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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVANS

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Autobiography, 2:in everything. Later, I married Walter Evans and found myself functioning as the wife of a rectorAutobiography, 87:once had I been intrigued until I met Walter Evans. He was exceedingly good looking. He had aAutobiography, 88:only with my own personal problem, for Walter Evans was not socially of the same standing asAutobiography, 88:such happenings as my life in relation to Walter Evans. So much of my time during the past twentyAutobiography, 89:by circumstances. To give him his due, Walter Evans behaved exceedingly well. He appreciated theAutobiography, 89:and there the whole matter between me and Walter Evans came to a show-down. It had been a hardAutobiography, 89:I had been far from well all the time. Walter Evans had come up with his regiment and (as it was aAutobiography, 90:this in spite of the fact that she knew Walter Evans was in the place and that I would be quiteAutobiography, 90:I was to leave Ranikhet, I sent for Walter Evans and told him the whole thing was impossible, thatAutobiography, 96:my hands. I could talk to my aunt about Walter Evans and this I did, frankly putting up theAutobiography, 97:she loved people. I told her the story of Walter Evans, about the Major in London and about theAutobiography, 97:meantime "Aunt Alice" got in touch with Walter Evans. His time in the army was nearly up and he wasAutobiography, 99:Every few days brought me letters from Walter Evans from whom I had heard quite regularly everAutobiography, 101:had was legally arranged in a trust that Walter Evans could not touch, had he wanted to. "AuntAutobiography, 103:any appreciation of the situation into Walter Evans' family. Even the old family servants wereAutobiography, 103:The old coachman, Potter, drove Walter Evans and me to the station after the wedding. I can see himAutobiography, 104:done so well for himself. In justice to Walter Evans, I think that I should say that after we hadAutobiography, 104:spiritually, physically and mentally - as Walter Evans. It was not surprising, therefore, that IAutobiography, 105:for some reason, she hated the sight of Walter Evans and took pleasure in telling him so. She sawAutobiography, 107:first child was born I had inexpert care. Walter Evans went into hysterics all the time, demandingAutobiography, 108:quite sure it was not an easy time for Walter Evans and it was then that I began to discover -Autobiography, 108:at me with distress and said, "See here, Mrs. Evans, it's Monday morning and I can't stand it anyAutobiography, 109:friends and she used to champion me when Walter Evans was in a rage. Time and again I have takenAutobiography, 112:marriage, that I had forgotten to be Alice Evans, a human being. When Mildred was born I was veryAutobiography, 113:started. People began to find out what Walter Evans really was. I was up on the ninth day afterAutobiography, 113:died ten days before, she sought out Walter Evans and read him the riot act. It did not do any goodAutobiography, 115:The feeling was getting abroad that Walter Evans was not sane. I remember one night waking up andAutobiography, 115:time. When I got back, however, I found Walter Evans had been sent to San Francisco and put underAutobiography, 117:It was impossible for the Bishop to give Walter Evans a charge. The only funds we had were largelyAutobiography, 117:little town where I was living and where Walter Evans had his last charge in the San JoaquinAutobiography, 125:1915 and it was the last time I ever saw Walter Evans. Practically none of his stipend was everAutobiography, 130:expression on his face, "Never you mind, Mrs. Evans, we here call you 'the diamond lost in theAutobiography, 131:the factory went on for several months. Walter Evans, in the meantime, had left Montana and hadAutobiography, 133:Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV Chapter IV Walter Evans had left me when I was thirty-five. MuchAutobiography, 144:It was towards the close of 1917 that Walter Evans went out with the Y.M.C.A., to France and myAutobiography, 155:a delight to me. There was nothing in Walter Evans' very brief occasional letters to indicate aAutobiography, 156:read the depositions of your witnesses, Mrs. Evans, take your decree and the custody of theAutobiography, 156:case and the correctness of my evidence. Walter Evans did not contest it. During 1919 Foster BaileyAutobiography, 160:at Krotona were ten dollars per week. Walter Evans' money had ceased coming in since the divorce.Bethlehem, 30:- Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 12. Such is our goal. Such ourBethlehem, 243:light." (The Tibetan Book of the Dead, by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 29.) It is possible that death canBethlehem, 251:Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, ed. by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 12. Here we have the idea of theIntellect, 184:of Holiness, and the Path of Illumination. Dr. Evans-Wentz of Oxford, in his introduction toIntellect, 185:Hero, and State of the Divine or Enlightened." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y., Tibet's Great Yogi, Milarepa,Intellect, 186:through their own free, inherent power." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y., Tibet's Great Yogi, Milarepa, pages
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