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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Healing, 412:physical eye of a human being...will reveal the etheric will be seen occupying thatHealing, 413:facility see the [413] man who has discarded his etheric body as well as his physical body. c. AHealing, 414:stage is the withdrawal of the life force in the etheric vehicle from the dense physical body andHealing, 414:seen by the physical eye, though still in his etheric body. When etheric vision is developed, theHealing, 414:eye, though still in his etheric body. When etheric vision is developed, the thought of death willHealing, 414:When a man can be seen functioning in his etheric physical body by a majority of the race, theHealing, 414:is the withdrawal of the life force from the etheric body, and its devitalization... - Page 735. c.Healing, 415:from out of the top of the head of the radiant etheric body and the consequent disintegration ofHealing, 416:physical form falls apart. - Page 85. a. The etheric body is in reality a network of fine channelsHealing, 416:is snapped or broken after the withdrawal of the etheric body from the dense physical body at theHealing, 416:of the physical body will be followed and the etheric web will be recognized as a factor in theHealing, 416:The Basic Requirements for Healing Death and the Etheric Body A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: It is notHealing, 417:or the withdrawal of the life from out of the etheric vehicle, will be the same whether one studiesHealing, 417:whether one studies the withdrawal of the human etheric double, the withdrawal of the planetaryHealing, 417:etheric double, the withdrawal of the planetary etheric double, or the withdrawal of the ethericHealing, 417:etheric double, or the withdrawal of the etheric double of the solar system. The effect is the sameHealing, 417:our method of tabulation. The withdrawal of the etheric double of a man, a planet, and a system isHealing, 418:had animated the physical form (both dense and etheric) and which had its starting point in theHealing, 419:- The Basic Requirements for Healing Second. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and aHealing, 420:finally, to the scattering of the atoms of the etheric body into their primordial condition. TheHealing, 422:nor of the dramatic escape of the palpitating etheric body from the center in the head, as mightHealing, 424:reaction to fear found. Could you but see the etheric world as Those on the inner side of lifeHealing, 424:would see a great activity proceeding within the etheric world in which the anima mundi, the animalHealing, 428:that physical body through the medium of the etheric body, thus galvanizing it into life activityHealing, 435:the substance of the vital form to the general etheric reservoir; the words "the spirit shallHealing, 447:and hence by the cessation of aspiration. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and aHealing, 455:larger than the physical and which we call the etheric body or double. It is an energy body and isHealing, 455:head. Protecting both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed of interlacing strands ofHealing, 456:use; just below the apex of the heart another etheric web is found covering an orifice of exit. WeHealing, 460:as the conscious entity is still occupying the etheric vehicle, though the discarding of the denseHealing, 460:intents and purposes been completed. Though the etheric body interpenetrates the entire physicalHealing, 460:activity and the concentration of the basic etheric focus in the region of the head, or the heart,Healing, 460:the withdrawal is already well under way. The etheric forces are first of all withdrawn into theHealing, 460:withdrawn into the surrounding extension of the etheric ring-pass-not, prior to that finalHealing, 460:of the death process. The withdrawal of the etheric body from occupation of the dense physical bodyHealing, 460:This secondary activity will result in all the etheric forces dissolving into an emanating sourceHealing, 461:general reservoir of forces. Forget not that the etheric body has no distinctive life of its own.Healing, 461:at certain distinctive points in the paralleling etheric substance; they are (even in the case ofHealing, 461:in order to be resolved into the totality of etheric substance, are two which are closely relatedHealing, 462:[462] body and the complete dissolution of the etheric body are practically simultaneous. In normalHealing, 462:the dualities of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. The physical elemental (which isHealing, 462:the sumtotal of the combined energies of the etheric body, are in violent conflict and the processHealing, 462:between these two aspects of coma. Later, when etheric or clairvoyant vision is more common, theHealing, 463:factor. The soul is then focused in the etheric body, but is not fully utilizing all the centers;Healing, 463:case of disciples, the grip of the soul upon the etheric centers will be more powerful from theHealing, 464:works through a number of minor centers. The etheric vehicle, which has a powerful coordinated lifeHealing, 466:activity and one which primarily concerns the etheric body. There is first of all the collectingHealing, 466:of all the collecting and the withdrawing of the etheric substance, so that it no longerHealing, 466:word I deliberately choose) in that area of the etheric body which has always surrounded, but notHealing, 467:living can be possible and the