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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIL

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Externalisation, 60:from personal uses, both in the good and in the evil sense. I do not, however, intend to write aExternalisation, 65:and that patience which can wait - thinking no evil and fostering only good. I made clear to youExternalisation, 75:systems and to the three aspects of divinity. Evil or wrong, therefore, exists only when theExternalisation, 108:been all that was anticipated and the so-called "evil results" of the Shamballa force uponExternalisation, 113:control. It can and does bring good out of evil, illuminating situations and indicating theExternalisation, 117:emanating from the soul of humanity balances the evil which comes from the material aspect and isExternalisation, 135:civilization. The wrong methods employed and the evil things done are the fault of humanity as aExternalisation, 136:Also, no one national group is purely wrong and evil or purely good and unselfish. There are mixedExternalisation, 149:in - as this condition must - much that is evil and dangerous. The invocation, evocation andExternalisation, 152:the post of world savior and to be absorbers of evil karma. You might here quite correctly pointExternalisation, 155:behind specious and distorted half truths and evil cannot be done in order that good may come. WhatExternalisation, 171:that which we call righteousness. The seeds of evil are in every country; those who war againstExternalisation, 177:yet inevitably - they will stand on the side of evil and share in the responsibility of engineeringExternalisation, 178:release humanity through the destruction of the evil forces. These had determined to prove thatExternalisation, 179:ambitions and the intentions of a group of evil men. But the spirit of goodwill must be, steadilyExternalisation, 179:their definition of war) is sinful; that war is evil (which no one denies) and that one must notExternalisation, 180:on the defenceless. The material means, which evil uses for selfish ends, can also be employed forExternalisation, 180:The death of the physical body is a lesser evil than the setting back of civilization, theExternalisation, 180:of men's minds and liberties. War is always evil, but it can be the lesser of two evils, as is theExternalisation, 180:totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation of many nations to theExternalisation, 181:guilt and a shared responsibility for the evil conditions; there must be determination to makeExternalisation, 181:to make restitution, and to cease from evil doing. The tendency to fasten the war on Hitler and hisExternalisation, 181:to fasten the war on Hitler and his gang of evil men should not blind us to the causes which haveExternalisation, 181:not blind us to the causes which have made his evil work possible. He is mainly a precipitatingExternalisation, 181:(Matthew 18:7.) The causes of this rampant evil are inherent in humanity itself. Ancient andExternalisation, 183:What will be the outcome? Will men arrest the evil and initiate a period of understanding,Externalisation, 187:expression of his divine potentialities. All is evil which drives man deeper into materialism,Externalisation, 189:of the world be rescued from this over-shadowing evil and from the false education to which theyExternalisation, 189:system, and are therefore the victims of an evil process. The children of Germany must be rescuedExternalisation, 189:of Germany must also be liberated from the evil rule of Hitler. This is recognized by the alliedExternalisation, 196:all the essential commodities? The cause of this evil way of living is very simple. It is a productExternalisation, 207:humanity. Germany, under her misguided and evil rulers, needs forgiveness. All the great PowersExternalisation, 207:erred in the past. Germany has precipitated the evil which has come upon the world, but she hasExternalisation, 213:and spiritually oriented; the other, ancient, evil and undesirable. Whether man will go forwardExternalisation, 217:that you must refrain from rebelling against the evil thing in your midst, and from all criticismExternalisation, 220:to a revolt against that which is wrong and evil - for the hearts of all men and the springs of theExternalisation, 223:spiritual Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil lives can be and are constructed is equallyExternalisation, 229:latter course is just as determining for good or evil as is the former), that I feel again the needExternalisation, 231:the point of positive attack by the Forces of Evil. It is not possible for us as yet to reach theExternalisation, 231:forces acting through the medium of a band of evil-intentioned men have been removed. With theirExternalisation, 231:will come the dissipation of the clouds of evil propaganda, lying information and distortedExternalisation, 232:who preach a passive attitude in the face of evil and human suffering and who endorse a [233]Externalisation, 233:to fight the forces of aggression, of treachery, evil and destruction which are today stalking overExternalisation, 234:are not actively sharing in the struggle against evil. There is no peace in any field of humanExternalisation, 235:and Aggression. It is upon this that these evil forces count when they face the greatest neutral ofExternalisation, 235:pain and desert their comrades, the machine of evil marches on; neutral nations, resting back uponExternalisation, 236:- The General World Picture Today the forces of evil have swept over France, Belgium, Holland,Externalisation, 239:not prepared for the onslaught of the forces of evil; on the physical plane, their position was notExternalisation, 243:without exception, and are exploited by the evil forces and evaded by the well-meaning but weakExternalisation, 244:aid the cause of humanity and arrest the