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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIL

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Externalisation, 312:of goodwill. The determination to withstand evil through planned group activity. To construct aExternalisation, 313:you to aid in bringing good out of the present evil by right action and clear thinking. Externalisation, 316:The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil. The work of the Great Ones must go on. TheExternalisation, 321:battle has definitely turned and the forces of evil are being driven back to their own place. IExternalisation, 326:strong enough to offset the forces [326] of evil, focused in Germany, Japan and - to a much smallerExternalisation, 326:minds of men, the forces of materialism and of evil would triumph. Humanity would then beExternalisation, 326:under whose banners it fight the Allies, or will evil triumph and greed reap the profits ofExternalisation, 339:catastrophe, in spite of the rampant horror and evil which is stalking our planet, and in spite ofExternalisation, 339:trend towards ultimate victory, the powers of evil have had things very much their own way. TheyExternalisation, 340:This was to be expected at first, because if evil is simply the dominance of matter and theExternalisation, 340:same united will-to-victory that the forces of evil have shewn, then the Forces of Light willExternalisation, 340:hinders the activities of the forces of evil. The will-to-power and an organized, evil minorityExternalisation, 340:of evil. The will-to-power and an organized, evil minority took control. Freedom of conscience andExternalisation, 343:iron fixation to stand steady and not yield to evil forces. Determination, the focusing of energyExternalisation, 345:express itself through the destruction of evil with all the material consequences of that evil.Externalisation, 345:evil with all the material consequences of that evil. They cannot believe that a God of Love couldExternalisation, 345:possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which has brought the present catastrophe toExternalisation, 346:There is only one way in which this focused evil will which is responsive to the Shamballa forceExternalisation, 346:and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil. [347] Externalisation, 353:bringing about world release from the Forces of Evil. Will you ponder on this and will youExternalisation, 357:between the Forces of Light and the potency of evil or materialism. Externalisation, 357:the Forces of Light can overcome the Forces of Evil. This they do by the weight of their armedExternalisation, 362:midst of the terrific onslaught of the powers of evil and will be extended over the two weeksExternalisation, 367:and focused precipitation of the spirit of evil and of materialism through the medium of the AxisExternalisation, 367:evoking an unalterable determination to end the evil initiated and carried forward by Germany andExternalisation, 369:six factors ensure the defeat of the Forces of Evil and the triumph of the Forces of Light, andExternalisation, 370:and yet at the same time a just payment for evil action cannot, and should not, be avoided. [371]Externalisation, 371:sows, that shall it also reap. Germany has sown evil broadcast throughout the civilized world, andExternalisation, 371:have to pay in sweat and toil and tears for her evil deeds. But this payment should be part of theExternalisation, 371:people must work strenuously to put right the evil they have done, as far as in them lies, but theExternalisation, 372:has weakened their stamina and rampant evil has undermined their morale and their standards ofExternalisation, 374:emphasizing the worst aspects of the old and evil order, and are aggressively grasping all thatExternalisation, 374:slave states; they would perpetuate the ancient evil of force and war and would and do resort toExternalisation, 375:they will be permitted to hold, and whether the evil plans of the Germans will spare any of theirExternalisation, 376:realizes that if humanity is to get rid of these evil products of selfishness, certain basic valuesExternalisation, 377:to work. In spite of the background of an evil past, in spite of the present world carnage, inExternalisation, 379:at heart. It has been used for selfish and evil ends far more often than for good. Of this tendencyExternalisation, 390:warfare to an end and so release mankind from an evil past and open the door to a better future.Externalisation, 394:activity upon the part of the Forces of Evil; these were potent enough to overwhelm temporarily theExternalisation, 395:on between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. To end this warfare rapidly, and withExternalisation, 395:when here before, and for liberation from evil and admission into good. One of the realizationsExternalisation, 395:more clearly than ever before, the nature of evil. Men are recoiling in horror from this display ofExternalisation, 395:recoiling in horror from this display of rampant evil and even the wicked man is shocked andExternalisation, 397:effective in arresting the onward march of evil. It does, however, preserve the form which can andExternalisation, 399:it is worth dying if need be, and that war on evil can be waged without hate and with rightExternalisation, 424:evoked a more rapid response from the Forces of Evil (present in our planetary life) than fromExternalisation, 424:Forces or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organized themselves and took the needed stepsExternalisation, 424:latent goodness in mankind into expression, so evil can evoke greater evil from those susceptibleExternalisation, 424:into expression, so evil can evoke greater evil from those susceptible from innate weakness, andExternalisation, 424:only with men's souls. Lies, false