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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOKE

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Astrology, 22:It is the work of the zodiacal influences to evoke the emergence of the will aspect of the HeavenlyAstrology, 30:We are concerned with energies which can and do evoke response and of which man can be aware and,Astrology, 32:every part of our solar system. They only evoke conscious response where the vehicle of expressionAstrology, 51:the energies, concealed by the rising sign. They evoke the unexpected and produce the hastening ofAstrology, 53:those of the twelve planets, but their power to evoke response, and to be consciously received,Astrology, 184:my purpose in this section of our treatise is to evoke interest and enquiry and to incite studentsAstrology, 221:of their ruling planets can pour through him and evoke the needed reactions, produce the conditionsAstrology, 237:of those attitudes and conditions which will evoke reality in man, bring the inner spiritual man toAstrology, 326:penetrate into the formless world and there evoke response. "Those who in distant aeons haveAstrology, 401:Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evoke the intuitive response of Taurus to anAstrology, 473:particular equipment at any point in time - will evoke from him the maximum of possible effort,Astrology, 477:and motive and the intent of the soul. They evoke confidence when surmounted and produce greatlyAstrology, 494:as they swing the man into activity and evoke his mental perception. With the aid of the rulingAstrology, 495:processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this brings into activityAstrology, 520:unspiritual groups. Later this will aspect will evoke the will-to-good and the will-to-build and toAstrology, 545:in or rather evoked. It is conditions which evoke, aided at times by voiced Words of Power on theAstrology, 546:approach to divinity but the effort [546] to evoke the ancient gods, to deify the forms of matterAstrology, 555:whole. The energies of this Cross continue to evoke response until the time of the thirdAstrology, 574:will into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke response from Shamballa. [575] Astrology, 575:blending the two approaches in an effort to evoke - via the Hierarchy - the will-to-save ofAstrology, 580:of the divine nature of man. Only this can evoke the true expression of the will. It has in fact toAstrology, 586:incoming energy and can learn how to invoke and evoke it. You can consequently see why there wasAstrology, 586:but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy and use it for theAstrology, 586:to appropriate this energy. Those who seek to evoke the Shamballa force are approaching close toAstrology, 602:human consciousness in an effort to produce and evoke the Will aspect in advanced man they produce:Astrology, 602:These produce certain tendencies in humanity, evoke certain attitudes of the will, and leadAutobiography, 140:Rebirth. It seems so revolutionary; it is apt to evoke a spirit of weariness and of spiritualAutobiography, 264:upon the presentation of a teaching which will evoke both the respect and the intuitive response ofAutobiography, 273:these will be differently interpreted and will evoke antagonism from the old schools. These moreAutobiography, 273:rejection from the older groups but it will also evoke response [274] from many in those groups whoBethlehem, 13:from God. These proved facts should surely evoke from us the recognition that though there are manyBethlehem, 46:and great dreams, visions and ideals which evoke a hope and a refusal to be defeated and are theBethlehem, 78:they encounter. Puzzled as to why they seem to evoke so much antagonism from those around them,Destiny, 6:five energies as they play upon our planet, evoke response - good and bad - and produce the turmoilDestiny, 20:The Directors of the Hierarchy are seeking to evoke an intelligent response from men and anDiscipleship1, 40:their work of relating soul with soul. They also evoke the soul of the past, linking it with theDiscipleship1, 48:his highly developed love nature so that he may evoke admiration or, at least, challenge. ButDiscipleship1, 69:something of interest and something which should evoke a sense of responsibility), the major taskDiscipleship1, 88:must be then recognized for what they are, and evoke in you that "divine indifference" whichDiscipleship1, 101:can call forth all that you have to give and can evoke your soul (the only true reward that theDiscipleship1, 121:words at all times for my object is always to evoke the activity of your higher Self, thus exactingDiscipleship1, 161:the methods employed to arouse interest and to evoke the needed support are for Western disciplesDiscipleship1, 172:of rhythm and of energy distribution, you will evoke a synthetic pattern, a unified procedure and aDiscipleship1, 178:of employing pressure correctly so as to evoke response in the one being taught. This constitutes aDiscipleship1, 180:love intelligently and powerfully applied, to evoke right conditions in your environment. I wouldDiscipleship1, 205:of Love-Wisdom and this enables you safely to evoke and use your first ray Will, for it will thenDiscipleship1, 222:You know also the powerful reaction you can evoke from them. This is the effect of first ray forceDiscipleship1, 269:is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth theDiscipleship1, 277:of any great importance. They will only evoke a greater emotional livingness and understanding;Discipleship1, 295:way to serve, for it will be that which will evoke the least resistance from those you serve, [296]Discipleship1, 298:this energy to