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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERIC

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Meditation, 289:toward the close of his meditation the heart etheric, and therein build minute forms of the MasterMeditation, 321:twenty-one and under forty-two years of age. His etheric body must be in good condition and be aMeditation, 328:physiology, biology. Ethnology. Study of the etheric body and its allied subjects of vitality andMeditation, 336:of the bodies, especially just now of the etheric. The principal use the sun has is the vitalizingMeditation, 336:use the sun has is the vitalizing of the etheric. The heat of the sun is electrical force adaptedMeditation, 337:holds the mystery hid. [337] The refining of the etheric This coincides with that of the physicalMeditation, 337:into tabloid form, with direct effect upon the etheric body. This will not be until that ethericMeditation, 337:the etheric body. This will not be until that etheric vehicle is recognized by science, andMeditation, 337:offered by the faculty of medicine. The study of etheric diseases - congestion and atrophy - willMeditation, 352:of nature more than ethereal men and women. Etheric body (Etheric double) The physical body of aMeditation, 352:more than ethereal men and women. Etheric body (Etheric double) The physical body of a human beingMeditation, 352:of two parts, the dense physical body, and the etheric body. The dense physical body is formedMeditation, 353:three subplanes of the physical plane. The etheric body is formed of the four highest or ethericMeditation, 353:etheric body is formed of the four highest or etheric subplanes of the physical plane. FifthMeditation, 358:or kamic body. Prana, or the Life Principle. The etheric body, or the highest division of thePatanjali, 23:The sleep of the ordinary medium, wherein the etheric body is partially extruded from the physicalPatanjali, 48:cross of matter. The four lower sheaths - dense, etheric, emotional and mental - are no longer hisPatanjali, 60:vestures of consciousness, mental, emotional and etheric which vibrate in response to the vibrationPatanjali, 62:the soul. The strengthening and refining of the etheric body in order that it may be finally tunedPatanjali, 62:unfoldment and awakening of the centers in the etheric body, the centralization of the fires of thePatanjali, 68:man possesses. It is circumscribed and limited. Etheric vision. This is a rapidly developingPatanjali, 69:gland becomes active, and the third eye (in etheric matter) develops with a paralleling activity.Patanjali, 72:currents. This is the effect produced in the etheric body by the inner turmoil. These life currentsPatanjali, 74:man is concerned are: 1. Prana vital energy etheric body physical plane. 2. Kama desire astral bodyPatanjali, 82:these centers have their correspondences in the etheric matter found in the region of the head andPatanjali, 121:the physical body. The latter has to do with the etheric body, with the force centers or chakrasPatanjali, 122:and control of the dual physical body, dense and etheric. Whilst in the Atlantean race the desirePatanjali, 144:is the basic factor in the production of the etheric body. [145] Kama, or desire is the primePatanjali, 179:animal man, the lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astral and lower mental) received that twofoldPatanjali, 182:to the organization of the vital body or the etheric body so that the life current or forces,Patanjali, 183:senses. Here we get back of the physical and the etheric bodies, to the emotional body, the seat ofPatanjali, 183:in its triple manifestation is cultivated. The etheric body is organized and controlled and thePatanjali, 192:energy. This means consequently that the etheric body becomes vitalized or energized by the newPatanjali, 202:to the four vehicles (the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body and the mental body)Patanjali, 202:physical vehicle dense body, b. Magnetic purity etheric vehicle internal purity, c. Psychic purityPatanjali, 205:of magnetic purity or the refinement of the etheric body. In this connection students should bearPatanjali, 205:but is built in exact conformity with the etheric body. This etheric body is the magnetic vehiclePatanjali, 205:in exact conformity with the etheric body. This etheric body is the magnetic vehicle on thePatanjali, 206:throat centers), each of which is found in the etheric body and is allied with one or other of thePatanjali, 209:it burns out all obstructions in the spinal etheric channel and vitalizes or electrifies the fivePatanjali, 210:and the consequent reactions within the etheric centers will take place safely, under law, andPatanjali, 212:the withdrawal is consciously undertaken via the etheric body, using the brahmarandra or opening atPatanjali, 218:therefore concerns the inflow of energy into the etheric body and its outflow through the medium ofPatanjali, 218:First, that one of the main purposes of the etheric body is that it acts as a stimulator and thePatanjali, 218:acted as it was swayed and motivated by the etheric body. The etheric body is the force or vitalPatanjali, 218:swayed and motivated by the etheric body. The etheric body is the force or vital body and itPatanjali, 218:to the nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to the activity of that force inPatanjali, 218:according to the activity of that force in the etheric body, according to the aliveness or thePatanjali, 218:sluggishness of the most important parts of the etheric body (the centers up the [219] spine) soPatanjali, 219:respond or vibrate in rhythmic unison with