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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVERYTHING

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Externalisation, 296:selflessness. Only when humanity has itself done everything possible to adjust that which is wrongExternalisation, 296:the side of the spiritual Forces of the planet, everything will then have been done to make theExternalisation, 306:all for love of humanity? Can they sacrifice everything for the cause of freedom and ofExternalisation, 310:own small efforts, instead of relinquishing everything in an endeavor to unite on the needed appealExternalisation, 311:behind the Evolutionary Process The doing of everything possible to bring the war to an end. EveryExternalisation, 314:they love enough - will ceaselessly subordinate everything to the task which must be done. TheExternalisation, 364:among those nations at that time neutral. Above everything else was the fact that the issuesExternalisation, 385:to right and appropriate action. 8. Above everything else and growing out of all the aboveExternalisation, 560:of the great Life which enfolds all that is, everything (except what we know as evil) is persistentExternalisation, 563:opportunity - is due to humanity itself; above everything else, it is the readiness of mankind forExternalisation, 630:We are passing through the stage where everything is being proclaimed from the housetops - as theFire, xii:found within a solar system; to demonstrate that everything which exists evolves (from the lowestFire, 38:all, is Brahma; he who sleeps, shete, in everything, is Shiva. Shiva sleeps, lies hidden, in allFire, 38:is Shiva. Shiva sleeps, lies hidden, in all and everything as the nexus, the bond, and this is theFire, 49:anywhere is drawn from consciousness. Hence, everything which is thought, is. That consciousness inFire, 49:is thought, is. That consciousness in which everything is, everything literally, "possible" as wellFire, 49:is. That consciousness in which everything is, everything literally, "possible" as well as "actual"Fire, 145:seven planes of the solar system. Between everything in the matter of all forms, the spheres ofFire, 175:effects) remain statu quo as well as globes and everything else in the process of formation." SuchFire, 412:be all that IS, but that there may lie back of everything visible a vast realm or realms ofFire, 497:the fact that this fourth 63, 64 globe is above everything else the globe of human evolution inFire, 604:I, 269, 281, 282. 87 The Life and the Lives. 1. Everything lives and is conscious , but all lifeFire, 613:macrocosm. - S. D., II, 197; II, 303; III, 584. Everything is comprised in man. He unites inFire, 622:on the six other cosmic planes. Of these forces everything is unknown and inconceivable, except theFire, 911:equal to a Chohan of a Ray; He presides over everything outside the human kingdom upon the physicalFire, 930:material needed to form the etheric double of everything, and they do this under certain laws andFire, 975:satisfy every wandering desire, and to dabble in everything which comes their way. Therefore, noFire, 984:I, 309. Magic explores the essence and power of everything. - Isis Unveiled, I, 282; S. D., II,Fire, 1030:of another scheme, globe, kingdom, or atom. Everything in the solar system is in a state of flux,Fire, 1030:in the solar system is in a state of flux, as is everything in the universe, and the vital energyFire, 1042:that the whole Science of Occultism is built. Everything is atomic - God, Monads, atoms. The sphereFire, 1097:The final reason why the spheroidal true form of everything is apparently not seen on the planetGlamour, 44:information, and not discursive in style. Above everything else, my brothers, these instructionsGlamour, 243:learns eventually to know himself to be, above everything else (whilst in incarnation), theHealing, 7:and Radiation. A healer must be magnetic above everything else, and he must attract to him: TheHealing, 15:why should man arrogantly expect to understand everything? Let him work at the development of hisHealing, 28:does largely offset the evil. That they know not everything is true; that there is a smallHealing, 42:it free for other service. In all these cases everything possible should be done from theHealing, 112:conditions - vital, emotional and mental. Everything concerning the health of man can be approachedHealing, 177:planet or of a solar system. It is perhaps above everything else the center through which theHealing, 181:at the Base of the Spine. This center is, above everything else, controlled and governed by the LawHealing, 219:The use of the mind will be regarded, above everything else, as a factor of major importance; theHealing, 250:on in every department of natural life. Above everything else, I seek to make clear what must beHealing, 256:fact the custodians of needed truths, need above everything else to change their approach and toHealing, 262:originating causes - some of them most ancient. Everything that is happening in the world today andHealing, 353:and a better way is presented to you. Above everything else in life, give to all who seek your aidHealing, 377:to which H.P.B. referred in The Secret Doctrine. Everything in Nature is electrical in nature; lifeHealing, 451:orientation to reality. The best is yet to be. Everything is being rapidly brought to the surface -Healing, 454:that process indicates man's unity with everything that is material; it demonstrates that he is aHealing, 615:manifestation to another; everywhere and through