the personality which I seek to evoke, and which must be the objective of yourDiscipleship1, 301:and are you yet so unloving that knowledge need evoke criticism and resentment, instead of love andDiscipleship1, 339:when reflected in the emotional nature, evoke aspiration and develop faith. The focus of your soulDiscipleship1, 364:living which are so simple that they fail to evoke your will? It is the evocation of a dynamic willDiscipleship1, 371:of the Hierarchy. You are a disciple. Disciples evoke from us who are the teachers upon the innerDiscipleship1, 380:self-forgetfulness. To aid you and in order to evoke your second ray quality of soul and mind, IDiscipleship1, 384:but the poise you bring to them, the energy you evoke in their fulfilment and the intensity of yourDiscipleship1, 421:communications. This is because I am seeking to evoke in all my disciples the recognition that theDiscipleship1, 428:is, in this incarnation, of sufficient power to evoke a reaction in all the three vehicles of theDiscipleship1, 435:that calls forth the love of those around, I too evoke the love of my brothers. That love I renderDiscipleship1, 442:has given you the stimulation needed to evoke certain reactions and responses whereby you, theDiscipleship1, 448:as your most important keyword, for it would evoke in you qualities along the line of the third RayDiscipleship1, 452:the emotional and the intuitional nature and so evoke spiritual sensitivity to revelation. To that,Discipleship1, 483:associates, and also the nations of the world. Evoke and cultivate the sense of the immanent beautyDiscipleship1, 500:or - perhaps more truly - aid them to invoke and evoke their own souls. When you do at times castDiscipleship1, 502:well as of concentrated usefulness will either evoke that quality in you or drive you back into aDiscipleship1, 508:love for these and all will be well. You evoke love in many. This means that you have the gift ofDiscipleship1, 509:The glamor and the illusion which a disciple can evoke is far more potent than that of the averageDiscipleship1, 564:to stand by in love, send healing thoughts and evoke the inner strength of the soul that theDiscipleship1, 623:this dispelling light may flood your life and evoke that simplicity which is ever the indication ofDiscipleship1, 642:the tension and strain which my suggestion may evoke in your vehicles) for only one day prior toDiscipleship1, 651:to the majority of people you will contact. You evoke as yet too violent a response from others.Discipleship1, 655:either in pity, or as an illustration, or to evoke interest? Friday... What was my majorDiscipleship1, 693:undertakings. The task of the Master is to evoke from his disciples such a depth of consecratedDiscipleship1, 698:the conscious mind, to contact the soul and evoke the intuition. When that has been successfullyDiscipleship1, 705:it will be of the type and quality needed to evoke response, and so meet the need of those theDiscipleship1, 737:and technically the task of the Master to evoke the direct response and the conscious reaction ofDiscipleship1, 745:humanity, stimulates and empowers but does not evoke the lower life of the personal self. These areDiscipleship1, 748:urgent principle of invocation; it can and will evoke hierarchical response and thus put twoDiscipleship2, 15:me; there is weakness in all of you which can evoke your brothers' strength and thus you will beDiscipleship2, 18:frequently use in connection with the centers - evoke response from the love-petals of the egoicDiscipleship2, 18:deep reflection on your part and an effort to evoke the intuition and thus arrive at [19] the threeDiscipleship2, 19:them, stimulated by each presented idea and thus evoke together the over-shadowing soul. This willDiscipleship2, 67:life and produce those basic changes which evoke the vocation of the disciple. The disciple isDiscipleship2, 68:of the soul's attitudes to the personality, evoke no response or registration whatsoever. What isDiscipleship2, 80:anent that great event - teaching intended to evoke their intelligent cooperation. In yourDiscipleship2, 101:this particular life for you, but next life may evoke from you a new attitude and a deeperDiscipleship2, 145:will grow with practice, and will eventually evoke the intuition and thus fertilize your mind.Discipleship2, 187:in meditation. They were intended to evoke your abstract mind and their obvious meaning andDiscipleship2, 219:Servers will be [219] so potent that it will evoke a response from humanity and a cycle ofDiscipleship2, 230:give, you may not ask, for you have no right to evoke that which you do not share. Suggestions:Discipleship2, 244:on - to the Path of Discipleship and thus evoke that new spirit which can and will build the newDiscipleship2, 267:1. By Hints. These - if seen and followed - will evoke the intuition. Initiation is never takenDiscipleship2, 428:energies is such that they inevitably evoke response. They become polarized or focused upon theDiscipleship2, 444:this about, it will be necessary for you to evoke the latent will which must be developed andDiscipleship2, 484:outer ability to contact, to influence and to evoke response from all and sundry with whom your lotDiscipleship2, 535:will greatly enrich your life. It will also evoke responsibility. This responsibility willDiscipleship2, 538:come which require understanding and which evoke questioning; he begins to study the quality of hisDiscipleship2, 560:presence felt in the disciple's environment and evoke response from others. Not only so, but theDiscipleship2, 621:that you study them and not yourself. Do you evoke in your friends and associates a good and happy
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