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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOKED

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Externalisation, 294:will stream forth. Recognition of need has then evoked response. The conflict ceases; the DwellerExternalisation, 297:groups: 1. Racial Avatars. These Appearances are evoked by the genius and destiny of a race, TheExternalisation, 301:of humanity speaking in unison; Their service is evoked only by realized need, and only after thoseExternalisation, 305:Avatar of Synthesis and upon that Avatar being evoked through the demand and the massed intent ofExternalisation, 313:their time fighting a psychic sensitivity, evoked by world conditions; many are simply overwhelmedExternalisation, 321:potency is still locked up in mankind which, if evoked by man himself, will prove adequate to doExternalisation, 326:(which I have made in other writings) has evoked resentment in the minds of those who believe thatExternalisation, 342:expression of the will. It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind andExternalisation, 344:massed and focused, can invoke will; will, when evoked, ends desire [345] and becomes an immanent,Externalisation, 345:real) to humanity. This Will must be invoked and evoked. There are two great handicaps to the freeExternalisation, 349:in Himself the spirit of appeal as it is evoked by the stimulation being applied by the Buddha. HeExternalisation, 350:the aspirants, disciples and initiates; They, if evoked, can give the impetus which will enable theExternalisation, 376:the peculiar genius of each nation must be evoked for the enriching of the entire human family; theExternalisation, 390:dispersed that the full measure of good can be evoked? Can the evocation of a new cycle ofExternalisation, 394:of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evoked response from the Hierarchy which has come,Externalisation, 408:for the release and the guidance of humanity are evoked by human desire and demand, for there is aExternalisation, 420:sensitive and responsive to such impacts. Their evoked response, sent out as spiritual energy, willExternalisation, 424:- under the Law of Action and Reaction - have evoked a more rapid response from the Forces of EvilExternalisation, 449:not resent this; they know that the discussion evoked and the criticisms raised will reveal theExternalisation, 449:made the issues clear, as they see them, having evoked the enthusiasm of the men of goodwill in theExternalisation, 550:an inevitable opposition has been evoked; had there been none, my efforts would have been futile. IExternalisation, 564:of the Hierarchy to Shamballa itself, and has evoked response. This invocative [565] work reached aExternalisation, 581:from the fourth or buddhic plane, has been evoked by the human soul and is a recognized asset inExternalisation, 601:how, in the Bible story, Christ symbolically evoked the recognition of John the Baptist andExternalisation, 604:details and by ridiculous claims, that they have evoked little recognition of the underlying truth,Externalisation, 611:That the Christ, immanent in every heart, can be evoked in recognition of His appearance. That theExternalisation, 637:The spirit of evil which animated German actions evoked every possible opposition from the ForcesExternalisation, 691:distress, the anxiety or the thought activity evoked by the minds and the desires of those withFire, 350:that constitutes the Not-Self, and that it is evoked in three ways, of which only two as yet areFire, 981:perfect existences. Through speech a thought is evoked and becomes present; it is brought out ofGlamour, 43:and subsequent contact, the intuition is evoked, awakened and used. This is the great dispellingGlamour, 43:subsequent contact, the energy of the soul is evoked, awakened and used. This is the greatGlamour, 108:plane of the emotions, of the astral plane, was evoked in the consciousness of the groups underGlamour, 109:that, at this early stage, glamor was only evoked by and recognized by the highly evolved people ofGlamour, 131:mental plane on to the astral; a desire is thus evoked for a partial and inadequate ideal and thusGlamour, 137:so wisely and so inclusively. His intuition was evoked through the depth and intensity of his loveGlamour, 220:no such thing. They are the instinctual desires, evoked by the evolving substance of the physicalGlamour, 260:minute atom also has its sound; each form can be evoked into music and each human being has hisHealing, 348:suppression takes place really, nor is the will evoked. When a man's life is run and controlled byHealing, 451:Great and penetrating energies and their [451] evoked forces have met in conflict which has,Healing, 473:an interior processing and reaction is evoked within the man upon the physical plane. CertainHealing, 501:and finally an awakened consciousness is evoked. This demonstrates in the first instance as theHealing, 653:counted upon and that the soul interest can be evoked in its representative, the man upon theHealing, 667:the same time, the will-to-good from Shamballa evoked the latent goodwill in man, so that today andHercules, 4:a reading of his story, fresh interest may be evoked in the mind of the bewildered aspirant, andHercules, 208:fresh interest in the spiritual life may be evoked in the mind of the bewildered aspirant, and heIntellect, 74:until, through meditation, the Christ life is evoked and becomes the dominating factor in dailyIntellect, 109:wisdom. If the process is successful, there is evoked little or no reaction in the meditator,Intellect, 223:so that the soul could guide the energies