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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVENTS

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Externalisation, 510:not the wise prophecy of H.P.B. as touching events at the close of this century. This Church willExternalisation, 519:the Hierarchy has stood in silence behind world events, occupied with the following work - a workExternalisation, 519:employed. The Hierarchy directs world events, as far as mankind will permit (for the free will andExternalisation, 546:far as humanity is concerned. Great and stirring events are imminent, and they will take place whenExternalisation, 606:recognitions and occurrences and with factual events which are the conscious possession of many.Externalisation, 613:the present complexity of human affairs and events; these they believe are engulfing men in everyExternalisation, 614:disciple confronts both the inner and the outer events and possibilities, he is apt to register aExternalisation, 619:of the times and the opportunity which spiritual events may offer. The desire to do good and toExternalisation, 653:and disciples, is to prepare humanity for two events: The organization of certain of the Masters'Externalisation, 673:energies bring about what we idly call the "events" of the day; they condition our passingExternalisation, 673:which we live and move and have our being that events, as expressions of directed energies, meanExternalisation, 678:the divine human being. [678] Time and divinity, events and instinctual goodness, will in the longExternalisation, 683:but functioning openly in the middle of events and physical realities and all the diversity ofExternalisation, 685:first time in human history, the purpose of past events - historical and psychological - can beExternalisation, 687:contact with all humanity and with all events that affect humanity. It was prophecy which impelledExternalisation, 699:of fresh enlightenment; to [699] these important events must also be added the new revelation forFire, 286:to utilize, and thus reap, the benefit of past events, and to learn from experience in the mannerFire, 377:of the stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the Venus chain of our scheme, butFire, 416:by the SILENT WATCHER, 48 has its origin in the events which brought the moon chain to a terrificFire, 423:of the corporate body involved. Many interesting events will occur and many experiments willFire, 462:round when His influence will bring about great events. Nevertheless, certain effects might here beFire, 467:the body of the Raja-Lord) certain very definite events are occurring which - though invisible toFire, 557:is coming into power will be seen when two great events transpire: [558] The ability of manFire, 651:Modifications have been necessitated, and some events will have to be delayed whilst others will beFire, 691:His dense physical body. The first of these events is the appropriation by the Logos of that denseFire, 711:point to be noted is that when these three events have occurred, the light or fire that circulatesFire, 716:the time and the energy to bring about certain events which will work out primarily in the humanFire, 726:the Guru does for His disciple. He makes certain events possible by means of the stimulation andFire, 788:from certain constellations. These three events have a very interesting analogy in connection withFire, 894:occurrence is possible to man owing to certain events which happened to the Heavenly Serpent theFire, 895:of cycles in the bird realm. Why the two above events occur will not be apparent to the casualFire, 1125:love. Some few, through a mysterious cycle of events inexplainable to man in this solar system,Glamour, 12:the richness of the meaning you ascribe to the events of your daily life, and your ability toGlamour, 18:as a group and not as individuals. Three great events are immanent in the world consciousnessGlamour, 53:recurring and recapitulating as it does the events of an earlier development, they again reach aGlamour, 136:proving them effects and not initiatory events; through the intuition man arrives at the experienceGlamour, 162:the issues underlying the present world events, the objectives of the present worldwide struggle,Glamour, 188:life of service and symbolizes in His life-events certain basic truths which have already beenGlamour, 193:not only ideals but life, circumstances and events, revealing the cause and the meaning of theGlamour, 194:they can bring to bear on life, circumstance, events, and on environment with the intuition. TheGlamour, 257:into activity and so produce conditions and events upon the physical plane. When these are clearHealing, 89:which determines the tides, controls world events and should also condition the individual and soHealing, 95:I refer simply to the following sequence of events in the psychological life and the consequentHealing, 160:take place which are interpreted by him as events or happenings: [161] He is drawn into the AshramHealing, 233:respond to verbal teaching but only to visual events. When, therefore, they saw a particularlyHealing, 262:but they are well aware that in all today's events the nations are reaping what they sowed. ThisHealing, 289:with karma or the effect of the inner causes of events, equipment and circumstances upon theHealing, 403:are apt to forget that time is the sequence of events and of states of [404] consciousness asHealing, 422:severe and the most impermanent of all such events. Death itself is a part of the great illusionHealing, 472:V - The Process of Restitution Sequence