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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIL

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Healing, 666:obviousness of the distinction between good and evil) has awakened to the fact of materialisticHealing, 667:methods and are [667] endeavoring oft to fight evil with evil is entirely true, but this indicatesHealing, 667:and are [667] endeavoring oft to fight evil with evil is entirely true, but this indicates onlyHealing, 667:Briand and a host of lesser men could be cited. Evil and pernicious men also emerged, such asHealing, 667:the group he gathered around him, bringing much evil upon the Earth. At the same time, theHealing, 667:of imperfection and the planned effort of evil have been paralleled by the appearance of the NewHealing, 668:it. The war struck a mortal blow to material evil, and its hold on humanity is greatly weakened.Healing, 668:on humanity is greatly weakened. Confound not evil with the activities of the gangster or theHealing, 668:them on the way to good. Those men are truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad old ways,Healing, 668:and it is through them that the Forces of Evil work, holding back progress, promoting poverty,Healing, 669:ignorance, through immaturity or in fury at the evil things with which he is surrounded. This isHealing, 669:This is something totally different to the evil with which I have been dealing, and it will notHealing, 669:my theme somewhat clearer. The whole problem of evil is, however, too vast to contemplate here, norHealing, 669:is it advisable or wise to discuss the source of evil (not of imperfection), the Black Lodge.Healing, 669:imperfection in humanity and to impose the vast evil of war, with all its results and far-reachingHealing, 669:suffice to blot out and annihilate the will-to-evil. Goodwill will not suffice, though the unitedHealing, 670:Invocation - will serve "to seal the door where evil dwells." It is behind that door and in dealingHealing, 670:whereby They protect humanity from mobilized evil, and are gradually driving the evil back, wouldHealing, 670:mobilized evil, and are gradually driving the evil back, would not be understood by you who haveHealing, 671:in its annihilating impact, where the Forces of Evil are concerned. A close but esoteric study ofHealing, 671:this higher harmlessness, forced the exponent of evil to retreat. This triple episode isHealing, 671:the demonstration of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisisHealing, 671:this conferred on Him complete mastery over evil, and not mastery over imperfection; it was becauseHealing, 706:influence who can serve their ends. Also their evil work is only possible at the moment (or cycle)Hercules, 19:"I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. "For I delight in the lawHercules, 27:their path, and breeding steadily most wild and evil horses. "Capture these mares, and stop theseHercules, 27:horses. "Capture these mares, and stop these evil deeds," was the command which fell upon the earsHercules, 36:the sea monster, is the symbol of what we call evil, that seeks to destroy the soul in incarnation.Hercules, 48:elimination of promiscuity, with its attendant evil, [49] disease. We shall see the solution of theHercules, 51:are so salacious and their capacity to think evil so great, that, dangerous as this may sound, oneHercules, 61:its acceptance came the knowledge of good and of evil. This is a symbolic method of telling us theHercules, 61:is good, and of the nature of the form, which is evil if it holds the soul and hinders it from fullHercules, 61:and hinders it from full expression. It is not evil per se. It is to be noted that in the garden ofHercules, 117:love? And so she died. Even so we are told that evil must come, but woe betide those by whom itHercules, 118:Two Ways As always there is a choice for good or evil before the native of a sign, depending on hisHercules, 118:the body, the physical, as the root of all evil, when it is really our narrow minds, our hard,Hercules, 121:of substance and the prostitution of matter to evil ends is a sin against the Holy Ghost." It wasHercules, 149:others is a testimony to the existence of evil tendencies that corrode the mind. Delight in causingHercules, 151:conclusion that form, emotion and mind are all evil, undesirable things, to be got rid of. To myHercules, 180:Augeas whose kingdom must be cleansed of ancient evil. I have spoken." Forth went Hercules throughHercules, 196:wrong had triumphed he dealt the powers of evil a deadly blow, and righted the balance in favor ofInitiation, 14:opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil is revealed. It leads to the Cross and to thatInitiation, 34:the fifth, or spiritual. The problem of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong, wasInitiation, 74:learn to be silent in the face of that which is evil. He must learn to be silent before theInitiation, 79:It acts as a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which formInitiation, 184:focalize and disperse any remaining unconquered evil - if that term might here be used - andIntellect, 70:which we have to consider is its belief that all evil is mere appearance, an illusion produced byIntellect, 258:to our abstaining from all appearance of evil? This may in one man involve his abstaining from allIntellect, 259:of the physical nature to animal desire, is evil and wrong. If the goal of our effort is toMagic, 99:forces find in the human