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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ETHERICALLY

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Atom, 132:that the physical eye is capable of seeing etherically, and that etheric vision is the normalDiscipleship1, 759:(his share of them) on to the astral plane. Etherically, he can begin to work with and use theExternalisation, 508:certain lines. They will teach humanity to see etherically, and this they will do by heighteningExternalisation, 641:work of the Triangles so that, subjectively and etherically, light and goodwill may envelop theFire, 159:for a solar system or the body logoic, viewed etherically; it stands for a planet or the body of aFire, 159:a planet or the body of a Heavenly Man viewed etherically; it stands for a human body, viewedFire, 159:it stands for a human body, viewed likewise, etherically and it stands for them all at the prime orFire, 911:belong thereon, with a natural gift of seeing etherically. Children will frequently be born whoFire, 912:will frequently be born who will [912] see etherically as easily as the average human being seesHealing, 88:the bulk of the forms in the animal kingdom are etherically focused. The forces pouring into theHealing, 460:body and the mental nature can still remain etherically polarized even if the death of the physicalMagic, 7:they demonstrate as effects in the dense form. Etherically, where they demonstrate as the energyMagic, 372:will demonstrate at first as the ability to see etherically and to cognize etheric matter. It isMeditation, 80:center completely awakened and demonstrating etherically whilst the mental counterparts may beMeditation, 80:awake and the emotional not so vivified and be etherically quiet. Therefore, it will be obvious howPatanjali, 283:in his kamic or astral body and thus be also etherically invisible. However, that time is stillPatanjali, 308:he finds that all that he is (physically and etherically) is the result of desire, of kama, andPsychology1, 124:body or double. They will teach men to see etherically, by heightening human vibration by action ofPsychology2, 418:the world.) He is firmly integrated physically, etherically and emotionally. His physical body, hisPsychology2, 608:side of the sense of sight. A man can then see etherically and can see the etheric counterpart ofTelepathy, 116:works through his solar plexus center - etherically and primarily. All impressions find entranceTelepathy, 188:body of the planet, for all these centers exist etherically, and only etherically, and are notTelepathy, 188:all these centers exist etherically, and only etherically, and are not affected by the fact that
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