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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOKES

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Astrology, 92:Monad, responding to the first aspect of deity, evokes response from the first ray aspect of theAstrology, 198:seven groups which form our planetary Hierarchy evokes a response. I would remind you of a basicAstrology, 201:World Server, the transmitter of energy which evokes magnetic response. Jupiter and Uranus -Astrology, 258:present" or in other words that God immanent evokes reaction from the form side and is therebyAstrology, 372:Necessarily and simultaneously, this interplay evokes response from the unprepared and the unreadyAstrology, 403:divine qualities which this play of energies evokes in humanity - as well as in all other forms ofAstrology, 432:is different from the other lights. This light evokes response from that which shouts aloud: 'I amAstrology, 509:Uranus or Neptune whilst Pluto at present only evokes response from groups or from those disciplesAstrology, 558:Christian Trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself.Autobiography, 164:and then discover it does make sense and evokes intuitive response. This work of the Tibetan hasAutobiography, 273:and their work becomes worldwide in scope. It evokes not only antagonism and rejection from theAutobiography, 286:in the environment (no matter what it is) which evokes their interest or which demands theirBethlehem, 161:in that role." - Ibid., pp. 217, 218. This evokes in its entirety the question as to the nature ofDiscipleship1, 14:reason - carries one forward into knowledge and evokes the wisdom of the soul and its registrationDiscipleship1, 118:"parallels in intensity" yours and consequently evokes from you (as evidence from them of status)Discipleship1, 185:of effective auric contact" is recognized and evokes reaction upon the objective plane in yourDiscipleship1, 269:and conveying no true meaning to the aspirant) evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service isDiscipleship1, 515:of the Lighted Way. 5th month - Radiance which evokes the light in others. 6th month - SacrificeDiscipleship1, 587:first ray personality, plus your first ray mind, evokes in you a love of power and a desire forDiscipleship1, 587:sensation which comes from speech which evokes acquiescence. This serves to place you "in the seatDiscipleship1, 647:of harmony in your planned environment. It also evokes in you at times a violent reaction to thatDiscipleship1, 648:to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere, and theDiscipleship1, 654:and you have a sincerity of purpose that evokes my admiration, and upon which I am depending atDiscipleship1, 682:because you are beginners that the whole subject evokes your deep interest. The beginner is full ofDiscipleship1, 683:is that of radiation - [683] a radiation which evokes activity in others, initiates a response fromDiscipleship1, 738:service. If this process, when applied by him evokes resentment and disappointment upon their part,Discipleship1, 740:has a dual effect. It draws out the best and evokes the worst whilst presenting situations withDiscipleship1, 748:the Master projects as the disciple's service evokes a response from him. This evocation, however,Discipleship1, 755:levels. It is this particular radiation which evokes a response from the embryonic abstract mind ofDiscipleship1, 764:of invocation." This [764] invoking center evokes response from the Spiritual Triad so thatDiscipleship2, 20:the physical plane. Its potency is that which evokes the physical form. Most of the vehicles have aDiscipleship2, 21:an automaton. The etheric body invokes and evokes; but it also, in relation to the physical plane,Discipleship2, 59:strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation anDiscipleship2, 67:of a disciple are unavoidably subjected. This evokes a full expression of all his inherentDiscipleship2, 199:the higher Center, Shamballa; then the Hierarchy evokes the energies, the Beings and the spiritualDiscipleship2, 253:recognizes his brother in the light, and this evokes personality reactions and he has to adjustDiscipleship2, 301:of mine, and not by the Masters? A hint ever evokes a question, and it is in the answering of theseDiscipleship2, 471:on in every department of human living and which evokes in the disciple an almost unendurable painDiscipleship2, 511:which you have preserved inviolate and evokes a response which only increases as time goes on. YouDiscipleship2, 541:Love induces that radiation which invokes and evokes not only the heart of God but the heart ofDiscipleship2, 620:whom you contact a sense of insincerity and thus evokes from them a reaction that leaves you alone.Discipleship2, 620:reaction that leaves you alone. This in its turn evokes a response from your personality which isDiscipleship2, 624:desire-mind - for all feeling-emotion inevitably evokes desire. If the emotion evoked by the mind'sDiscipleship2, 632:of truth as response to the Master's radiation evokes in him certain developments, stimulatesDiscipleship2, 687:the power of the creative imagination - that it evokes such a powerful, vibratory activity that itEducation, 39:the latent mass consciousness of the child, and evokes the memory (racial and individual) throughExternalisation, 55:a more rapid understanding of the "deeper Being" evokes an immediate response and reaction. ThereExternalisation, 86:- the third, fifth and seventh ray types - evokes widely differing results than when it makes anExternalisation, 86:impact, being relatively a new one to humanity, evokes in the world today all the political andExternalisation, 