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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVERYBODY

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Astrology, 378:body is of paramount importance to practically everybody and the thoughts of all peoples withoutAutobiography, 16:seemed to me to be of very real importance. Everybody has them; only some families have keptAutobiography, 34:the humdrum life of my caste and set. I hated everybody (except two or three people) and I wasAutobiography, 82:there are twelve gates into the Holy City and everybody in the world will come in by one or otherAutobiography, 82:They will all meet in the market-place but not everybody is going in by your gate." I could notAutobiography, 115:III After this things went from bad to worse. Everybody knew that things were all wrong at theAutobiography, 115:that things were all wrong at the rectory and everybody did what they could to be helpful. A veryAutobiography, 128:with much kindness in this department. I think everybody saw that I was scared, for one day the manAutobiography, 131:her story was that she was having an awful time; everybody was gossiping about her; she did notAutobiography, 147:to live with because I drive myself and I drive everybody associated with me, but my outstandingAutobiography, 150:Fear is a basic characteristic of humanity. Everybody is afraid and everybody has his pet fear. IfAutobiography, 150:of humanity. Everybody is afraid and everybody has his pet fear. If people tell me that they areAutobiography, 152:it seemed to me to be a paradise on earth. Everybody there appeared to me to be deeply spiritual. IAutobiography, 162:the tapping of thought [162] currents (which everybody is doing all the time) or straight fraud; orAutobiography, 182:leave your occult books lying around to annoy everybody? Do [183] you demand complete silence inAutobiography, 205:tea and coffee, and no matter who they were everybody had to "muck in" and wash dishes and tidy upAutobiography, 205:but he was no protection whatsoever. He loved everybody and welcomed every bum to the house. He wasBethlehem, 51:note that today the whole world is on the move. Everybody is travelling and journeying - a processBethlehem, 72:impress and His life can be seen everywhere, in everybody and everything. The divine "signature"Bethlehem, 194:thinking of those Mithraic rites with which everybody at that time must have been so familiar." -Discipleship1, 290:the sons of men. The point of development of everybody in the group is not uniform, and this is aDiscipleship1, 477:is your sensitive self-assertiveness which sees everybody in relation to yourself and is notDiscipleship1, 478:and your work would have been much simplified. Everybody you meet has some need and many are veryDiscipleship1, 513:from the angle of the eternal values. By leaving everybody free to live their own lives and toDiscipleship2, 31:The pressure of life these days is very great; everybody is tired; you will therefore approach thisDiscipleship2, 391:feel should be presented to, and recognized by, everybody. The value to the ashram of a trained andDiscipleship2, 428:upon the mental plane. Because of this also, everybody who is mentally centered and controlled, asExternalisation, 198:wise pooling of all resources for the benefit of everybody, plus a wise system of distribution.Glamour, 106:such a general nature and so all-enveloping that everybody is, figuratively speaking, immersed inHealing, 663:surface; the evils to be eliminated are known to everybody, and this has all taken place under theHercules, 22:in which a morbid conscientiousness sacrifices everybody and everything to individual soulHercules, 50:now dragged out into the light, which is good. Everybody talks about the problem; and the risingHercules, 174:personal love, and we must give the same love to everybody that we have given to the individualsMagic, 574:that he will sacrifice everything and everybody in the work of furthering his own busy ends. If heMeditation, 102:from physical plane existence. The task ahead of everybody is to take that body, realize itsProblems, 96:of life, their own national religion (which is everybody's privilege) and a close adherence toPsychology2, 122:with some form of service. The tide is on. Everybody is actively serving in welfare movements, inPsychology2, 471:he feels he has great things to do, and that everybody he knows must aid him in doing it, or elsePsychology2, 530:people today are passing through this stage and everybody at some time or in some life passesPsychology2, 640:- such are a few of the words which are today on everybody's lips, and which indicate the alivenessPsychology2, 736:situation till 1975, then it is necessary for everybody to take stock of himself and turn hisRays, 673:personality which gives the most difficulty to everybody: the emotional or astral body. Today theSoul, 70:process of shifting. Hence in principle everybody can succeed in raising his Being; to this end he
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