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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIL

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Invocation:Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore theAstrology, 118:shows also the tendency of the soul to turn all evil eventually into good. The lessons of life areAstrology, 170:cities in the world - a meeting place for the evil of three continents. But as evolution proceeds,Astrology, 212:as a consequence of overcoming the "serpent of evil" (the form nature with its promptings andAstrology, 444:about liberation. Only through resistance to evil (and in this world period and in this kali-yuga,Astrology, 445:good are clearly grasped. 3.Humanity and cosmic evil, focused for many millenia of years in whatAstrology, 520:humanity will respond on a large scale. Thus the evil which is now being spread abroad by theAstrology, 524:[524] dictators such as Hitler and his group of evil men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion,Astrology, 525:three Axis groups of leaders, dominated by the evil German group, with Italy and Japan fighting atAstrology, 525:seldom but unconsciously often) against the evil influence, and the second group - the leaders ofAstrology, 537:will reach its highest expression (for good or evil) in 1945 and will then decline slowly untilAstrology, 539:of human desire, plus the self-will of an evil few, who, because of the seeds of evil in their ownAstrology, 539:of an evil few, who, because of the seeds of evil in their own nature, respond to the lower aspectsAstrology, 540:effort and of aspiration (either towards good or evil). The forces of this ray work out on theAstrology, 540:out into expression of all the subjective evil of the life of humanity, thus producing the worldAstrology, 541:felt; the destruction of the forces of evil is going on even though at great cost to the Forces ofAstrology, 541:over their immediate future to the forces of evil and of death. These work for the death of all theAstrology, 542:and Pisces - is preparing the race. The evil men who guided the destiny of Germany talked of worldAstrology, 544:government. The latter are "shells," obsessed by evil entities and hence their dynamic, one-pointedAstrology, 544:extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nighAstrology, 544:they themselves have been evoked out of their evil past by the material side of humanity itself andAstrology, 546:upon the Christ of the world is dangerous, evil, and will cause retrogression. Of these, the rulersAstrology, 546:and in the determination to right the evil wrought by her rulers to the world, Germany may some dayAstrology, 547:this end, she must be first [547] released from evil rule and then aided to regain her spiritualAstrology, 560:material cycle of human existence, the false and evil use of matter, of which separativeness,Astrology, 560:and the prostitution of matter and form to evil ends is the sin against the Holy Spirit. It mightAstrology, 560:the swastika "drives into danger dire and into evil ways, those whose greed is great and who see noAstrology, 571:Construct a great defending wall. The rule of evil NOW must end. It was offered, under this test,Astrology, 580:iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focusing of energyAstrology, 583:understanding of it would aid humanity to drive evil (individual, group and planetary) back to theAstrology, 585:express itself through the destruction of evil with all the material consequences of that evil.Astrology, 585:evil with all the material consequences of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love couldAstrology, 585:possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which has brought the present catastrophe toAstrology, 586:the Will There is only one way in which focused evil will, with its responsiveness to the ShamballaAstrology, 586:and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil. This, I realize, is a relatively new idea toAstrology, 638:has an occult influence, either for good or evil." (S.D. Vol. I, 440) [639] 2. "Enoch, the type ofAstrology, 656:the third planetary Logos'." (C.F. 723) "Cosmic evil from the standpoint of our planet consists inAstrology, 656:adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil...When the heavenly triangle is duly equilibratedAstrology, 657:planetary [657] scheme concerned, then cosmic evil will be negated and a relative perfectionAstrology, 659:not considered a sacred planet"...(1052) "Cosmic evil...consists in the relation between thatAstrology, 665:satellite of form.) "The Moon is the symbol of evil." (Vol. I, 246) "The moon is not a sacredAtom, 22:of temporary imperfection; good out of seeming evil; and out of darkness and disaster that which weAtom, 64:and thus carry out his plan, whether for good or evil. This is succeeded by the stage in which heAutobiography, 3:in the face of life. That is disaster. That is evil. That, surely, is what hell must mean. TheAutobiography, 11:of Cause and Effect; the emphasis is ever upon evil karma and how to avoid it. Yet I wouldAutobiography, 11:large, there is far more general good karma than evil; I say this in spite of the world war, theAutobiography, 11:all social workers constantly have to deal. The evil and the misery will pass but happiness willAutobiography, 68:stupidest things, simply because I knew no real evil and had not the faintest idea what kind ofAutobiography, 119:I do not here refer to the faults or rather the evil criminality of the Germans or the PolesAutobiography, 145:you will not find a bad element? There are evil