of Events at Death I feel that the best that I can do, inHealing, 472:more completely, is to describe the sequence of events which happens at a death bed, reminding youHealing, 473:upon the physical plane. Certain physiological events take place at the seat of the disease, inHealing, 491:incarnation. Time (being the succession of events as registered by the physical brain) is nowHealing, 496:wherein he reexperiences and reconsiders past events in the light of the future and undergoes aHealing, 514:that which induces an intense karmic activity. Events and circumstances pile fast and furiouslyHealing, 613:indwelling spiritual man to life, circumstances, events and environment. The physical bodyHealing, 614:regard these glands as effects and not causes of events and happenings and conditions in the body.Healing, 624:the reaction of the person to circumstance and events. The results of all previous lives and of allHealing, 625:or the activity of his daily reactions to events and circumstance. A man, it may emphatically beHealing, 636:Apart from the karma, resulting in physical events, affecting all physical forms composed of thisHealing, 653:or rather the crematory services, will be joyous events because their emphasis will be upon releaseHealing, 686:clarity, his part in the whole process of world events and his inescapable share in worldHercules, 4:nature, and passed through certain episodes and events which portray for all time the nature of theHercules, 16:of his life, and argument as to the sequence of events, are not any part of our objective. TheHercules, 205:behind the changing surface of material events. The very need of the hour calls for the sounding ofHercules, 208:and that he passed through certain episodes and events which portray, for all time, the nature ofInitiation, 33:its work, beyond mentioning certain outstanding events of the past, and pointing out certainInitiation, 37:which have occurred, and which still affect events in the present time. In dealing with the workInitiation, 60:disciples to fit them to be of use in two great events, one, the [61] coming of the World TeacherInitiation, 181:the body of the Heavenly Man, and lead often to events unforeseen and apparently inexplicable.Intellect, 102:a psychical attribute that pervades all natural events in universal correlation." - Morgan, C.Intellect, 122:contemplation is a world-plan of natural events. I hold that this world-plan is a manifestation ofIntellect, 170:brings up to consciousness regions of psychic events ordinarily covered with darkness. The factIntellect, 248:they may contain prophecies as to future events (usually dire and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, ofMagic, 82:to the occult path and considers changes and events in the light of all preceding events, and theMagic, 82:changes and events in the light of all preceding events, and the longer and more accurate hisMagic, 114:is with the evolving life. Realize that all events are brought around by the Brothers with a wiseMagic, 348:ability to grasp the inner meaning of all events. His entire progress upon the Path rests upon hisMagic, 437:for whom the horoscope may be cast and with the events of the personality life. When, throughMagic, 514:organized that, in the midst of work, events and circumstances are so staged that they are forcedMeditation, 90:facts in the lives of others, to foresee events and occurrences and to know the relative value of aMeditation, 132:is laboriously built in and cultivated in all events, big and little, in the daily life, the risksMeditation, 163:Lodge is required to effect desired ends. Great events are inaugurated by the sounding of their keyMeditation, 204:are achieved, and it involves close analysis of events and circumstances in order to discover theirMeditation, 288:the physical brain - of certain unexpected events, an illumination or a seeing that has before beenPatanjali, 278:his long life. All that stands out are events and happenings and not the individual hours andPatanjali, 279:to understand the causes, lying back of certain events, and this only in order to work outPatanjali, 294:his affairs and undertakings, throwing upon all events, circumstances and problems the "awakenedPatanjali, 366:consciousness in which there is no sequence of events and no succession of realizations is to speakProblems, 5:for an unshaken optimism as to human destiny. Events in the immediate foreground do not blot outProblems, 37:some knowledge of historical and geographical events. Some of the literature of the world is alsoProblems, 69:triangle behind the plans and the shaping of the events which will inaugurate the new world. TheProblems, 109:their emotional reaction to circumstances and events, and meet all that transpires with a mentalProblems, 123:in all truthfulness and in the light of world events, say that the churches had succeeded? TheProblems, 162:Buddhist keeps his particular set of spiritual events, and the Hindu has still another list of holyProblems, 179:will be so great that they will influence world events. Their united voice will be heard on behalfProblems, 180:to apply them to current world or national events. To create mailing lists in every country of thePsychology1, 104:ability to foresee and foretell with accuracy events coming in the immediate future, or distantPsychology1, 104:the person. There is the power to participate in events in distant places and to recover thePsychology1, 123:It is possible at this time to foretell certain events which will come to pass during the next one
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