evoked by the breath for the furtherance of itsIntellect, 241:reaction to the thoughts which the ideas have evoked, and the form is gradually built. Thus theMagic, 535:When the superhuman consciousness is evoked these two - intuition and illumination - take the placeMeditation, 293:or to emanate from his heart. It will not be evoked by the sounding of the Sacred Word, which WordPatanjali, 24:of the knowledge contacted and the realizations evoked by the right use of the mind as a sixthProblems, 59:will be fired and his ambition and aspiration evoked along true and right lines; the world of pastProblems, 103:and pay the price of restitution. The Jew has evoked and still evokes dislike, and for this thereProblems, 150:man (literally unthinking at that stage), it evoked a response from Deity; God drew near to man andProblems, 160:A response beyond man's deepest hopes will be evoked from Christ and His group of workers. To theseProblems, 165:of life be recognized but that which would be evoked would change all aspects of human living,Psychology1, 257:A new era began, wherein certain of the animals evoked affection from certain humans, and a newPsychology1, 382:aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by thePsychology2, 38:form. His mind responded to the vision clear evoked: - 'The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way.Psychology2, 42:it [42] manifests eventually as all that can be evoked and evolved through the power of the OnePsychology2, 68:unfolded before the intuition can be correctly evoked. We have, therefore, in the case of man, twoPsychology2, 145:on the physical plane. They can organize the evoked ideal which will embody as much of the idea ofPsychology2, 158:most undesirable types of human beings; it is evoked in moments of high destiny, or immediatePsychology2, 176:type of [176] discrimination is not even being evoked. It is that which must be shown in relationPsychology2, 215:as personal interest. Interest in him is evoked just in so far as he is occupied with matters whichPsychology2, 364:the disciple becomes aware of it, a crisis is evoked. The phrase "the disciple becomes aware ofPsychology2, 365:of the Personality This fourth ray crisis, evoked by a right understanding and a right use of thePsychology2, 371:this dual crisis is over and that which it has evoked has been rightly handled, then the lightPsychology2, 373:be trusted to work with the Plan. The alignment evoked by this "peaceful standing still" naturallyPsychology2, 386:the following results: The divine will must be evoked, of which the mind aspect is the reflection,Psychology2, 392:him. The creative imagination will be powerfully evoked in response to this revelation, and modesPsychology2, 440:and frequently lying dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress of circumstance) and all thePsychology2, 444:analysis I have not considered the tendencies evoked in past lives and lying hidden in thePsychology2, 446:What brought this need to your attention and evoked in you the desire for a specific process ofPsychology2, 473:produces effects in the life of the man who has evoked a measure of light within himself. This hasPsychology2, 476:is dangerous and imprisoning. The interest evoked in these undesirable cases is such that the manPsychology2, 479:upon the ladder of [479] evolution should be evoked at this point again, if possible, and it willPsychology2, 487:and that unless the mentality of the race is evoked on the side of understanding and common sense,Psychology2, 501:the nature of glamor or illusion; they are self-evoked and self-related; they indicate however realPsychology2, 545:the physical body. In the turmoil consequently evoked by these clashing forces which are [546]Psychology2, 570:imagination and all that is best in him will be evoked in adoration and mystery. Hence some of thePsychology2, 595:forms of heart disease and of emotionalism, evoked over group conditions) and of troubles relatedPsychology2, 617:of Disciples and Mystics Diseases and Problems evoked by Directed Group Thought It will be obviousPsychology2, 677:the consciousness of humanity will be steadily evoked on the side of righteousness and peace.Psychology2, 677:one's fellow men. When the mass conscience is evoked and functioning, a stabilized opinion will bePsychology2, 732:not shouldered. Our interest has been powerfully evoked, but not demonstrated as it might haveRays, 15:levels because they are - in their turn - evoked by the impelling impact of the coming Avatar WhoseRays, 19:shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmth ofRays, 27:shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmth ofRays, 31:shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat - evoked by the group love - permits the warmth ofRays, 32:the higher initiations can stream in when it is evoked by the group love. That light is clear andRays, 35:invokes the higher, and higher factors are then evoked and respond according to the measure ofRays, 48:it the seed of that understanding which must be evoked before the next rule can be mastered. AllRays, 76:distributed that the full measure of good may be evoked from humanity by the invocation soundedRays, 76:spirit of man. The invocative cry of humanity is evoked by the invocation or Sound of the spiritualRays, 78:inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealized and inaudible cry ofRays, 78:briefly the nature of that which is being evoked, and thus gain an insight into the interrelationRays, 90:when Shamballa can be contacted and its energy evoked. Hence we have the activity of the Buddha at
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