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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIDENCE

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Astrology, 195:is to any large extent beginning to manifest evidence (and as yet it is no more) of a reaction or aAstrology, 202:degree. It serves, nevertheless, to add its evidence to the essential integrity and interlockingAstrology, 203:itself to the life of the soul and later. To evidence readiness for initiation. To demonstrateAstrology, 252:and to which various myths and legends bear evidence and which have come down to us concerningAtom, 108:I refer to that conscious choice which you and I evidence, and which we will be forced to utilizeAutobiography, 61:we love our fellowmen. Loving our fellowmen is evidence - undefined, maybe, but just as sure - thatAutobiography, 156:trial but nothing could have been simpler. The evidence was too good and the witnesses tooAutobiography, 156:rightness of my case and the correctness of my evidence. Walter Evans did not contest it. DuringAutobiography, 186:weakness but it is possible that the material evidence of material wrongdoing has its value. I haveBethlehem, 55:now are we becoming aware that the historical evidence of His arrival on earth is history itself,Bethlehem, 55:itself, and that there is in the world the evidence of two great streams of endeavor or of activityBethlehem, 160:had been through this experience. Again God gave evidence that He recognized Christ's Messiahship,Bethlehem, 176:usually defending or attacking the evidence or the theology associated with the theme. Or they mayDestiny, 19:They fail, as yet, to see the irrefutable evidence of constructive activity and of true creativeDestiny, 26:I would remind you, all that is occurring is an evidence of energy and is expressive of force. ThatDestiny, 31:which they are engaged that any prevision I may evidence will consistently deal. All changes inDestiny, 135:(and this will come through the indisputable evidence of man's extended senses) science will enterDiscipleship1, 15:should disciples in a Master's group look for as evidence of successful group work? First andDiscipleship1, 79:who has not responded with any corroborating evidence or comments. If you cannot be trusted to keepDiscipleship1, 94:An immense number of the world aspirants evidence - through their aliveness to the spiritualDiscipleship1, 97:and on a large scale and yet there may be no evidence of this upon the physical plane, except inDiscipleship1, 118:yours and consequently evokes from you (as evidence from them of status) no [119] reactionDiscipleship1, 119:of the fifth degree in Atlantean times had to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times,Discipleship1, 119:times, the initiate of the second degree has to evidence this. Are you, my brother, prepared to sayDiscipleship1, 119:Are you, my brother, prepared to say that this evidence can be produced? You entered this groupDiscipleship1, 150:when you spoke of the "lack of fire" which you evidence. This is, as you know, partly due toDiscipleship1, 253:themes are of spiritual moment. You should only evidence interest in the self during the hour ofDiscipleship1, 266:to cooperate with the group if they continue to evidence willing service. Given a little moreDiscipleship1, 293:ray was the first Ray of Power, and hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times. Discipleship1, 294:help. This expansion should continue and should evidence a growing sensitivity on your part toDiscipleship1, 339:"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." These desiredDiscipleship1, 342:way. For this you may be glad. But I do look for evidence of that spiritual experimentation whichDiscipleship1, 367:will, my brother. And will you take this as an evidence of my faith and trust in you and also asDiscipleship1, 367:of my faith and trust in you and also as evidence of the needless astral anxiety under which you soDiscipleship1, 418:[418] you do a rapid and intense meditation, and evidence a one-pointed driving forward to a quickDiscipleship1, 516:for a field in which to serve your soul and to evidence your devotion to humanity and to the GreatDiscipleship1, 609:Will you comprehend me if I say that you never evidence any imagination or excitement except alongDiscipleship1, 609:the lines of discipleship, and that then you evidence too much? I will give you some verses laterDiscipleship1, 615:when you express the wish to have me do so and evidence, at the same time, a real understanding ofDiscipleship1, 624:and this experience of yours enables you to evidence steadfastness and that poise in isolationDiscipleship1, 624:into my group of disciples there is a growing evidence of the awakening of the heart center andDiscipleship2, 166:of the substantial nature of the available evidence, and an appearance of an intuitive response byDiscipleship2, 230:is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Then add: "I ask for theDiscipleship2, 322:felt upon the outer physical plane, you have the evidence before your eyes of the three stages ofDiscipleship2, 344:note this with care) that each initiation is the evidence in the disciple's life that he hasDiscipleship2, 350:itself. I would have you here note my phrasing. Evidence, however, of the growth of the humanDiscipleship2, 428:statement, you will have to accept on faith. The evidence for the truth of the statement will beDiscipleship2, 576:by the Great White Lodge - many will provide evidence that they are ready for this advancedDiscipleship2, 576:It must always be borne in mind that evidence of the centers is to be