withdrawn etheric forces can again interpenetrate the body.Healing, 469:Life, and Life is God." The manifestation of the etheric body in time and space has in it what hasHealing, 470:the physical body, and the creative work of the etheric or vital body is completed. The firstHealing, 470:of the incarnating man, are withdrawn into the etheric body. The life principle withdraws,Healing, 470:of the focusing of the spiritual elements in the etheric body, with the subsequent abstraction andHealing, 470:abstraction and consequent dissipation of the etheric body, would be greatly hastened by theHealing, 470:vehicles (still enshrouding the soul) from the etheric body, thus bringing about the release in aHealing, 473:the nadis. The nadis are, as you well know, the etheric counterpart of the [474] entire nervousHealing, 474:the vibratory activity which emanates from the etheric counterpart of the brain. They respond toHealing, 474:between the nadis and the nervous system; the etheric body is thereby detached from its denseHealing, 475:Process of Restitution 3. Next, the organized etheric body, loosened from all nervous relationshipHealing, 476:preparatory to the complete abstraction of the etheric body when the right time comes. The man isHealing, 476:elemental can at times regain its hold upon the etheric body, if that is deemed desirable by theHealing, 476:physical elemental has lost its hold, and the etheric [477] body awaits the final "tug" from theHealing, 477:soul, acting under the Law of Attraction. 5. The etheric body emerges from the dense physical bodyHealing, 477:freed from the prison of the physical body, the etheric body is not yet freed from its influence.Healing, 477:That is why clairvoyants often claim to see the etheric body hovering around the death bed or theHealing, 477:bed or the coffin. Still interpenetrating the etheric body are the integrated energies which weHealing, 477:which indicates the presence of the soul. 6. The etheric body is gradually dispersed as theHealing, 477:pranic substance which is identified with the etheric vehicle of the planet itself. This process ofHealing, 477:In the case of the undeveloped person, the etheric body can linger for a long time in theHealing, 479:which it precipitates within the area of the etheric body, necessitating a rapid rearrangement ofHealing, 479:the replacing of the inner man again within the etheric vehicle, but requires a coming together ofHealing, 484:living and not to the dead. The claim that the etheric body must not be rushed into the crematingHealing, 484:have also no true basis at all. There is no etheric need for delay. When the inner man withdrawsHealing, 484:vehicle he withdraws simultaneously from the etheric body. It is true that the etheric body is aptHealing, 484:from the etheric body. It is true that the etheric body is apt to linger for a long time on theHealing, 484:been responsible for the perpetuation of the etheric body, sometimes for centuries. This isHealing, 484:of an evil character during life; the hovering etheric body is then often "possessed" by an evilHealing, 486:spiritual man who has discarded his physical and etheric bodies and now stands within the shell ofHealing, 492:contact. Seed Two determines the quality of the etheric body as a vehicle through which the rayHealing, 492:with the dense physical body. It delimits the etheric structure or vital web along which theHealing, 494:conscious. The physical brain and the swirl of etheric forces (mostly somewhat disorganized in theHealing, 495:already achieved through life-experience. On the etheric plane arranges the substance of his vitalHealing, 496:complete separation from the dense physical and etheric bodies, and as the eliminative process isHealing, 504:a cosmic purpose which [504] governs the cosmic etheric planes of our solar system, the cosmicHealing, 513:them, awakening them, and conditioning the etheric body so that the centers, through which theHealing, 514:drifts - asleep and unknowing - out of the etheric, astral and mental vehicles, but each of themHealing, 525:an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle. The power to reverse, reorient andHealing, 529:of the patient. With the center in the patient's etheric body which controls the area where theHealing, 530:growing understanding of the nature of the etheric body, of the centers, and of the transmissionHealing, 534:is known and thus isolated, the center in the etheric body which is in closest relation to it willHealing, 538:He works practically entirely with the etheric body and with the vital energies, leaving thoseHealing, 538:many factors. These energies, directed via the etheric body of the patient, or emanating from thatHealing, 539:mind to the astral body, and from thence to the etheric vehicle? By no means. In cases of real andHealing, 540:do? He must realize, first of all, that the etheric body is the factor of major importance and theHealing, 540:the medium of the head and heart centers of the etheric body, thus anchoring both the consciousnessHealing, 541:task is to investigate or "occultly see" the etheric body of the patient, and thus arrive at theHealing, 541:The potency with which the soul influences its etheric body. This is indicated by the point ofHealing, 541:area which it irradiates. The condition of the etheric center which controls or governs the areaHealing, 541:to stimulate the point of soul life in the etheric body of the patient. He will do this with a view
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