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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVIL

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Psychology2, 534:and influences. The revelation of good and evil, that is, of the worlds of personality expressionPsychology2, 578:greatly lessen the control of the so-called evil forces. If these evil forces cannot induce thePsychology2, 578:control of the so-called evil forces. If these evil forces cannot induce the disciples everywhere,Psychology2, 578:those with whom the disciples work to believe evil, to impugn motives, and to produce such aPsychology2, 630:is struggling hard with the so-called "forces of evil," and the New Group of World Servers is thePsychology2, 630:What do we mean by the phrase "forces of evil?" Not the armies of unrighteousness and sinfulness,Psychology2, 630:and its unchecked loyalties. The forces of evil are, in the last analysis, only the entrenchedPsychology2, 641:been made to right wrongs, to expose evils and evil personalities, and to [642] attackPsychology2, 691:this time is not to wrestle with the powers of evil and the forces of darkness, but to awaken anPsychology2, 691:right inclination in the world today. Resist not evil, but so organize and mobilize the good, andPsychology2, 691:on the side of righteousness and love, that evil will find less opportunity. If you have faith as aPsychology2, 695:If we can delay the crystallization of an evil necessity, and so prevent that which might occur ofPsychology2, 723:our ignorance and lack of perspective), may call evil or black forces. In worldly parlance, thesePsychology2, 723:easy field for their efforts. For this so-called evil work, the average individual in the group isRays, 8:will only serve to stimulate the latent seeds of evil in his nature and thereby demonstrate theRays, 12:happenings which are rending humanity today. The evil that is being wrought today on earth, byRays, 12:that is being wrought today on earth, by certain evil members of the human family, are effects ofRays, 14:analysis, as meaningless as the terms good and evil, which have significance only in the humanRays, 14:I would here remind you that these obstructing evil forces (so-called) are [15] met with upon theRays, 35:reaction to Shamballa (and consequently the evil reaction) had to gather around him a group ofRays, 39:effects. The initiate discovers the depths of evil, and at the same time is enticed forward by theRays, 52:involutionary arc. In it are hid the secret of evil or matter, the uses of form, first as a prison,Rays, 76:of the Plan, is to bring good out of the evil which man has wrought, and thus gear events to theRays, 84:the energy which substitutes good for evil. Human thinking has debased this concept so thatRays, 86:are the outward and visible sign. Much evil is being burnt out through the revelation of theRays, 86:revelation of the appalling character of that evil, and through this, unity is being produced.Rays, 86:unity is being produced. Mankind has looked upon evil in every land and known it to be wrought byRays, 87:interim between the darkness of the war with the evil history of the past, and the appearance of aRays, 87:forget) it is the destruction of much planetary evil, focused for aeons in humanity as a whole andRays, 87:precipitated into violent activity by a group of evil men whose destiny it was. This destiny wasRays, 87:his own form again and again through the evil which he does and by the material focus of hisRays, 88:apparent to the understanding aspirant that much evil has been destroyed in all fields of humanRays, 109:have the gradual consolidation of the forces of evil or of materialism on Earth. I am not speakingRays, 109:will be consequently still more potent in its evil dedication, focus and results. The little wheelsRays, 135:its work; the sword of the spirit has severed an evil past from the radiant future, and both areRays, 144:which is bringing the universal revelation of evil, a radiance which is now producing the worldRays, 144:has brought about the lining up of good and evil; this touch of radiance is the conditioning factorRays, 144:time. It should be carefully borne in mind that evil (cosmic evil or the source of planetary evil)Rays, 144:be carefully borne in mind that evil (cosmic evil or the source of planetary evil) is much closerRays, 144:evil (cosmic evil or the source of planetary evil) is much closer to Shamballa than it is toRays, 144:reflection, soul) by matter is what constitutes evil and this is true whether the statement isRays, 144:out the will of God" move free from the spell of evil. The Light in which They move safeguardsRays, 144:Their Own innate and inherent radiance repels evil. But They "move alongside the evil to which allRays, 144:repels evil. But They "move alongside the evil to which all lesser forms are prone"; They are partRays, 145:between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. They have let loose upon Earth the Forces ofRays, 145:Earth the Forces of Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherent in substance itself - of whichRays, 145:received a great impetus from this touch. The evil in nations - aggression, greed, intolerance andRays, 145:onward into a greater measure of light. Good and evil stand out in clearer focus; light and darkRays, 146:two definitely and altogether upon the side of evil. The evil is more