teaching, evil propaganda, a war of nerves, the culture of fear,Externalisation, 424:truths were twisted to meet the ends of the evil workers. The doctrine, for instance, of theExternalisation, 425:behind the Evolutionary Process The Forces of Evil sought for those leaders and groups who are theExternalisation, 425:(and I use this word with deliberation) of the evil men who led the Axis Powers - Hitler, Tojo,Externalisation, 425:do I mean by "they"? I mean those intelligent evil, unloving, hateful Individualities who are toExternalisation, 425:struggling human aspirants. The power of these evil forces is enormous, for they recognize noExternalisation, 425:the withholding of good and the promulgation of evil. They stimulate the brains of men through theExternalisation, 425:the brains of men through the extent of their evil and magical knowledge; I mean this literally andExternalisation, 425:certain limitations, and of this the Forces of Evil take constant advantage. The bombing of massedExternalisation, 426:I would emphasize to you that the Forces of Evil must be defeated now; the evil leaders must beExternalisation, 426:the Forces of Evil must be defeated now; the evil leaders must be wrenched from their high place,Externalisation, 426:the war would only give time for the Forces of Evil to reorganize, and the future war would beExternalisation, 427:in the world today: 1. The Forces of Evil, working through Germany and Japan. To date, they areExternalisation, 428:or with the ability to think clearly, who hate evil and who can hold to a vision. There is littleExternalisation, 428:lack of courage and a natural predilection for evil guidance. The tendency to be led alongExternalisation, 428:tendency to be led along aggressive, selfish and evil lines has been characteristic of the GermanExternalisation, 428:the place of the present negative acceptance of evil. With humility and intelligence must theExternalisation, 429:that the war has precipitated the condensed evil of the ages and that humanity is faced with theExternalisation, 430:in the face of the gigantic horror which the evil gang now ruling Germany has precipitated uponExternalisation, 430:is turned to the aid of Germany by the skillful evil workers. The German armies are still unbeaten;Externalisation, 430:he is to be found, the initiator into evil conditions, and into slavery. The armies of the LordExternalisation, 432:There are factors present in this battle between evil and good which are so deeply esoteric andExternalisation, 433:Process The leader of the conflict against evil in high places is the Christ, the Head of theExternalisation, 434:end this ancient conflict between the Lords of Evil and the Messengers of Light. His has been theExternalisation, 434:by the Hierarchy, and by its means cosmic evil is arrested; the sword of discrimination is wieldedExternalisation, 434:by its means the distinction between good and evil, with a consequent presentation of free choiceExternalisation, 437:effort to close the door upon the Forces of Evil, to direct the Shamballa energy (now let looseExternalisation, 438:of first ray energy) away from the Forces of Evil and channel it again, via the Hierarchy; it willExternalisation, 439:the same time this power was seized upon by the evil forces to destroy the souls of men, toExternalisation, 439:phase or form of destruction was directed by evil, and was focused through those nations who hadExternalisation, 444:today for victory and for the annihilation of evil. Work tomorrow for justice and for theExternalisation, 450:or demand. Forget not that the Forces of Evil are still powerful, particularly on the physicalExternalisation, 450:defeat, but is still powerful. The hierarchy of evil on the inner side is being pushed back by theExternalisation, 451:plays right into the hands of the Forces of Evil and - beaten as they now are on the physical planeExternalisation, 451:amount to untold millions, the forces of evil will now endeavor to utilize the character ofExternalisation, 451:- mental, emotional and physical. For long these evil forces have used psychology in order to reachExternalisation, 452:this is nurtured and kept alive by the forces of evil, working upon the inner side of human affairsExternalisation, 452:and what is false. Forget not, the forces of evil are exceedingly clever. Externalisation, 453:affairs. Out of the [453] immensity of planetary evil, demonstrated through the destructive war ofExternalisation, 453:effect - peace; secondly, the forces of evil will be so potently defeated that never again willExternalisation, 454:bring about right human relations, the forces of evil can then be driven back; the Forces of LightExternalisation, 455:by the materialistic leaders of the forces of evil. It is the task of the Hierarchy to find andExternalisation, 457:them as far as possible, whilst the forces of evil are eagerly trying to foster and nurture them.Externalisation, 461:as these attitudes can be exploited by the evil and selfish interests which (behind the scenes) areExternalisation, 464:the physical plane, have driven the forces of evil and of darkness backward, and are bringing theExternalisation, 474:undreamt of by the average man, the Forces of Evil were in a most potent manner emerging from theirExternalisation, 474:disaster. They found minds responsive to their evil promptings in every country; they found alsoExternalisation, 475:through the agency of the combined forces of evil. These forces were organized by beings of mostExternalisation, 475:These forces were organized by beings of most evil and expert experience and were preparing toExternalisation, 475:could easily become the agents of the subjective evil forces. Externalisation, 475:and would not infringe upon human free will, the evil which humanity itself had engendered
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