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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVADED

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Astrology, 374:and the results are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great question is: Will this TaurianAutobiography, 84:as an evangelist I had never done so. [84] I had evaded the problem. I had skirted the issue. I hadAutobiography, 126:no question; they dealt in abstractions; they evaded realities even when claiming to know exactlyBethlehem, 131:living. The Galilee experience can never be evaded by any Son of God whilst incarnate in the flesh.Bethlehem, 155:that the lesson (and the possibility) cannot be evaded. The Apostles recognized God in theirBethlehem, 241:with courage, making the best of what may not be evaded, and look up into the face of death with aBethlehem, 242:can prepare for it as something which cannot be evaded, but which is simply the Bringer of Changes.Destiny, 81:and hence also the close and not to be evaded relationship between London-Paris-Berlin, a triangleDiscipleship1, 184:emerging from the past. These cannot be evaded and frequently constitute - through their interplayDiscipleship2, 534:been curiously lacking in your life. You have evaded them, and this evasion has had its roots in anDiscipleship2, 544:wrestling and consequent decision - you have evaded the full facing of the implications and theExternalisation, 142:the sacrifice in the long run, even if you have evaded it until now. 4. Then apply yourselves toExternalisation, 243:and are exploited by the evil forces and evaded by the well-meaning but weak people of the world.Glamour, 105:conditioning and inherited factors cannot be evaded. They determine the nature of the life urge,Healing, 390:subject which cannot and must not be avoided or evaded. Healing groups working out from an AshramHercules, 196:hit its mark. Stepping agilely aside, Hercules evaded the deadly shaft. Stretching taut his bow,Intellect, 207:out of his life. No obligation will be evaded, for the focused mind will enable a man to do more inRays, 156:avoided. If these laws are broken, infringed or evaded, they carry their own penalty withinRays, 181:factor on etheric levels, and must be evaded and overcome by the probationary disciple as he
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