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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOKE

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Discipleship2, 622:if you learn to love by not caring whether you evoke love or not. Such are the occult paradoxesDiscipleship2, 653:They will suffice to meet your need and to evoke in you the necessary spiritual attitudes. TheDiscipleship2, 668:of Shamballa are called) suffices later to evoke the love aspect in greater fullness, enabling theDiscipleship2, 702:as well as that of your group brothers, would evoke from you some recognition. Their friendship isDiscipleship2, 706:invoke the best that is in you but will also evoke the latent seeds of difficulty, which mustDiscipleship2, 757:a fluent letter or an eloquent appeal, or to evoke the words of arresting power which you feelEducation, 13:helpful; it may but increase responsibility, evoke antagonism or unbelief, or produce depression -Education, 14:if it is not there, an effort should be made to evoke it. Secondly, an attempt should be made toEducation, One of:These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas are followed - rightly orEducation, 50:rightly. The third duty of education will be to evoke and to develop the intuition. When theseEducation, 58:citizen what has "come to light" in the past. Evoke interest in the new sciences and knowledgeEducation, 62:I am choosing my words with care in an effort to evoke your esoteric response. Beyond this point ofEducation, 88:he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of his class of students a real sense ofEducation, 138:which are only intended to be suggestive, to evoke brooding thought and to indicate thoseExternalisation, 47:instructions (See Education in the New Age) will evoke more interested response from a larger groupExternalisation, 47:interest which the teaching on education will evoke will be owing to the fact that education isExternalisation, 51:recognized and adopted by those masses; they evoke counter responses which arouse those inExternalisation, 51:or would be of such a nature that they will evoke a generously rendered and recognized cooperation.Externalisation, 70:These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas are followed, rightly orExternalisation, 119:intuitive understanding of its implications may evoke some day a response to the "sin ofExternalisation, 150:manifested world, but the invocation which will evoke contact with the spiritual Lives and theExternalisation, 167:good, yet they know that the note which will evoke an immediate response from the unit and theExternalisation, 203:between the citizen and the state which will evoke the service of the individual and the rightExternalisation, 222:that all times of emergency seem ever to evoke some Liberator or some man or group of men who areExternalisation, 252:produce events upon the physical plane, evoke response upon the plane of the emotions, and induceExternalisation, 261:powerful, and definitely more difficult both to evoke and subsequently to contact. This is theExternalisation, 262:- by forces of destruction. Is it possible to evoke at this time eternal good, latent in LivesExternalisation, 287:through three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East and in the West.Externalisation, 294:soul, or of humanity's material nature, must evoke response, and thus an Avatar can manifest. It isExternalisation, 305:the demand of the people be strong enough to evoke the higher potency, or will it be too feebleExternalisation, 309:take place. Can the "massed intent" of humanity evoke response and lead to the appearance on EarthExternalisation, 311:to reach Him by focused intensive thought and to evoke His response. This [312] is the purpose ofExternalisation, 312:plan to help mass world thought and thus evoke the Avatar, and likewise to provide a world groupExternalisation, 324:will and the focused mind, and is intended to evoke response from the Forces which will conditionExternalisation, 334:of humanity is contacted and its power used to evoke the emerging crisis of love, an increasingExternalisation, 336:of fusion achieved in group meditation will evoke the right results and produce an instrument ofExternalisation, 342:of the divine nature of man. Only this can evoke the true expression of the will. It has in fact toExternalisation, 346:incoming energy and can learn how to invoke and evoke it. You can consequently see why there wasExternalisation, 346:but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy, and use it for theExternalisation, 349:far as your comprehension is concerned, it is to evoke in humanity the spirit of demand, whilstExternalisation, 350:attempt to reach the Lords of Liberation and evoke Their response to the focused will of theExternalisation, 353:and you can give acceptable [353] help if you evoke your own will and control your emotions,Externalisation, 382:a good beginning) he must develop in himself and evoke in others the spirit of goodwill. ThisExternalisation, 390:of what is happening and the other unconscious - evoke reply? [391] In moments of extreme urgencyExternalisation, 392:the "massed intent" of mankind will suffice to evoke an extra-planetary response. Much of this taskExternalisation, 396:The work of spiritually minded men is to evoke that will-to-good on earth through as full anExternalisation, 397:however, preserve the form which can and will evoke eventually the Spirit of Peace. This evocationExternalisation, 397:good reason. It was an invocation intended to evoke the Forces of Life just as the previous oneExternalisation, 414:of the forces of love, and when effective, will evoke the response of