117:exoteric theme, the Law of Cause and Effect, evokes a general recognition when called by this name.Externalisation, 227:the urgency of the response which that distress evokes in the Hierarchy, the synthesis of these twoExternalisation, 291:With the lesser leaders, whom the human spirit evokes to its assistance, I shall not deal. I seekExternalisation, 291:called forth by a demand or massed appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes in the lifeExternalisation, 294:the point of importance - it is he himself who evokes one or other of these manifestations. So itExternalisation, 303:and then only if the massed intent of the people evokes this Avatar of Synthesis during the nextExternalisation, 385:is above all racial and national barriers, and evokes the best in every human heart. The childrenExternalisation, 556:will flow; that wherever goodwill is a goal and evokes effort in no matter what form, the energy ofExternalisation, 680:magnetic state of group consciousness; this evokes from the Christ and His informed Masters anExternalisation, 692:and strengthens the life within them and evokes their soul into potency from latency, every formFire, 1065:energy penetrates through the ring-pass-not, evokes no response from what might be called theGlamour, 9:the symbol is doing to them, what feeling it evokes, what aspirations it arouses, and what dreams,Glamour, 131:Members of the Hierarchy know it. This illusion evokes in the disciple or idealist an emotionalHealing, 169:A responsive reaction from the heart which evokes a stimulation of the ajna center and producesHealing, 392:morbidness which the subject of death usually evokes, and the unwillingness to face it withHealing, 474:causes of coma and of loss of consciousness. It evokes a reflex action in the brain. This substanceHealing, 500:effect of the indwelling soul quality gradually evokes conscience, and - through the medium ofHealing, 585:the emphasis is put upon the concept that life evokes and supports a form [586] which anchors theHealing, 589:in the egoic lotus, and their fused activity evokes a response from the substance of the mentalHealing, 604:but because the potency of the healer's center evokes response from that of the patient; it actsHercules, 121:Christian trinity, as it organizes substance and evokes sensitive response from substance itself."Magic, 483:thing must ever be remembered. If an aspirant evokes hatred in an associate, if he arouses him toMagic, 630:about freedom from the instinctual reactions and evokes that inner detachment which enables a manProblems, 70:with which we are all familiar; it is one which evokes violent prejudices and partisanships and inProblems, 103:recognizing brotherhood in the human family; it evokes the whole problem of selfishness andProblems, 103:of restitution. The Jew has evoked and still evokes dislike, and for this there is absolutely noPsychology1, 22:of life-quality-form, the central Life evokes and manifests consciousness, or awareness of responsePsychology1, 68:Logos, to matter and to the "power which evokes the form." If all these names are studied inPsychology1, 112:of this century, unless the imminent outpouring evokes greater change than is now deemed possiblePsychology2, 24:more subtle desires, such as the astral body evokes. Gradually, the identification of the soul withPsychology2, 56:the pattern. It might be said that the pattern evokes and awakens response, but that thePsychology2, 353:Power selfishly used exhausts its user and evokes a display of power antagonistic to him; he isPsychology2, 356:problem to the advanced aspirants of today and evokes consequently [357] the concern of thePsychology2, 361:art today entangled in thine own." This crisis evokes understanding, which is, as many willPsychology2, 370:cases considered previously) produces also, and evokes, a crisis. This crisis must be regarded asPsychology2, 377:this truth, for it is this fact which always evokes a seventh ray crisis. It will be obvious whatPsychology2, 383:Love and Intelligence. This Technique of Fusion evokes these three qualities in relation to thePsychology2, 389:the Technique of Fusion, finds that: [389] It evokes a full functioning of the divine creativePsychology2, 389:becomes "inspired" by the fire of love, and this evokes the "service of creation" as an expressionPsychology2, 474:as it turns downward on to the astral plane, evokes the renewed and the reawakened active reactionPsychology2, 476:phenomena, and often with pleasure and delight. Evokes the ancient faculties of clairvoyance andPsychology2, 569:the medium interprets to them and it usually evokes recognition. I am here casting no doubt on thePsychology2, 573:center. His vision awakens the heart center and evokes the response of his personality energyPsychology2, 642:of good will is present in millions, and it evokes a sense of responsibility. This is the firstRays, 72:impersonality. This attitude of theirs evokes in him, when sensed, a resentment and a criticismRays, 198:phase of "identical participation," which evokes no reaction from the Master or the [199] Master ofRays, 308:place under the direction of Shamballa as it evokes the will of the Hierarchy or some particularRays, 376:to each other, but it is also the potency which evokes the will or the first ray nature inherent inRays, 468:the personality, aided by the soul; this in time evokes a reaction from the Triad. There is far tooRays, 494:antahkarana is built. The tension of the lower evokes the attention of the higher. This is theRays, 507:and of application indicates the way direct, evokes the will to follow, and welds the love of God,
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