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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Fire, 933:life must remain for many aeons a mystery. His etheric body is now in process of building, and onlyFire, 934:planes in this specific connection. 6. The etheric doubles of all that man creates. These are aFire, 934:that man creates. These are a special group of etheric builders who, under karma, are forced to actFire, 934:to impart to men knowledge anent the workers in etheric matter, which would enable them to contactFire, 935:of the word. [935] The devas who form the etheric doubles of all objects out of their own substanceFire, 935:substance, and constitute the matter of the etheric levels of the physical plane. They exist,Fire, 935:and the vegetable will objectively exist in etheric matter; that will be for them their densestFire, 936:not be so with the other three kingdoms. The etheric deva substance is acted upon in two ways: ItFire, 936:subject of the work of the devas who build man's etheric and dense physical body. By dividing ourFire, 936:and then with the lesser builders of the etheric levels. Fire, 936:with the work of the building devas who form the etheric body, and influences the building devas ofFire, 938:vibration is produced which awakens response in etheric matter on the physical plane, and theFire, 938:on the physical plane, and the builders of the etheric double commence their activity. Again theFire, 938:When the second stage of the work of these etheric devas is begun, conception takes place upon theFire, 938:sees the third stage of the building of the etheric body entered upon. The building work of theFire, 938:up this very cursory outline, the work of the etheric devas does not cease at the birth of the man,Fire, 939:the work of building ceases. The vitality in the etheric body waxes dim, and the processes ofFire, 939:centers, and functions for a few hours in the etheric double. This in turn is devitalized, and soFire, 942:builders of the astral body. The builders of the etheric body. The builders of the dense physical.Fire, 943:are connected specifically with the work of the etheric centers, and their response to theFire, 943:which the Ego is to express himself. On the etheric planes they build the real "form" out ofFire, 943:etheric planes they build the real "form" out of etheric substance, and produce the sheath ofFire, 944:builds, and nourishes the body. The work of the etheric elementals reaches its primary consummationFire, 944:of the head, that through which the life of the etheric body withdraws at the moment of death. ThisFire, 944:will be found to have its origin in the etheric connection with these three centers. The ethericFire, 944:etheric connection with these three centers. The etheric web is literally the fine network of fieryFire, 947:energy - electric fire - atomic subplane. First etheric substance. Plane adi. Radiant energy -Fire, 947:adi. Radiant energy - solar fire - three cosmic etheric levels. Logoic etheric body. Atomic energyFire, 947:solar fire - three cosmic etheric levels. Logoic etheric body. Atomic energy - fire by friction -Fire, 952:vitalized by the force of the life flowing from etheric levels, and when all His centers (formed ofFire, 959:use the sutratma as it passes through the etheric body. Average men utilize almost entirely thatFire, 960:stability, resulting in limpid reflection, Etheric poise, producing a condition in the head centerFire, 962:from the lower mental, the astral, and the etheric planes. The pineal gland comes into activityFire, 964:centers are awakened (through alignment of the etheric centers) we have the very lowest aspect ofFire, 964:here also to point out the condition of the etheric centers during this process of direct solarFire, 964:to force flowing through the four minor etheric centers; later the three major centers - the head,Fire, 965:becomes a "wheel turning upon itself." The major etheric centers are in full action, and the man isFire, 966:- physical. The esoteric organ - the third eye - etheric. Note: Students must be careful toFire, 966:- S. D., II, 308, 313. The third eye exists in etheric matter. In front of the head. On a levelFire, 967:His karmic condition. The tenuosity of the etheric web. The caliber of his physical body, and itsFire, 969:desire, and the strength of the desire. On the etheric levels of the physical plane the process ofFire, 969:when he has worked with it on mental, astral and etheric levels. The dense physical response isFire, 972:of physical matter and to take to itself an etheric form. When on etheric levels, it receives thatFire, 972:and to take to itself an etheric form. When on etheric levels, it receives that final impulse whichFire, 972:and likewise is gathering to itself a body of etheric matter. When it has reached this stage itsFire, 976:Once the thought form has been vitalized and its etheric form is completed or "sealed" as it isFire, 976:forms of every man take dense substance upon the etheric, but they will eventuate in activity uponFire, 976:it is objective to the clairvoyant and exists in etheric matter close to the man. It will,Fire, 981:(could we but see it) something very definite on etheric levels. Objective manifestation isFire, 983:force transmission on the physical plane via the etheric centers and the physical brain, studyingFire, 