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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOKED

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Astrology, 198:today as existing when definite response is evoked. They come from all kinds of sources, extraneousAstrology, 208:high stage of development, the memory aspect is evoked in a new and conscious manner and then everyAstrology, 227:time) a call to the soul has gone forth and has evoked response. The first few faint flashes of theAstrology, 246:and equally important) which must be invoked and evoked. Ponder upon these words. It is not theAstrology, 412:upon man will depend upon whether response is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality,Astrology, 420:are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also toAstrology, 444:the time comes when activity and response is evoked. This then leads to resistance to the apparentAstrology, 461:one side of this reflected triangle into the evoked expression on the physical plane. ProducingAstrology, 493:the non-sacred planets. This response must be evoked, not only in the fourth kingdom in nature butAstrology, 544:activity possible; they themselves have been evoked out of their evil past by the material side ofAstrology, 544:In like manner, the Forces of Light can be evoked in tremendous potency but only by the massedAstrology, 545:the influence of Pisces was called in or rather evoked. It is conditions which evoke, aided atAstrology, 546:call can sound forth clearly in a void and be evoked by time and circumstance - unopposed if theAstrology, 580:expression of the will. It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind andAstrology, 584:massed and focused, can invoke will; will, when evoked, ends desire and becomes an immanent,Astrology, 584:real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked. I am not referring here to the use ofAstrology, 623:before that power of the will is sufficiently evoked. Then the vision can become a manifestationAutobiography, 146:of America is forgotten in the irritation evoked by our bombastic boasting. The inherent justice ofAutobiography, 161:work has received worldwide recognition and has evoked worldwide curiosity. It has also brought meAutobiography, 229:life had been opened to humanity and that this evoked a corresponding uprising of the forces ofAutobiography, 245:to her whether it contained truth, whether it evoked intuitive understanding and recognition andAutobiography, 265:The higher consciousness of the disciple will be evoked and trained. He will be taught to workAutobiography, 296:truths of all the world religions and have evoked universal recognition; man instinctively knowsBethlehem, 106:words which have sounded down the ages, and have evoked response from all aspirants to the kingdom.Bethlehem, 155:God, and so potent was this combination that it evoked from God Himself an immediate response. WhenBethlehem, 210:preordained for all time, and the antagonism it evoked, brought Christ to the place of crucifixion.Bethlehem, 217:and consequent maladjustment of human beings evoked from Jesus the demand that forgiveness beBethlehem, 261:the universal recognition which Christ has evoked, nor was the intellect of the masses sufficientlyDestiny, 49:aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by theDestiny, 146:information you already have, before there is evoked from you that basic demand for further lightDiscipleship1, 43:disciples so that their cooperation would be evoked and their intelligent help forthcoming. WhatDiscipleship1, 118:however, to note the differing type of reactions evoked when: You work with those subordinate toDiscipleship1, 119:in this light and see what response is then evoked in you. The initiate of the fifth degree inDiscipleship1, 181:circumstances can the full power of the soul be evoked. Such is the law. The coming year may showDiscipleship1, 200:on what occasions is the light in me most easily evoked? Have I brought light to others today? If IDiscipleship1, 281:your interest in the significance of time is evoked more fully. But this must be done gradually,Discipleship1, 298:of the second tier of petals which must now be evoked - those of love-wisdom. It is the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 351:my thanks for the steadiness whereby you have evoked the greatly needed group integration. You haveDiscipleship1, 427:than in the average person. Recognize these evoked reactions and then pass on. Waste not time inDiscipleship1, 432:through from the mental plane, via the world of evoked desire, and so into physical planeDiscipleship1, 451:terms of force - the force to be applied being evoked under the law of action and reaction, andDiscipleship1, 500:first ray line of force, a situation is always evoked which has in it the seeds of real danger. TheDiscipleship1, 511:of his own life and the dramatic situations evoked in his own thoughts. It permits two kinds ofDiscipleship1, 512:and errors? Is there an immediate interest evoked in you by the relation of some wrong action orDiscipleship1, 520:to the conditions which karmatically you have evoked. Your physical body is also on the sixth rayDiscipleship1, 625:lie buried in your consciousness and are easily evoked; in the thrill of stately ceremonial and ofDiscipleship1, 684:ways: By the potency of his Own thought life, evoked by his response to the united hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 752:aware of the quality of the Ashram which is evoked by the Master. Now he is admitted to the secretDiscipleship1, 753:some particular Ashram. These, when they have evoked a response and drawn the disciple to theDiscipleship1, 757:aura, whereby the other kingdoms in nature are evoked into responsive activity. Discipleship1, 