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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Fire, 1163:that three of them form the three higher etheric energy centers of the Logos, and four constituteFire, 1164:fourth kingdom of nature. When man has developed etheric vision and thus has expanded his range ofFire, 1164:Many planetary schemes which are found only in etheric matter will be revealed to his astonishedFire, 1175:and have consciously developed the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles,Fire, 1175:the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioning consciously on theFire, 1175:functioning consciously on the three higher etheric planes in all parts of the system. They have -Fire, 1175:- broken the connection between the third etheric and the four lower subplanes of the physicalFire, 1176:inner round - are considered only as existing in etheric matter, and (in relation to one of theFire, 1176:the Heavenly Men) hold a place analogous to the etheric triangle found in the human etheric body. IFire, 1176:to the etheric triangle found in the human etheric body. I have here conveyed more than has as yetFire, 1176:this inner round and by the study of the human etheric triangle, its function, and the type ofFire, 1176:mind in this connection that just as the human etheric triangle is but the preparatory stage to aFire, 1176:vast circulation within the sphere of the entire etheric body, so the etheric planetary triangle -Fire, 1176:the sphere of the entire etheric body, so the etheric planetary triangle - passing from the EarthFire, 1178:and its graduates wield the power of cosmic etheric prana. EARTH - The School of Magnetic Response.Fire, 1189:centers of energy in man which are not purely etheric centers but are the product of theFire, 1189:but are the product of the interaction of the etheric centers and certain forms of negative energyFire, 1189:heart center, one of the major centers on the etheric planes, but there is also the physical heartFire, 1199:are They, but They cannot pass out of the logoic etheric body into the dense physical vehicle. ThisFire, 1202:are those who can discard or pass through the etheric body of the solar Logos and take formsFire, 1202:has reference to the taking of a form of cosmic etheric matter, such as is the case with theFire, 1205:planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric plane (our buddhic plane). The egoic lotusFire, 1205:spiritual sun." The heart center of a man on the etheric plane of the physical plane, which is inFire, 1206:forms of all that persists, for all are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos.Fire, 1207:Hierarchy is the life of the forms of all the etheric bodies of every tangible object. The functionFire, 1209:the nature, place and responsibility of the etheric body in man, or of his vital body, and itsFire, 1210:it demonstrated to such an extent as to place etheric electrical phenomena beyond all dispute. ThisFire, 1210:coming in of egos who are fully conscious on the etheric levels and who can see all that which isFire, 1210:be understood till the true function of the etheric body is realized. It is the attractive agentFire, 1220:factor. 7. Law of the Lower Four. The Law of Etheric Union. A Male and Female Form, placed back toFire, 1222:through group work. 8. Stimulation of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 9. Material impulse,Fire, 1223:through group activity. 20. Stimulation of all etheric forms. 21. Vital energy. These twenty-oneFire, 1250:a manner that it can pass through the systemic etheric web and on to that stream of cosmic energyFire, 1257:the Jupiter scheme. The quality gained is cosmic etheric vision, the extent of the vision developedFire, 1258:surmounted by a Sensa Word. Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenary clairvoyance. Fire, 1262:behind, - a constellation which exists only in etheric matter. It is consequently ignored byGlamour, 2:which produces the pattern-forms on which all etheric bodies are based. It is not intelligentGlamour, 22:when both glamor and illusion are realized on etheric levels. It is that vital unthinking emotionalGlamour, 30:of distortion to that of the astral plane or the etheric. The faculty of discrimination which isGlamour, 30:the swirling tides and currents of energy of the etheric plane, we have on the mental plane massesGlamour, 42:Holding the mind steady in the light Maya Etheric Inspiration Devitalization Path of ProbationGlamour, 76:This produces counterparts in the world of etheric and astral life, though not in the mental world.Glamour, 80:the Path. Next, we will consider glamor on the etheric plane and the theme of the Dweller upon theGlamour, 84:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 3. Glamor Upon Etheric Levels - Maya We come now to a considerationGlamour, 85:that maya is predominantly a difficulty of the etheric body, for in relation to maya we are dealingGlamour, 86:the physical plane (and by that I mean upon the etheric levels of the physical plane whereon theGlamour, 86:plus the prana available, constitute the etheric body of the undeveloped and frequently of theGlamour, 86:the victim of mass energy of a low kind, for his etheric body is responsive to, and draws itsGlamour, 86:to use the psychological phrase. This etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passesGlamour, 86:This etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passes through two stages