, 919:out, will be brought about as the race develops etheric vision, and the truth of the contentions ofFire, 919:seven form (in their lower differentiations on etheric levels) the sumtotal of the etheric centersFire, 919:on etheric levels) the sumtotal of the etheric centers of all human beings, just as on the cosmicFire, 919:of all human beings, just as on the cosmic etheric levels are found the centers of a Heavenly Man.Fire, 919:Man. The connection between the centers and etheric substance, systemic and human, opens up a vastFire, 923:plane of the solar system, the three cosmic etheric planes, and the three planes of human endeavorFire, 923:when the close relation between the four cosmic etheric planes and the three lower planes isFire, 924:devas who are the transmitters of prana for the etheric body of man and of the planet. They are theFire, 924:Theirs is the life which pulsates through the etheric body of every plant and animal and of allFire, 924:fire which is seen circulating through all etheric vehicles. Among many other functions theyFire, 924:the myriads of minute lives which build the etheric bodies of all that is seen and tangible, andFire, 925:directly dense physical manifestation. All the etheric devas who transmit energy on the physicalFire, 925:Elementals and Fire Elementals The Devas of the Etheric Double The subject that we are to deal withFire, 925:to deal with now concerns those devas who are etheric doubles of all that is. It is full of profitFire, 926:First plane - The Sound 85 A. This is the first etheric appearance of a solar system upon theFire, 927:of the solar system in substance of the third etheric plane is seen, and the three function as one.Fire, 927:plane - The seven syllabled Word The logoic etheric centers become active. The etheric body of theFire, 927:The logoic etheric centers become active. The etheric body of the solar system is now complete,Fire, 928:the Logos on cosmic levels) as far as the fourth etheric level of the physical, and there theirFire, 930:Elementals and Fire Elementals The devas of the etheric doubles fall into two groups. They areFire, 930:direction from the greater builders, form the etheric doubles of all that can be seen and all thatFire, 930:gather and build the material needed to form the etheric double of everything, and they do thisFire, 932:upon earth. Third. The builders of all animal etheric forms. These are a group closely allied withFire, 932:manipulated. The secret of fear is hidden in the etheric body, and the particular type of substanceFire, 932:may be built. 3. The builders of the planetary etheric web. Their work is exceedingly obscure andFire, 933:this can be seen in the case of man himself. The etheric web was very loosely coordinated in man atFire, 933:and Fire Elementals 4. The builders of the etheric body of the planetary Entity. This great
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