994:forth in a sheath of greater refinement. Etheric Freedom. This term does not convey all that [995]Fire, 995:the enterprise, will have constructed an etheric body of such a nature that vitality, or pranicFire, 995:can circulate unimpeded; he will have formed an etheric web of such tenuosity that it forms noFire, 1009:center or gland. The third eye exists in etheric matter, and is an etheric center of force, beingFire, 1009:third eye exists in etheric matter, and is an etheric center of force, being made of the substanceFire, 1009:Later, when the Ego descends a little lower, the etheric center which is active in connection withFire, 1012:that which emanates from the Ego itself via the etheric force centers. This downflow of egoicFire, 1013:the action taken depends the construction of the etheric body, and the consequent physicalFire, 1014:is all that is needed to gather the desired etheric substance. By this I mean the form has nowFire, 1019:The dense physical - Mother - Matter, The etheric - Matter - Holy Spirit, The astral - Moisture -Fire, 1021:work was done, to the physical plane, or to the etheric levels. Here the work of producingFire, 1023:here to remember that we are now dealing with etheric matter and vital energy, and are thereforeFire, 1023:the earth is to be found within the planetary etheric web. The worker in white magic, being anFire, 1023:his magical work on the confines of the physical etheric sphere. His problem is to locate thoseFire, 1023:the severance of the confining web of his own etheric web, can reach out to that which isFire, 1024:the fact that the three higher levels of the etheric planes are in vibratory communication with theFire, 1025:of his own body may get out of control, and his etheric body suffer in consequence. He, therefore,Fire, 1025:of occult drowning, and at the transition from etheric levels [1026] to the planes of tangibleFire, 1028:to the discussion and consideration of the etheric substratum which underlies the tangible, thenFire, 1050:atoms. The activity set up in the seven etheric centers of force, the result of the activity of theFire, 1058:which exist only in physical matter of an etheric nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they areFire, 1058:Yet they are potent in influence and until etheric vision is developed, all calculations will beFire, 1061:form" (which is to be understood occultly as the etheric form of energy) making its presence feltFire, 1063:this connection that radiation occurs when the etheric or true form becomes responsive to certainFire, 1063:entity (atomic, human or divine) wherein the etheric or pranic body is in such a state that it canFire, 1066:both the dense physical [1066] body and the etheric form, yet they had no perception of the natureFire, 1093:of the sparks in the planetary or systemic etheric body, or on the four higher planes of our solarFire, 1094:the forms are diverse, and many, and unless etheric vision is present, the spheroidal forms of allFire, 1096:those forces about which we have been speaking. Etheric vision, or the power to seeFire, 1096:is true vision for the human being, just as the etheric is the true form. But until [1097] the raceFire, 1120:three groups of centers in the three bodies. The etheric body itself. Certain centers in theFire, 1122:with the light of its own central fire. The etheric body especially is to be noticed as it is aFire, 1122:material bodies. All is centralized, and the etheric vehicle waits for use on the physical plane inFire, 1123:on the mental plane. The throat center in etheric matter. The alta major center. The physicalFire, 1124:centers on the astral plane. The heart center in etheric matter. The pituitary body. TheFire, 1128:factors, must be mentioned the seven centers in etheric matter which find their place in theFire, 1128:in etheric matter which find their place in the etheric body, and which awaken and become active asFire, 1132:of the head is formed of the lowest grade of etheric matter, matter of the fourth ether, whereasFire, 1132:matter, matter of the fourth ether, whereas the etheric centers of the disciples are composed ofFire, 1136:contact can then [1136] be made with the etheric or vital body. It is this contact which producesFire, 1137:be found on the mental plane, the lowest on the etheric levels of the physical plane, and anotherFire, 1154:occult books and in the Secret Doctrine is in etheric matter; it is this etheric fiery energy whichFire, 1154:Secret Doctrine is in etheric matter; it is this etheric fiery energy which brings to aFire, 1154:obscuration. Naught is left save the blazing etheric suns and these - through very intensity ofFire, 1155:simply focal points of energy located in the etheric body, and having a definite use. This use isFire, 1155:laws of energy, and of the constitution of the etheric body, and its relation to the physical. TheFire, 1156:race, and the future [1156] quick unfoldment of etheric vision, the gain will be very real ifFire, 1156:seven in number and are formed in matter of the etheric subplanes of the physical plane. As we haveFire, 1157:body, and direct his action via the seven etheric centers. These centers receive the force in aFire, 1158:rapidly than that which is being received. The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire,
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