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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVENTUALITIES

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Bethlehem, 147:and the daily effort to live and meet the eventualities of human existence (which appear to growDestiny, 27:the future as it may be and to forecast coming eventualities. There are several ways in which suchDiscipleship1, 253:recur to your mind, for thus will you handle the eventualities [254] of life relationships in aDiscipleship2, 54:to contact me, I was laying the ground for two eventualities: your future contact with your Master,Externalisation, 211:and secondly, indicate to you certain major eventualities which are dependent upon three things: AFire, 461:to consider the present and to foretell certain eventualities that may be looked for in the future.Fire, 687:Logoi) and our systemic astral plane, certain eventualities become possible. The "Sons of desire,"Fire, 691:- at the correct cyclic moment - causes certain eventualities in time and space and in the threeFire, 1153:the physical plane atom (our solar system) great eventualities and unconceived of possibilitiesInitiation, 33:events of the past, and pointing out certain eventualities. For ages after its immediate founding,Magic, 276:reality and in line with egoic purpose. Other eventualities can be sensed as sadly possible butMagic, 276:Brothers that men will transcend all undesirable eventualities and make the goal. One word here,Patanjali, 85:Chaos, lack of continuity and ill regulated eventualities are present, coupled with an inability toPatanjali, 149:debts is ever a sorrowful process. Certain past eventualities necessitate present conditions both
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