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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVENING

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Atom, 17:matter. I should like to outline my plan this evening, to lay the groundwork for our future talks,Atom, 99:but the one I want to lay emphasis upon this evening is that which the Standard Dictionary gives,Atom, 125:to them, and repeat what I have been saying this evening and get no response whatever. Yet I couldAutobiography, 30:to keep a self-examination book in which, every evening, the record of the day's failures wasAutobiography, 61:the summer) asked me to go down there every evening to their Army Temperance Room. It meant gettingAutobiography, 62:it was decided that I might accept and every evening I bicycled down after that abominable BritishAutobiography, 62:meal, called "high tea." I returned every evening between 11 p.m. and midnight, escorted by twoAutobiography, 62:soldiers, the men in the battery arranging each evening who should bring me back and getting theAutobiography, 62:The canteen lot used to come to the room every evening to see me. I made no attempt to get them toAutobiography, 73:and fried eggs and then spend the rest of the evening shying jugs of cocoa and fried eggs at theAutobiography, 74:did I refer to their iniquities and then, as evening came on, we went home. I had said not a wordAutobiography, 74:a bunch of mystified men. All through the evening I said nothing and, still bewildered, they wentAutobiography, 77:or six hundred men in each coffee-shop every evening and that meant much buying and selling. MyAutobiography, 82:friendship and deep affection on both sides. One evening Jessie came up to see me. I had thatAutobiography, 87:Three doctors and this major spent the evening with me and I can see us now sitting around a tableAutobiography, 121:have to know the details. I remember well the evening in which I put the situation flatly andAutobiography, 163:the end of three weeks I was spoken to again one evening as I sat in my sitting-room after theAutobiography, 211:up, asking if my husband and I were free that evening and if so would we be responsible for takingAutobiography, 220:of them was no joke. Rounding them up every evening at bedtime was also no joke. It is no fun for aDiscipleship1, 130:to ask you to add to your morning meditation an evening review upon detachment... As far as yourDiscipleship1, 194:I suggest for your personal use a form of evening review... Have the thought of the divineDiscipleship1, 196:subject of your daily review. I call it not an evening review as I care not when you do it, as longDiscipleship1, 251:some displacing. Pay closer attention to the evening review and change from the one which you areDiscipleship1, 253:interest in the self during the hour of the evening review which I would ask you still carefully toDiscipleship1, 383:that three times a day - morning, high noon and evening - you sit quiet for ten minutes. RelaxDiscipleship1, 429:this theme. Then at night, or earlier in the evening if more suitable, use divine indifference as aDiscipleship1, 482:vitality, expression and make you radiant. Each evening write your diary from four points of view.Discipleship1, 531:pinks, phlox, small chrysanthemums, platycondon, evening primrose - still memory! - sweet geranium,Discipleship1, 604:in the third point must be used by you each evening as a form of review. You still need a periodDiscipleship2, 721:Then face the Master, but only when the quiet of evening light shines forth and all is stillFire, 449:one Veda. Whoso ponders on these, morning and evening, after having learnt the Vedas previously, heHercules, 58:And lastly Hesperis came, the wonder of the evening star, and said to him with clarity and love,Hercules, 76:with the golden word Service. Hesperis, the evening star, the star of initiation, typifies theHercules, 96:"Is it the roaring of a lion I hear, upon the evening air?" The Teacher said: "Go, seek the lionMagic, 64:morning meditation, noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is alsoMagic, 102:See to it therefore, and bring this idea in your evening review. I would like to urge each one whoMagic, 103:therefore, be the keynote of your life. An evening review should be carried forward entirely alongMeditation, 205:to work. The subject for our consideration this evening is of profound and complicated interest.Meditation, 335:should be always between the hours of ten in the evening and five in the morning, and as much as
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