the etheric body. Students have found out that this isPatanjali, 219:and Posture) have a definite effect upon the etheric centers and may lead to disastrous results. ItPatanjali, 219:at, prior to attempting the regulation of the etheric vehicle through breathing, and the awakeningPatanjali, 219:into a vibration synchronous with that of the etheric [220] body. This results in the completePatanjali, 220:body and its bringing into line with the etheric body. The two parts of the physical vehicle form aPatanjali, 220:a unit. 3. The transmission of energy via the etheric body to all parts of the dense physical body.Patanjali, 221:of the life currents of the body (dense and etheric). This concerns: The breathing apparatus andPatanjali, 221:concern the dense physical plane or the etheric levels of consciousness. It will be obvious thatPatanjali, 221:into instantaneous synchronization with his etheric body, to densify and irradiate his aura so asPatanjali, 222:of certain protective structures in the etheric body and the breaking down of the barriers betweenPatanjali, 222:which bring the physical organs, allied with the etheric centers, into proper condition. ThesePatanjali, 222:generate a type of force which is a mixture of etheric force and dense physical energy, to enablePatanjali, 223:of the entire lower man through attention to the etheric breath and rhythm. This inevitablyPatanjali, 223:intellectual understanding of the nature of the etheric body and the laws of its life. Through aPatanjali, 223:the system of centers, to be found in the etheric body. Through certain developments and knowledgePatanjali, 245:Internal objects, such as the centers in the etheric body, Qualities, such as the various virtues,Patanjali, 246:consciousness from the physical plane into the etheric realm, from thence into the world of desirePatanjali, 274:lower [274] man, linking the mental body and the etheric. He is, therefore, en rapport with allPatanjali, 281:It involves primarily the recognition of the etheric or vital body and its functions as thePatanjali, 281:dense physical vehicle in shape. Through this etheric substratum the physical body is realized as aPatanjali, 282:and an act of the will) his withdrawal of the etheric body from the dense physical. This is coveredPatanjali, 283:The seer then stands in his true form, the etheric body, which is invisible to the human eye. AsPatanjali, 283:body, which is invisible to the human eye. As etheric vision develops in the race this willPatanjali, 283:qualities of sattva and of rajas) out of the etheric body and stand in his kamic or astral body andPatanjali, 310:they are produced through the activity of the etheric centers. These details have been given andPatanjali, 323:Hearing 5th gaseous 2. Touch, feeling 4th first etheric 3. Sight 3rd super-etheric 4. Taste 2ndPatanjali, 323:feeling 4th first etheric 3. Sight 3rd super-etheric 4. Taste 2nd subatomic 5. Smell 1st atomicPatanjali, 327:desire or emotional body. The energy body, the etheric sheath vibrates synchronously, and therebyPatanjali, 329:in the human body as constituting the vital or etheric body. This etheric body is formed entirelyPatanjali, 329:as constituting the vital or etheric body. This etheric body is formed entirely of energy currents,Patanjali, 348:the dense physical vehicle. He considers the etheric body to be the true form and the dense asPatanjali, 348:the material used to fill in the form. The etheric body is the true substantial form, thePatanjali, 397:object or final manifestation in the vital or etheric body which is the true substance of everyPatanjali, viii:the centers which produced a stabilizing of the etheric body and of the centers in man and thePsychology1, 44:divine will on the ocean of space, matter, or etheric substance produced the first differentiationPsychology1, 52:or appearance. This work goes on primarily on etheric levels and involves physical energy. This isPsychology1, 53:coordination and of blending which is active on etheric levels every time a soul comes intoPsychology1, 54:constitutes (when separated from the body) the etheric body, the double, as it is sometimes called,Psychology1, 56:Personality, composed of the subtle bodies, - etheric or vital, astral or emotional, and the lowerPsychology1, 98:and of more subtle matter. The growth also of etheric vision and the largely increased numbers ofPsychology1, 98:the existence of the astral plane and the etheric counterpart of the physical world. More and morePsychology1, 102:plane from the physical plane; the dividing etheric web will shortly be dissipated, and this willPsychology1, 102:the human eye and make the present sporadic etheric vision a universal asset. It will bring withinPsychology1, 122:the wise and of the occultists. The three higher etheric levels, with their [123] denizens, arePsychology1, 123:and the purple devas and the lesser devas of the etheric body will be visioned by them. Secondly,Psychology1, 123:anent color and sound, and their effect upon the etheric bodies of men and animals. When that whichPsychology1, 124:plane sicknesses which have their origin in the etheric body or double. They will teach men to seePsychology1, 124:less tiring. In the human control of the etheric levels lie the lessening of fatigue, rapidity ofPsychology1, 124:concentrate more on the sound condition of the etheric body, and the functioning of the densePsychology1, 125:to have more substance than it now has, and as etheric vision increases, the ethers will bePsychology1, 132:kingdom in nature, the correspondence to the etheric body with its centers of radiant energy, found
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