everything is circulation, transmission, and modesHealing, 684:I would have you ponder on this and know that everything that is of true spiritual value isHercules, 10:both religion and science are now penetrating. Everything outer and tangible is a symbol of innerHercules, 22:conscientiousness sacrifices everybody and everything to individual soul unfoldment? This is a mostHercules, 45:therefore, the ruler of this sign. She is, above everything else, love, the creator of beauty andHercules, 50:no worse than 5,000 years ago, except that everything is now dragged out into the light, which isHercules, 123:of smugness and self-centered indifference to everything but one's own truth... It meansHercules, 147:from this affliction too often wishes to receive everything and to give nothing. The state of theHercules, 150:along. Why? Because of a fundamental law that everything in nature evolves sequentially, step byHercules, 159:individual. He was [159] sure he could do everything, he stood alone: a stage of power. At thisHercules, 163:There has been a complete breaking down of everything in Scorpio; everything has been reduced toHercules, 163:complete breaking down of everything in Scorpio; everything has been reduced to fluid, for ScorpioHercules, 163:it, there has been a complete breaking down of everything. As one person said to me, there isHercules, 163:have of your status on the ladder of evolution. Everything has broken down and you know it. But theHercules, 174:faults, their failings, their achievements, everything that goes to make them what they are and,Hercules, 184:of his universe; the stars revolved around him, everything happened in himself. By that he learnedInitiation, 71:activity from himself (as the pivot around which everything revolves) to the group center. AInitiation, 105:is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairs of men by theInitiation, 197:in the diet and in the habits of a lifetime. Everything in nature progresses [198] slowly, andIntellect, 21:- that the way out will be found. Like everything else in this transitional period, our educationalIntellect, 32:leading from one goal to the other. One may know everything without at the same time understandingIntellect, 168:case of the great mystics - so impassioned that everything else is blotted out." - Underhill,Intellect, 189:direct awareness and an immediate 'assent') that everything is Atma." - Quoted by Guénon, René, inIntellect, 193:itself." "When a man's mind has lost touch with everything, then, and not till then, it comes inIntellect, 240:that all is energy. The scientists tell us that everything is a manifestation of energy. There isMagic, 178:the general public or for esoteric use. Above everything else, he must have learnt throughMagic, 182:is known. Then the aspirant is urged to question everything. May I remind you of the words of oneMagic, 342:you will) brings all things to pass, and that everything does not depend upon individual effort. ItMagic, 348:- Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future Everything depends upon the pupil's ability to graspMagic, 350:of soul and body when the emptiness of everything, even of service itself, seems the onlyMagic, 497:that process indicates man's unity with everything that is material; it demonstrates that he isMagic, 574:in his own self-interest that he will sacrifice everything and everybody in the work of furtheringPatanjali, 99:"The grosser objects are only the elements and everything manufactured out of them. The five [100]Patanjali, 143:of the lower personality or the lower man. Everything he does is based on one or other of them andPatanjali, 280:tangible and objective, on the physical plane. Everything that appears is the result of aPatanjali, 317:of intuitional insight, the yogi comes to know everything." These flashes of intuition are at firstPatanjali, 362:[362] there with these four types of disciples. Everything in the three worlds is a reflection ofProblems, 23:and must not be ruled perforce by Russia. Above everything else, the problem before Russia is toProblems, 97:to see to it that their children get the best of everything available, no matter what the cost toProblems, 135:known and is obviously still far away. Above everything else, men throughout the world in theirProblems, 167:a situation in which some nations have or take everything and other nations lack the necessities ofProblems, 170:there is an outcry against world conditions; everything is being dragged out into the light of day;Psychology1, 17:the enunciation of a truth, incapable of proof. Everything is an expression of a spiritualPsychology1, 110:is no criterion as to applied knowledge. Above everything else, it is necessary that the aspirantPsychology1, 209:personal feeling; nothing is taken equably. Everything, in his eyes, is either perfect orPsychology2, 34:and on that way, all drops from our hands; everything is taken away, and detachment from the worldPsychology2, 101:itself through the seven ray types, is above everything else the ray upon which the majority ofPsychology2, 154:their fulfilment, all men give their lives; and everything done is in an effort to meet thePsychology2, 154:fulfilment of the hoped-for ideal state. Everything is governed by some form of urgency towardsPsychology2, 191:thought center to another. They transmit, above everything else, the energy of ideas. That is theirPsychology2, 403:adapt himself to his life condition - this above everything else is responsible for much of the
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