777:to her whether it contained truth, whether it evoked intuitive understanding and recognition andDiscipleship2, 21:Ponder on these words. The physical body can be evoked into manifestation and subsequent activity,Discipleship2, 22:Ponder on this. Much antagonism will be evoked and an uprising of skepticism will be naturallyDiscipleship2, 33:reinstatement has been recognized by me and has evoked from me due response. Their linking with theDiscipleship2, 68:to the attention of [68] D.H.B. This type of evoked response is in the nature of illusion. He willDiscipleship2, 73:in this way the power of visualization will be evoked and aid you in registering what I say. HereDiscipleship2, 92:help them along these lines, resentment only was evoked. In many cases (as I have elsewhere toldDiscipleship2, 142:the disciple to the point where his interest (evoked through the stages of recognition andDiscipleship2, 145:one of the ideas which your theme-word has evoked, you think about it, analyze it and relate it toDiscipleship2, 145:it to life, getting all you can out of it. This evoked idea may and should vary from day to day butDiscipleship2, 158:In the second three lines, the Heart of God is evoked and the focal point of love is considered.Discipleship2, 189:- work also on buddhic-mental levels and are evoked by the desire of the mass of men. I do notDiscipleship2, 198:invocative appeal, and - when invocation has evoked response - it leads to group receptivity toDiscipleship2, 206:transmitters to the Hierarchy of the response evoked from Shamballa. They are constantly in touchDiscipleship2, 218:the glory which is hidden in every form is evoked and slowly brought to exoteric manifestation. InDiscipleship2, 238:mutual reaction - a reaction which is evoked by the immediate response of a soul, in touch with itsDiscipleship2, 243:sources of strength in them have not yet been evoked, and the tension under which they should actDiscipleship2, 257:the formulas, two reactions are automatically evoked in the true disciple and in the true groupDiscipleship2, 287:puts it. This striving and reaching forth evoked his response and the going out of his divinity, asDiscipleship2, 487:with them an [487] educational relationship evoked by the quality of your approach to them and theDiscipleship2, 539:in due form and beauty that which radiation has evoked. Creativity is a consequence of a particularDiscipleship2, 620:to fuller expression. These tendencies, when evoked, registered and recognized for what they areDiscipleship2, 624:inevitably evokes desire. If the emotion evoked by the mind's recognition of the feelingDiscipleship2, 624:the astral body) is pleasurable, then desire is evoked for the continuance or the repetition of theDiscipleship2, 631:in your mind which still lacks an answer is evoked by my statement in the last instruction I gaveDiscipleship2, 664:presented to you. You have made many friends and evoked much love, and that is a lasting processDiscipleship2, 672:was concerned - but distinctly undesirable. It evoked in you a realization that was false in manyDiscipleship2, 684:Again, my brother, have you realized that if I evoked from you a personality devotion I should beDiscipleship2, 723:interests related to my work (a work which has evoked your sincere dedication), but give not timeDiscipleship2, 733:into the astral body to a very great extent and evoked the glamor and the deception which haveDiscipleship2, 758:as and when the disciple chooses. These are not evoked by habit or by the demand of others, but areEducation, 40:emotional in reactions to beauty, to the terror evoked by divinity and to the emotionalEducation, 40:the mystical consciousness anew, after he has evoked his mental nature and prior to unfolding trueEducation, 86:will be fired, and his ambition and aspiration evoked along true and right lines; the world of pastEducation, 105:has been so distorted and so misused that it has evoked a revolt in humanity and has produced anExternalisation, 29:the manifesting deity. This impact of force has evoked a response from those who function upon oneExternalisation, 31:intuition and the light of understanding is [31] evoked within them; it enters not from without;Externalisation, 41:In Atlantean times, this condition was evoked and hence the problem facing the race today; henceExternalisation, 101:from the spiritual and subjective angles. This evoked from all of you an immediate and gratifyingExternalisation, 142:use in the world of men some opposition was evoked among the members of the Hierarchy because TheyExternalisation, 153:public once the world disciples have invoked and evoked the inflow of this higher dynamic energy.Externalisation, 176:constitutes a menace to world peace and, if evoked into full expression, may plunge the world stillExternalisation, 186:da Vinci, a Beethoven can appear. Some power has evoked man's capacity to formulate ideas, toExternalisation, 192:sound in its pronouncements) which must be evoked, recognized and listened to, and not the voicesExternalisation, 199:the age of separateness. Desire is today being evoked for the Federated States of Europe, modeledExternalisation, 259:There are also sleeping hosts which may be evoked for the aiding of the spiritual forces, andExternalisation, 264:that the Presence of the Son of God can be evoked and that He must come to the assistance of HisExternalisation, 275:Humanity. This synthesis of the three energies, evoked through invocation and the response ofExternalisation, 276:on the impulse of selfless love, can and must be evoked for the destruction of the selfish andExternalisation, 278:turned to selfish purposes. The power here to be evoked out of the human soul, in this hour of
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