spiritual Beings Who canExternalisation, 418:This work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from the waiting Hierarchy; throughExternalisation, 423:union possible and effective. This event will evoke worldwide recognition. I have stated also thatExternalisation, 424:goodness in mankind into expression, so evil can evoke greater evil from those susceptible fromExternalisation, 445:of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and your help inExternalisation, 447:energizing results of that impact, and this will evoke results suited to the type of mind affected.Externalisation, 449:perception of necessity. What they do will evoke discussion and oft-times disagreement, as have theExternalisation, 449:their opponents, and - at the same time - will evoke the banding together of those who see behindExternalisation, 450:both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional and mental potency. ItExternalisation, 453:come; the spiritual Hierarchy stands ready to evoke the good latent behind the work of destructionExternalisation, 486:energies which will be released will inevitably evoke opposition. Selfishness and hate, with theirExternalisation, 554:reactions which the stress of war could evoke. This year will mark a unique and peculiarExternalisation, 598:accompanied by Those Whose lives and words will evoke recognition in every department of humanExternalisation, 600:are the signs of His divinity! for that would evoke only antagonism and laughter, resistance orExternalisation, 691:the disciple from undue contact; it will then evoke in the person to be helped, or the group to beFire, 1065:lives within the atomic periphery, but does evoke a response from the essential, positive nucleusGlamour, 67:that all struggle is warranted and will evoke its adequate reward. As pointed out in the tabulationGlamour, 76:plus a willingness to do anything to show and evoke this sentiment, and consequently to be moreGlamour, 76:amiable and pleasant characteristics which will evoke a corresponding reciprocation towards theGlamour, 146:can be said of the Germans, and from many they evoke the same reaction as they mete out to the Jew,Healing, 238:will go to show the types of activity which will evoke corresponding difficulty within the heart.Healing, 243:that these external impacts immediately evoke a response from the nervous system; the modernHealing, 384:along mental lines. These requirements will evoke the mental attention of both the healing agencyHealing, 712:of magic can proceed. Substance and spirit must evoke each other and, passing through the center ofHercules, 57:and wisdom in yourself. Turn inwards and there evoke the strength which is, the power which is theHercules, 77:and reflects." "Provide a test which will evoke his wisest choice. Send him to labor in a fieldInitiation, 2:is offered for whatever of inner response it may evoke, for whatever of inspiration and of light itIntellect, 208:to withdraw into the solitudes in order to evoke the soul opens up one or two interestingIntellect, 218:we want to meditate. This will inevitably evoke a wrong reaction. Let us say nothing about the wayIntellect, 231:the untrained personality, and the energy they evoke goes to the stimulation of the psychic nature.Magic, 143:thoughts available for others. When we speak we evoke a thought and make it present, and we bringMagic, 426:what they are, but when noted will only serve to evoke a loving helpfulness. Meditation, 186:which is effected by fire. Mantrams that evoke the God within, and work specifically on the Ego.Meditation, 294:tone, endeavoring to strike the note that will evoke the Ego. The doorkeeper will respond and chantProblems, 48:upon him. But this explanation will inevitably evoke response, for a child thinks more than isProblems, 61:he will realize that his major task is to evoke out of his class of students a real sense ofProblems, 105:minority, given with a frankness which will evoke much criticism, but given in this way in the hopeProblems, 137:will make them light bearers and which will evoke that greater light which the new and anticipatedProblems, 155:This it will be the duty of every churchman to evoke by example, by the energy of applied andProblems, 156:identical. Because of this universality, they evoke recognition and response from all menProblems, 159:This work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from the waiting Hierarchy [160] andProblems, 163:of the divine purpose. Men everywhere will evoke wisdom and understanding and the inflow of lightProblems, 165:the Buddha, would reveal His eternal light and evoke our intelligent cooperation; God, through thePsychology1, 68:various statements make anent a particular ray evoke an intuitive understanding on the part of thePsychology1, 110:students need to remember that they themselves evoke and call forth the teaching they receive. ThePsychology1, 211:rules of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces. From manyPsychology1, 302:civilization. They are probably too simple to evoke an interested recognition. But the power lyingPsychology2, 39:Plan by the sounding of those words which will evoke the Builders of the forms and thus create thePsychology2, 158:us so familiar and so uninteresting that it can evoke but little response. If we were told that thePsychology2, 161:and repulsive attitudes, words and deeds evoke in our minds all that is unpleasant to contemplate.Psychology2, 166:is awakened; if one is an initiate, they will evoke the comment: "This I know." Psychology2, 168:the colors which I blend, the music which I can evoke. Me, they will therefore like, and me, they
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