kingdom a barrier. Evil and its effects are largely dependent uponMagic, 101:man's wrong handling of force are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the threeMagic, 130:producing a good which far outweighs the seeming evil. Souls are finding themselves and learningMagic, 180:and in this way be deficient; but it harbors no evil. Inspiration is always safe, whereasMagic, 216:out and darkness disappears; distortions and evil forms fade out, and all the little fires die out;Magic, 225:interact, as do pleasure and pain; good and evil meet and form the playground of the Gods, andMagic, 228:Through the good which attracts him, he sees the evil which is for him the line of leastMagic, 241:are subject to the activities of the forces of evil and only for a term. The first group worksMagic, 242:law, periods of light and dark, of good and evil, of submergence and emergence, of progress intoMagic, 297:also in the last analysis is the basic astral evil. Every human being knows fear and the range ofMagic, 298:eliminate fear. It lies in what is called cosmic Evil - a high sounding phrase, conveying little.Magic, 299:use is it to be told that fear is a quality of evil (or of matter) which colors fundamentally orMagic, 299:aspect of truth or reality whatsoever? Cosmic evil, cosmic progression, or cosmic problems can wellMagic, 304:of Discipleship to contact ancient vibrations of evil and misery on the astral plane - evil longMagic, 304:of evil and misery on the astral plane - evil long past and gone; it is possible for them to read aMagic, 311:- a more potent force for good and also for evil, as we use the word "evil". Evil, per se, isMagic, 311:for good and also for evil, as we use the word "evil". Evil, per se, is non-existent, as is good inMagic, 311:and also for evil, as we use the word "evil". Evil, per se, is non-existent, as is good in theMagic, 315:has an effect upon us, either for good or evil. They either stir up our emotional nature in a goodMagic, 319:harmlessness he has learnt to neutralize all evil emanations. Now he acts with a positiveness of aMagic, 319:he is doing, he gathers into himself all the evil emanations (destructive energies, and wrongMagic, 342:must and does - towards that which we call dark, evil, and undesirable, it produces in those of youMagic, 347:are stimulated and, secondly, all that we term "evil" is likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bearMagic, 349:to carry all through single-handed, and to brave evil for the sake of the good achieved is the markMagic, 355:of good? Will he be overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of Love which beats behindMagic, 413:have in them potency both for good and for evil. As long as the form remains of secondaryMagic, 413:type of energy or are vitalized by it, then evil begins to make its presence felt. This finallyMagic, 482:(if you prefer so to express it) on the side of evil. Potent are they on the physical plane, butMagic, 482:eternally against them, and out of the seeming evil good will come. A goodly number who are theMagic, 484:or into some group. You have here the seeds of evil magical work and the imposition of a powerfulMagic, 487:it harmlessly to the sender. Perhaps it is an evil piece of information, a lie or item of gossip.Magic, 487:harmony. Or again, it may be true, some sad or evil occurrence or deed of some mistaken brother.Magic, 532:Their entire reaction to what are called evil conditions is so different to that of humanity thatMagic, 587:look and thought has its effect for good or for evil upon the group. Is it not apparent thereforeMagic, 629:that the whole process is a divine one, and that evil, so-called, is but an illusion and anMagic, 630:in [630] time and out of time to a divine unity. Evil is due to wrong perception and erroneousMagic, 631:fault and to impute wrong motives and to believe evil, then the true aspirant refuses to be swayedMagic, 631:and whose words are watched so that no evil is spoken; these are the workers who see the divine inMagic, 631:who see the divine in all and refuse to think evil and impute evil; they work with sealed lips;Magic, 631:in all and refuse to think evil and impute evil; they work with sealed lips; they deal not withMeditation, 31:might term this the Divine Vampirism, for always evil is but the other side of good. Then, havingMeditation, 92:from the subtle forces that you ignorantly call evil; such dangers consist in attack on the pupilMeditation, 104:Ones, hurry has no place. From insanity. This evil has often been seen in earnest students whoMeditation, 125:incarnation and so lay themselves open to the evil force. Sin (as you call it) in the PersonalityMeditation, 126:the fair name of its real owner and causing evil to be said of a loved cause. The little evolved,Meditation, 126:or eager to do some wrong or to undo some evil act, rush in and take possession of cases one andMeditation, 127:or shorter periods will gradually eliminate the evil occupant, or unwanted tenant, and in theMeditation, 135:the gnomes and the elemental essence as found in evil form, some of the brownies, and the fairyMeditation, 137:- stays amid the fogs, the strife, the evil and the hatred of the period if, in so doing, He may byMeditation, 137:breaks and a gap appears, and through that gap evil force may enter. The factor of entrance is theMeditation, 181:by those of unclean life, for selfish ends and evil purpose. They called [182] the elemental hosts
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