prior to theGlamour, 87:the world of higher values takes place, then the etheric or vital force is brought into conflictGlamour, 87:the medium of the dense physical body and the etheric forces, and in this way a higher aspirationGlamour, 88:the human family en masse this dense physical-etheric conflict was fought out in the World War,Glamour, 91:On the Physical Plane - The dense and the etheric. Fought out upon the Path of Purification. On theGlamour, 96:duality - the physical body and the vital or etheric body. One is the mechanism of contact upon theGlamour, 97:consists in the fact that physical force and etheric energy are at grips. Forget not what I earlierGlamour, 97:grips. Forget not what I earlier told you that etheric force is closely related to the Monad or theGlamour, 97:politics or in any other department of life. His etheric unity, producing reorientation - with itsGlamour, 103:of the physical plane and can rightly impose etheric energy (the higher of the two) upon physicalGlamour, 108:between the physical body per se and the vital etheric body. A dimly sensed higher consciousnessGlamour, 109:was then solved, and the physical body and the etheric body constituted a unity, and in the healthyGlamour, 118:which exist. These can be: Between the etheric and the physical bodies, leading to a lack ofGlamour, 119:of forces which we call bodies: - Between the etheric and astral bodies. - Between the astral andGlamour, 119:lack of integration between the physical and the etheric bodies, and that lack of interest and thatGlamour, 128:by the forces which are esoterically regarded as etheric in nature and, therefore, as substance,Glamour, 149:is subtle and emotional. Maya is tangible and etheric. [150] Such are the forces of maya whichGlamour, 172:producing the freeing of the energies of the etheric body from the control of matter orGlamour, 205:atom of substance. The light of the vital or etheric vehicle - a light which is the reflection ofGlamour, 208:of matter and substance (dense material and etheric light) and the light of the mind itself. ThereGlamour, 241:of soul force upon the physical plane, via the etheric plane, leading to inspiration. This isGlamour, 242:form, the dual physical body (dense and vital or etheric) is produced, created, motivated,Glamour, 245:of this subject as follows: Activity upon the etheric plane, i.e., the world of forces. TheirGlamour, 245:in the three worlds. He directs them into the etheric body from whatever level he chooses to work -Glamour, 246:ambition or some dedicated desire. [246] The etheric body of the individual is, as you know, a partGlamour, 246:of the individual is, as you know, a part of the etheric body of humanity and this, in its turn, isGlamour, 246:and this, in its turn, is an aspect of the etheric body of the planet, which is likewise anGlamour, 246:which is likewise an intrinsic part of the etheric body of the solar system. Incidentally, in thisGlamour, 246:a. Force Distribution and Manipulation upon the Etheric Plane We will now assume that the aspirantGlamour, 246:his task and has mastered some facts anent the etheric vehicle. The pairs of opposites are dearlyGlamour, 247:that if that intermediate aspect of himself, the etheric body, can be controlled and rightlyGlamour, 248:like a soul upon the physical plane, via the etheric body? If he earnestly studies this problem, heGlamour, 248:time discover which forces are dominant in the etheric body and will become aware consciously ofGlamour, 249:of the forces which seek expression through the etheric body: The ray of the soul. The ray of theGlamour, 249:these energies as they find their way into the etheric vehicle. Now comes the stage wherein he isGlamour, 251:function properly that the seven centers in the etheric body are brought under clear direction,Glamour, 252:of his life expression, maya or the world of etheric energies becomes devitalized, and only thoseGlamour, 253:three stages. He identifies the centers in the etheric body and becomes aware of their individualGlamour, 257:and thus condition the life of the disciple upon etheric levels. From there, they eventuallyGlamour, 258:physiological, producing the stimulation of the etheric body leading to the strengthening of theGlamour, 260:my other books, given much information anent the etheric body and the centers - major and minor -Glamour, 260:in their thinking and not so clearly with the etheric body. This concerns location in the majorityGlamour, 261:to shift their focus of attention into the etheric body. Necessarily the physical body is activeGlamour, 261:impressions or inspiration which - via the etheric body - sweep the physical vehicle into activityGlamour, 263:energy, and this pours down into and through the etheric body without being in any way affected byGlamour, 263:the concentration of diverse forces of which the etheric body is ever composed. Indifference,Glamour, 263:to express may be held up and arrested by etheric force or by the veils of maya. He worksGlamour, 264:He will be able to pour light energy through the etheric body and anchor the light or energy in theHealing, 2:which we live and move and have our being. The etheric body, which has one main objective. This isHealing, 3:solar - circulation of life-forces through the etheric bodies of all forms is the basis of allHealing, 3:pairs of opposites. In these two bodies, the etheric and astral bodies, ninety percent of the
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