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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIDENCE

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Magic, 344:reasoning faculty. [344] A capacity to weigh the evidence wisely, and to accept only that which isMagic, 541:four; note in his work the shade of violet they evidence, and thus construct the shadow. When thisMagic, 589:river of purity and truth is flowing strong. One evidence of the success of the world movementMagic, 613:and of constant mutability; whilst it is in evidence we have the apparently ceaseless pullingPatanjalideduction, and correct witness (or accurate evidence). 8. Incorrect knowledge is based uponPatanjali, 16:deduction and correct witness (or accurate evidence). One of the most revolutionary realizations toPatanjali, 17:sixth sense is correctly interpreted, and the evidence is transmitted with occult accuracy. Result:Patanjali, 265:are recognized. Every form carries in itself the evidence of the previous cycles and this can beProblems, 26:nations how to handle their problems but as yet evidence no ability to handle their own, as witnessProblems, 40:values will need awakening. There is direct evidence, however, that this spiritual awakening isProblems, 98:forms as far as possible, so as to provide evidence to other Hebrews in new lands and cities thatProblems, 105:very largely on the side of the Jews; there is evidence that these new attitudes are germinating,Problems, 116:dream, a waste of time to consider or an evidence only of wishful thinking? Does the goal of rightProblems, 118:and in relation to every human problem; there is evidence that there is a real effort at this timeProblems, 157:of its surety about human immortality and the evidence which it has collected. The spiritualistsProblems, 159:at this time, their massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the MostProblems, 169:the Roman Catholic Church, and show little evidence of the mind that was in Christ. The churchesPsychology1, xxv:piece of information, but unless there is evidence in the world that there is appearing a livingPsychology1, 104:in the accumulation of responsible evidence, and in the later substantiation of the prevision, itPsychology1, 104:accumulate. In the massing of testimony and of evidence a fruitful field of [105] activity lies. InPsychology1, 105:in the trained control of the mechanism, that evidence so produced will be seen to be of so high anPsychology1, 179:will be a fresh attitude towards life which will evidence itself in a better sense of values, forPsychology1, 183:to formulate conclusions based upon reiterated evidence. These conclusions will, in their turn,Psychology1, 198:gravitation towards the forms of life which evidence that which they desire. Hence the influence ofPsychology1, 315:are now on the physical plane of experience to evidence the radiant light, and to establish uponPsychology1, 323:carried on by the man who is beginning to evidence some faint flickers of mental perception. ThisPsychology1, 363:that ritual and organized ceremonies are but the evidence of a custody of forces and energies, thenPsychology2, 11:belief of humanity. The first developed evidence of the emerging self-assertion of the massedPsychology2, 16:individual separative success is in itself an evidence of soul activity, for every individual is aPsychology2, 60:Supernormal powers are, of themselves, no evidence of divinity at all. Great exponents of evil canPsychology2, 67:and span the waters and thus give concrete evidence of the work being done today by advancedPsychology2, 109:and go. But humanity remains. All of them are in evidence of the multiplicity of minds, and ofPsychology2, 125:taught or imposed upon a person as a desirable evidence of aspiration, functioning from without andPsychology2, 126:and the mechanism of the soul begins to respond. Evidence of this should work out now among thePsychology2, 126:server can emerge from their ranks, and give evidence of an established soul contact. Secondly,Psychology2, 130:plane; I call your attention to this as an evidence of its creative quality. By right of thisPsychology2, 145:the idea of God as the period and humanity can evidence and produce in form upon the earth. TheirPsychology2, 148:a form, a situation or a condition may be the evidence of spiritual love in the agent of repulsion.Psychology2, 227:of the divine Psyche. They will bring, into evidence the instinctual, emotional nature of Deity, ifPsychology2, 250:in some field and, in that one particular, to evidence greater capacity than the average man. ButPsychology2, 428:When these two factors (which are the signal evidence of divinity in man) are studied andPsychology2, 513:expressions of innate powers are regarded as evidence of mental derangement, of [514] delusions andPsychology2, 516:directed will of a group in any land, which can evidence enough power to engross the massPsychology2, 621:to the newness of this theme and the lack of evidence to substantiate my statements, I can onlyPsychology2, 625:being "the Substance of things hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen". [629] Psychology2, 667:can use in their endeavor, and that they may evidence the highest skill in action will be true ifPsychology2, 724:At the full moon of May, 1936, there was in evidence an inner, subjective, spiritual effort. ThisPsychology2, 747:do, to do the moving forward. It is for us to evidence intelligent understanding and to set theRays, 102:anent immortality, no matter how conclusive the evidence of persistence and eternity, there stillRays, 120:given to applicants in the New Age, is a direct evidence of the new Shamballa contact, becauseRays, 120:It is interesting to note that there is every evidence in the world today that the Shamballa energyRays, 208:are "shining through" adequately, and who can evidence some one quality, or some controlling themeRays, 339:in the etheric body of the disciple; they too evidence the same dual activity, once the Path ofRays, 365:or in the field of art, are just as much an evidence of "spiritual" unfoldment as the rhapsodies ofRays, 375:are apt to regard magnetic [375] potency as evidence of love; it is, in reality, evidence of theRays, 375:potency as evidence of love; it is, in reality, evidence of the radiation of love when enhanced andRays, 444:"faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Rays, 475:and matter, between Father and Mother. It is evidence that "spirit has mounted on the [476]Rays, 485:work outlined, and to proceed by faith. The only evidence of success may be slow in coming, for theRays, 603:race of men; at that time men began to give evidence of a growing sense of responsibility, andRays, 603:which the majority of the world Scriptures bear evidence. In that era, in which the then knownRays, 603:Light took place; it was inconclusive, with the evidence for defeat to be found on the side of theRays, 612:people in all lands have been convinced by the evidence made available by the Principle of ConflictRays, 620:can stop or prevent His return today; the evidence of this structure can be seen everywhere. Rays, 657:and cycles, plus a consideration of all the evidence - anthropological, architectural andRays, 658:applied stimulation, whereby their vehicles evidence readiness; in connection with the planetaryRays, 667:who are seeking mental polarization and who evidence a desire and aspiration to think and to know,Rays, 750:everywhere being made. Modern psychology is an evidence of this, dealing as it does with theReappearance, 21:then the Christ will come, and there is every evidence at this time that men are learning thisReappearance, 23:of which the many conferences are the outer evidence. It was these various unique conditions whichReappearance, 33:of the substantial nature of the available evidence and the appearance of an intuitive response byReappearance, 52:of scientific attainment and the magnificent evidence of creative art - both modern and ancient -Reappearance, 152:at this time, their massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation is rising to the MostReappearance, 187:"faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?" (Hebrews XI, 1.)Soul, 49:upon the discharge, and we are told, "all the evidence points to its medulla as the secretor of theSoul, 130:suffice, through the mass of direct available evidence, to give us a clearer perception of theSoul, 142:forth of a light. There is much corroborative evidence in this connection in the Scriptures of theSoul, 142:to "let their light shine." There is cumulative evidence also in the lives of [143] the mystics,Soul, 157:and use of the scientific method of massing evidence to prove or disprove an hypothesis wouldTelepathy, 64:science which is - inherently in itself - the evidence of evolution, of the essential dualism inTelepathy, 75:I am seeking to impart. People today frequently evidence a telepathic tendency or capacity. TheyTelepathy, 114:instinctual reactions, such as an animal will evidence when danger is around. The closer that thisTelepathy, 115:use it as a channel. This training is automatic; evidence of it can also be seen in the abilityTelepathy, 116:and little or no thought is involved; there is evidence, however, of what can be understood as
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