tide of evil? If he is fighting already upon the side ofExternalisation, 246:lover of humanity will enter the battle against evil; with complete self-forgetfulness, he willExternalisation, 248:every attempt to frustrate the activities of the evil alliance which you may find in yourExternalisation, 249:needed to release humanity from the thralldom of evil, provided the nature of the sacrificial willExternalisation, 249:Construct a great defending wall. The rule of evil now must end. If, therefore, you will say theseExternalisation, 253:of karma and transmute that which now works such evil and havoc in the world into a demonstrationExternalisation, 253:are definitely storing up for themselves much evil karma. In some way they must learnExternalisation, 253:seeds of release for humanity when the nature of evil is somewhat grasped, and above all when theExternalisation, 254:spiritually to see that out of the surface evil and material activity good may eventuate, and thatExternalisation, 254:groups ultimate good may be engineered and the evil activity ended. But this possible good will beExternalisation, 255:at all. Karma is not all that is bad and evil. Men make it so through their stupidities. There areExternalisation, 255:stupidities. There are today great forces of evil seeking expression in the world; [256] theseExternalisation, 256:and seek to determine and bring about a very evil future wherein selfishness, material objectives,Externalisation, 256:and distortion of reality. The force of evil example is shown in the fact that two other races seekExternalisation, 262:Great potencies and the expression of ancient evil from the past are rampant upon earth at thisExternalisation, 262:dangerous men - men who are easily subject to evil impression and influenced, obsessed, byExternalisation, 262:and influenced, obsessed, by selfishness and evil - by forces of destruction. Is it possible toExternalisation, 262:Such is the question. If this can be done, the evil past and the glorious future may perhaps beExternalisation, 265:which must be called into [265] activity if the evil will-to-power is to be swept from the Earth. IExternalisation, 265:balancing physical effort to bring this present evil situation to an end through right choice,Externalisation, 265:those who send thoughts of love to the group of evil men who are responsible for world disaster,Externalisation, 265:true expression of love, leading to increased evil activity. Pouring upon the selfless, the pureExternalisation, 266:and group freedom which is the worst sin of the evil men who seek at this time to enslave theExternalisation, 272:His disciples, struggling in the conflict with evil, is also certain and sure. This will enableExternalisation, 274:end of woe has come. The ending of the present evil situation is, therefore, a cooperative measure;Externalisation, 275:will be set in motion which will end the rule of evil and bring war to an end through the victoryExternalisation, 278:know and who take right action, the progress of evil can be arrested." This is encouraging, and IExternalisation, 280:no further. The limit of effectiveness of the evil expression and of the power of the aggressorsExternalisation, 280:those who seek to pass in their pursuit of evil and wicked objectives. I speak in symbols but myExternalisation, 290:a repudiating of the undesirable and the evil. Always it involves the recognition of the possible,Externalisation, 293:Forces of Materialism, or some Aspect of Cosmic Evil. Let me attempt to make this analogy a littleExternalisation, 293:on the Threshold summarizes in itself the evil tendencies, the accumulated limitations and theExternalisation, 293:indicates the past with its limitations and evil habits. So [294] do those Avatars Who from time toExternalisation, 294:from time to time appear as the embodiments of evil and of the lower nature of mankind. And, myExternalisation, 294:to the influence of the dread sumtotal of his evil and material desires or he may be drawingExternalisation, 294:then - when the conflict between good and evil is at its height - there comes a moment when heExternalisation, 295:of Heaven; the massed intent of humanity is that evil must end and a better and truer life becomeExternalisation, 295:and for strength to shake off that which is evil. The massed intent of the world aspirants isExternalisation, 296:that which is wrong and to end that which is evil, and has carried this effort even to theExternalisation, 298:forth correspondingly from the realm of cosmic evil, and responsible for the focus of materialismExternalisation, 301:their utmost, alone and unaided, to overcome evil. They never descend lower than the mental plane,Externalisation, 301:old and limiting forms and of that which houses evil. Their work will, therefore, fall into twoExternalisation, 301:two categories: They will destroy the forces of evil, using the agency of the Forces of Light.Externalisation, 302:of readjustment. How They will bring the present evil conditions to an end and how They willExternalisation, 302:to an end and how They will destroy the present evil state of materialistic aggression I may notExternalisation, 302:German people from the imposed tyranny of the evil Lodge, working through their sevenExternalisation, 306:to struggle, even unto death, for the defeat of evil? Can they preserve the inner attitude of loveExternalisation, 307:man is taken possession of and inspired by some evil entity; in inspiration, there is no possessionExternalisation, 307:focused potency. In the case of obsession, the evil force enslaves the personality which, in theExternalisation, 309:and focus every possible effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane, as well as on otherExternalisation, 311:plane method must be used to drive the forces of evil and of cruelty back to their dark place.
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