found in the nervous andDiscipleship2, 587:the Master. The acceptance of the task is simply evidence that the disciple is an ashramic worker,Education, 14:rationalize before that time, even if they show evidence of the power so to do. After fourteenEducation, 111:a willingness to consider and to weigh, not evidence this time, but an inner structure of esotericEducation, 134:than you can imagine. Again, we have evidence of a growing realization of the race along thisExternalisation, 102:activity, and to the magnetic pull they evidence when duly organized. Thus they produce fusion andExternalisation, 247:to the "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," as the initiate, Paul,Externalisation, 287:the very Heart of Deity Itself - is the outer evidence and guarantee of inner divine guidance andExternalisation, 309:decision. Can the world disciples and aspirants evidence this full life on all levels? Are theyExternalisation, 403:the unfolding spirit of man as the unshatterable evidence of the existence of "the One in Whom weExternalisation, 417:increasing in number and upon their accumulating evidence belief can be translated into knowledge.Externalisation, 504:the lines of Their activity; I can but give you evidence which may later be demonstrated as true.Externalisation, 549:goodwill with real belief in what I say but who evidence no willingness to sacrifice time or money,Externalisation, 583:this is all done, however, without any evidence of the inner impulsion. Recognition of the innerExternalisation, 605:of scientific attainment and the magnificent evidence of creative art - both modern and ancient -Externalisation, 658:of this the world war (1914-1945) was the first evidence, clarifying issues, presentingFire, vi:third book jointly produced and carries inherent evidence that it will stand as the major and mostFire, 347:method was seen in the moon-chain is only evidence of the steadfastness of the Law of Repetition byFire, 1024:note in his work the shade of violet which they evidence, and thus construct the shadow. When thisFire, 1121:fact that every center may be considered as an evidence of solar energy or fire, manifesting as aFire, 1170:kingdom a certain series of perfumes are evidence of radiation in that kingdom. There is, moreover,Glamour, 193:functioning in the three worlds, for soul is the evidence of life. Glamour, 193:Light is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is perhaps one ofHealing, 36:other pale disks of light which are the early evidence of the seven centers. [37] These centers,Healing, 45:These glands are effects of or testifying evidence to, the centers, and are in their turnHealing, 238:naturally in broad generalizations; later evidence will go to show the types of activity which willHealing, 263:hope) produce a better harvest. The outstanding evidence of the Law of Cause and Effect is theHealing, 305:over matter, to unfold the mind principle and to evidence a definite materialism. In these soHealing, 315:What is dementia praecox? Does the phenomenon evidence a family group tradition? Is there any clueHealing, 383:of the Rays is better understood and when the evidence substantiating the presence of five basicHealing, 397:lost. It is interesting to note that there is no evidence upon our planet of any higherHealing, 398:easily convinced and only too ready to accept as evidence that which the more intelligent seekerHealing, 398:of a returning spirit. There is enough evidence to warrant belief in survival and to prove itsHealing, 401:from a tangible vehicle; it ignores all evidence to the contrary and says that because we cannotHealing, 438:anent immortality, no matter how conclusive the evidence of persistence and eternity, there stillHealing, 475:which [475] dying persons so often show; they evidence a condition of peace, and a willingness toHealing, 525:to those who have faith. Faith, however, is the "evidence of things not seen"; that evidence isHealing, 525:is the "evidence of things not seen"; that evidence is largely lacking in the majority. Faith isHealing, 525:wishful thinking or an engineered hope. It is evidence of a well-grounded conviction. Power toHealing, 551:even if he is an initiate-healer; there will be evidence to him of a point where the spiritual manHealing, 562:time an unrecognized) interest in sex. This can evidence itself also in a dream life which linksHealing, 587:into the subhuman kingdoms in nature. This is evidence of divinity, and outstanding testimony ofHealing, 675:may claim. There is usually enough psychological evidence, or indications of inherited tendencies,Hercules, 67:and its mental quality. When this sign is in evidence as it is now, being a powerful mutable sign,Hercules, 149:the courts and hospitals produce cumulative evidence of the irrational pleasure which human beingsInitiation, 53:discrimination in the choice of co-workers, or evidence an inability to represent the truth. If heInitiation, 83:of their own shortcomings which they will evidence will be sincere and public, and their struggleIntellect, 3:interest in the subject of Meditation is an evidence of a world need which requires clearIntellect, 29:the faculty to intuit truth which the best minds evidence, lacks much. If it leaves its studentsIntellect, 211:- so the eastern knowers tell us, and so the evidence seems to indicate. Advanced thinkers in theMagic, 252:and reactions which that spiritual man would evidence in physical plane life. He builds aMagic, 340:will take the place of theory, and direct evidence that of speculation. The theorizing of men as to
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