concentrated, and thereforeRays, 146:and altogether upon the side of evil. The evil is more concentrated, and therefore more powerfulRays, 176:which is so dynamic in its effect that evil disappears. Evil is after all only an impelling senseRays, 176:so dynamic in its effect that evil disappears. Evil is after all only an impelling sense ofRays, 176:future, there is no light or dark, no good or evil, no difference or separation. The star that hasRays, 186:attracted the attention of certain purely evil energies or Beings. These Beings availed themselvesRays, 188:between truth and falsehood, between good and evil, and between the left hand Path and the Path ofRays, 190:find the current which is yours. Watch for the evil stream of force which seeks to mend the rents.Rays, 190:the Ashram into the veils. Use it and drive the evil back unto the astral plane. Work with theRays, 191:descending current - will drive the forces of evil back on to the astral plane and will togetherRays, 192:of the Forces of Good and the forces of evil upon the etheric plane. The task of all groups whichRays, 202:which will enable him to contact cosmic evil and yet remain untouched, eventually to play his partRays, 232:universal death throughout the world. These evil beings have responded to the will energy ofRays, 232:but have used it in keeping with their own evil intentions and with the power conferred by theirRays, 232:by their standing upon the cosmic ladder of evil. Hence the war. I only mention this as a strikingRays, 232:is intensified, and in the others the will-to-evil. Energy per se is entirely impersonal. TheRays, 234:to receive recognition from the side of evil, prior to that recognition coming from the good. ButRays, 235:not possible for the Masters to turn energy to evil ends, but They necessarily have to master newRays, 236:and immovable between humanity and the forces of evil. This has been an epoch of crisis, and theRays, 237:to ideals (in spite of all the efforts of the evil and reactionary forces), and the seethingRays, 302:not. It is not true. I am not this or that. This evil selfish thing, it is not me. I am not this.Rays, 350:them. You have here a hint as to the nature of evil and a clue to a part (though only a part) ofRays, 350:of the mystery to be noted in the statement that evil and good are reverse aspects of the same oneRays, 350:are reverse aspects of the same one reality, and evil is that good which we should have leftRays, 351:closed the third time to the dark brothers. Evil, as we understand it, has absolutely no place onRays, 384:appeared with all its potentiality for good and evil. Man became an integrated unit in the threeRays, 389:the world war took place, the forces of hidden evil [390] emerged for a short period and were thenRays, 400:for you to comprehend the nature of cosmic evil. As to the detail of the work of Those Who choose -Rays, 413:reason for the violent attempt of the Forces of Evil to gain control, and their resultant failure. Rays, 429:conquests are relatively modern history. Her evil destiny (as she regards it) does, nevertheless,Rays, 430:again opened the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through Hitler and hisRays, 430:which worked originally through Hitler and his evil gang. The "sealing" of that door had not beenRays, 430:wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point ofRays, 430:These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point of which is to be found in theRays, 500:the brotherhood of man, or the leaders against evil head the fight for the new world order or forRays, 500:has itself evoked the reaction of the powers of evil, and hence their attempt to arrest theRays, 554:by this decision produced an upsurging of evil in the hearts of men so inclined, leading to anRays, 554:and creative activity of separative and hateful evil. This, in its turn, "opened the door whereRays, 554:evil. This, in its turn, "opened the door where evil dwelt" and let loose on earth the full fury ofRays, 554:This evoked a prompt reaction from the Forces of Evil which had created and "held in being" theRays, 603:first major fight between the demonstrators of evil and the Forces of Light took place; it wasRays, 603:on the side of the good more than on the side of evil. Under the symbolism of the Flood, it isRays, 606:(so often misunderstood by man) between good and evil. In Atlantean days, the leaders of men, underRays, 608:in the Purpose, and the prevention of evil. I would have you ponder on these three phrases whichRays, 608:Participation in the Purpose. Prevention of evil. These decisions are based, first of all, onRays, 611:effort. The partial "sealing of the door where evil dwells." The use of the Great Invocation withRays, 612:recognition of the needed adjustments. Even the evil forces which still remain active hide theirRays, 623:Hierarchy of our planet brings good out of evil without originating the evil or infringing the freeRays, 623:brings good out of evil without originating the evil or infringing the free will of mankind. Rays, 626:curious innate cruelty permitted the Forces of Evil (temporarily) to work through Germany andRays, 632:a great experiment in education and, in spite of evil methods and sinning against the soul of humanRays, 639:in the Purpose, and the prevention of evil. The Principle of Conflict is today active in all
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