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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIDENCES

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Astrology, 426:expressions of qualities and material evidences of life are the symbols or outer and visible signsAutobiography, 90:the past lives of prominent occultists are evidences of a vivid imagination and that they areAutobiography, 223:center of the Black Mass in Central Europe and evidences of this could be found on the countryAutobiography, 271:them to positions of responsibility as the evidences become apparent. All the time he lives amongBethlehem, 49:Those who see the vision clearly can trace the evidences of this unfolding Plan in the steadyDiscipleship1, 86:of soul attitudes and activities - as the soul evidences them on its own level of consciousness.Discipleship1, 297:Between the needs which group work evidences and demands and those of the individual. BetweenDiscipleship1, 769:there are, of course, many other indicatory evidences. Education, viii:and expansionist age there have been increasing evidences of the permeating power of OrientalExternalisation, 22:cooperation. The history of the world of thought evidences the fact that men are oft thrilled andExternalisation, 27:demonstrates its life by putting out two outward evidences of its internal life and activity, andExternalisation, 94:the coming groups nor are they the only evidences of the emergence of these ray groups in theExternalisation, 99:Seek to understand and perceive the subtle evidences of the esoteric sense, and then define it andExternalisation, 99:and then define it and explain its processes and evidences, invoking as you do so the higherFire, 704:or hierarchical substance, thus causing certain evidences of activity. The Hierarchies are theGlamour, 119:on abstract and scientific levels so frequently evidences. Both groups fail to make a definite andGlamour, 244:to the physical world. All these activities are evidences of the will or of the first aspect - theHealing, 78:used. The widespread interest in breathing today evidences a subjective recognition of this fact,Healing, 229:then knew well what was evil, because the evidences of that evil were physically apparent and quiteHealing, 440:yet only beliefs as to immortality, and no sure evidences. In the accumulation of testimony, in theHealing, 539:the inhibited condition which the disease evidences? Does he, under the law, work with the soul ofMagic, 500:yet only beliefs as to immortality and no sure evidences. In the accumulation of testimony, in theMagic, 513:of existence and also in the difficulty he evidences in patience and in waiting and in achievingProblems, 81:These steps must be taken at once whilst patent evidences of the past are still present, and thePsychology1, xxv:an activity which is progressive and cyclic and evidences increasing momentum. They are dominant atPsychology2, 293:materialistic enterprise, the divine urge, as it evidences itself in the early stages. The tendencyPsychology2, 464:conditions appear, and the lower nature evidences in every case the need for adaptation to theRays, 239:who endeavors to go forward on the Path, who evidences capacity and who is apparently ready forRays, 257:of men, in the expectancy which the Hierarchy evidences, [258] and through the "preparatory work"Rays, 485:the caliber which can register it. The possible evidences at this stage may be a flash of theRays, 570:degree, is concerned. Men will recognize the evidences in many lives of the emergence of theReappearance, 91:they will bring about a new world in which the evidences of war will have disappeared, the physicalReappearance, 91:production of the new Earth and all the outer evidences of an inflowing new life. Following thisTelepathy, 142:kingdom and the vegetable kingdom are already evidences. The etheric body is composed of
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