people in all groups and communities and sets andAutobiography, 169:who were seeking to free humanity from slavery, evil, aggression and corruption. The words of theAutobiography, 222:all this beauty were corruption and very ancient evil. [223] Autobiography, 223:were peculiarly nasty. All kinds of vices and evil were cultivated and a lot of those who practicedAutobiography, 223:things we had to contend with was the spirit of evil which permeated the place and the peculiarlyAutobiography, 223:in spite of all its beauty there lurked much evil, I simply sat down and told the girls all aboutAutobiography, 229:evoked a corresponding uprising of the forces of evil which culminated in the World War; that thisAutobiography, 251:take the needed steps to stem the tide of hate, evil and aggression which threatened to engulf theAutobiography, 252:of complete neutrality, where both good and evil are concerned, was demanded of spirituallyAutobiography, 252:myself, love humanity but they will not endorse evil, aggression, cruelty and the imprisoning ofAutobiography, 293:of the world who regard money as something evil [294] and as something with which they must have noAutobiography, 294:implementing of the Masters' work) as harmful, evil and wrong; they state, therefore, that the trueBethlehem, 23:and we are in process of purging ourselves from evil and materialism. When this process isBethlehem, that i:"For the good that I would, I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. "For I delight inBethlehem, 47:by a definite and conscious rejection of evil. Recognition of work to be done must be succeededBethlehem, 48:be given of that purification and freedom from evil. This, Christ gave in the victory of the threeBethlehem, 58:the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil; for the firm establishing of the law I comeBethlehem, 90:to be found in the world - those of good and of evil - thus emphasizing the basic dualities ofBethlehem, 108:devil? And what was the relation of Christ to evil? Had this wilderness story never been told toBethlehem, 108:this book to deal with the difficult subject of evil, nor to define the times when Christ wasBethlehem, 108:with Him, He could face this experience and meet evil face to face, and triumph. He taught usBethlehem, 109:[109] for initiation, and the method whereby evil can be turned into good. He met temptation withBethlehem, 109:He had. He used no divine powers to overcome the Evil One. He simply used those which we allBethlehem, 110:initiation, Christ's purity and freedom from evil had been demonstrated before men. Now they haveBethlehem, 110:alone with Himself, standing between God and the Evil One. Through what agency could this evilBethlehem, 110:and the Evil One. Through what agency could this evil force reach Him? Through the agency of HisBethlehem, 110:into one last effort to control the Son of God. Evil is thus constituted, and we shall all some dayBethlehem, 110:some day have to face this testing - this triple evil, this devil, such as Christ faced. ThreeBethlehem, 112:them, which determine whether his life reacts to evil or to good. The devil is the symbol of thatBethlehem, 112:that which is not humanly divine, for there are evil things done by man which, when done by anBethlehem, 113:two extremities of human existence - good and evil, light and dark, life and form, spirit andBethlehem, 114:was Christ. Good is the contradiction of evil, and Christ's attitude to the devil was one ofBethlehem, 114:the past have died for others; many have faced evil with uncompromising opposition; many haveBethlehem, 115:spirit was fully expressing itself, He faced the evil in His own humanity (when viewed apart fromBethlehem, 127:and the divine - and as God-Man He overcame the evil one. Primarily, both temptations lay in theBethlehem, 138:nature which in opposition causes him to perform evil, all the saints testify. The entire humanBethlehem, 139:of the bad. And the good is necessary to the evil, for beyond rebellion against the good, theBethlehem, 152:of his own goodness; that man who sees only evil in those around him is he who is seeing themBethlehem, 187:but in regard to the propitiation for these evil inclinations the case is different. We can noBethlehem, 192:wherein much emphasis has been laid upon sin and evil doing. There is no consciousness of sin inBethlehem, 194:draw near... having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pureBethlehem, 196:recognition of the shortcomings and the relative evil of the lower human nature. We have seen thatBethlehem, 197:His Son to be the propitiation for the world evil. Of this [198] belief Calvinism is perhaps theBethlehem, 199:Thus humanity gives a purpose to pain, and thus evil is eventually defeated. The thought and ideaBethlehem, 201:with the theme of sin, transgression, iniquity, evil, separation. All of these are expressions ofBethlehem, 203:dire sin, self-satisfaction. The question of evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it mightBethlehem, 203:of that which we should have left behind. Evil is, for the bulk of us, simply and solely an effortBethlehem, 203:and harmless and helpful. This sense of evil and this reaction to good is again latent in theBethlehem, 204:the weight of our knowledge on the side of evil, and are retrogressing. It is not always expedientBethlehem, 204:and do it, making a specific choice, then the evil which is in us is dominating. It is graduallyBethlehem, 204:attitude has in it the elements of sin and of evil. When we are separative in our attitudes or do
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