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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Bethlehem, 30:Ones, help to fulfil the Law of the Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but the beginning." -Bethlehem, 35:the end of the long and weary [35] way of evolution, is ready to re-enact the same drama in his ownBethlehem, 35:as a man and the minutest atom of substance. The evolution of this recognition of divinity in manBethlehem, 48:are but the final stages of the Path of Evolution. The earlier steps on the Path are concerned withBethlehem, 58:In the fullness of time Christ came and, if evolution means anything at all and if the race as aBethlehem, 75:age of twelve years signifies a full period of evolution when an initiation was undergone by theBethlehem, 98:Second Initiation - The Baptism in Jordan In the evolution of the race the sentient feeling natureBethlehem, 99:of the mental nature, just as in the evolution of the race (and of a child, likewise) the feeling,Bethlehem, 115:The further men progress upon the Path of Evolution, the more they become conscious of theirBethlehem, 125:unique, and not to be accounted for by evolution from other experience." (Ibid., p. 88.) ButBethlehem, 129:out of the picture. At the end of the road of evolution lies the consummation, the kingdom of God,Bethlehem, 140:in Itself all that preceded in human evolution, and expressing all that immediately may be, isBethlehem, 140:and consciousness become possible. The fact of evolution, with its necessary distinctions andBethlehem, 162:of the human kingdom (when the work of normal evolution has done its part) and leads him into theBethlehem, 173:And a face turned from the clod - Some call it Evolution, And others call it God. Like tides on aBethlehem, 180:to this, Have there been in the course of human evolution certain, so to speak, nodal points orBethlehem, 181:a real piece of history - the history of the evolution of the human heart, and of humanBethlehem, 183:had a definite relation to humanity and to the evolution of human souls. Clement of AlexandriaBethlehem, 186:from the dead to tell us that the long task of evolution had at last reached its final phase - ifBethlehem, 191:Crucifixion The difference lay in the point in evolution which humanity itself had reached. TheBethlehem, Italic:progresses from stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution. [205] In the early stages there isBethlehem, 207:was not possible for Him, at the stage in [207] evolution which He had reached, to hurt a humanBethlehem, 233:to understand the slow processes of nature. Evolution moves slowly, and it is only today that weBethlehem, 235:in a human body. Through the processes of evolution and initiation He demonstrated to us theBethlehem, 245:men, proved that He had reached the point in His evolution wherein He had somewhat to contribute toBethlehem, 251:[251] Ones, help to fulfil the Law of the Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but the beginning."Bethlehem, 251:as that livingness which we call the urge to evolution, the impulse to progress, to push forward,Bethlehem, 266:It takes into account the point in evolution and the development of character of those to be loved;Bethlehem, 282:clearly just where we stand upon the Path of Evolution. Have we yet set our feet upon the Path ofDestiny, 9:as yet is permanent. When permanency is reached, evolution will cease and God's plan will beDestiny, 11:human thought, to determine natural and human evolution and to produce widely divergentDestiny, 14:have upon the domestic animals, hastening their evolution, and stimulating them into forms ofDestiny, 14:to their type of personality and their point in evolution will be their reaction to this force andDestiny, 29:reason that when in process of time and through evolution the influence of a ray has become potent,Destiny, 36:the nature of the forces which are controlling evolution and their directing agencies. The fact ofDestiny, 37:the Wisdom. Yet in the natural process of form evolution, these workers on the darker side of lifeDestiny, 40:salvation is determined by the processes of evolution and is not a question of ultimate achievementDestiny, 41:Themselves in a still higher process or scale of evolution; it will be obvious to you that theDestiny, 41:lower comes into manifestation - something that evolution itself must eventually adjust. It isDestiny, 42:Such is the task of the white magician and as evolution proceeds and becomes more complicated andDestiny, 47:basic ideas: the ideas of life, of form and of evolution. The functioning of the Law of LovingDestiny, 55:and vices which are dependent upon the point in evolution, the measure of control of theDestiny, 69:planets are more influential at this stage of evolution. Destiny, 69:study of conditions and the present point in evolution will make this apparent. In the next greatDestiny, 76:France. It marked a climax and high point in the evolution of the nation. Since then Capricorn andDestiny, 78:ruler and (because of their point of evolution) leads to their facile standardizing andDestiny, 108:time wondering where his duty lies. His point in evolution determines his problem. Thus the twoDestiny, 116:concerned with the theory and processes of evolution accept and study the ray procedure, definiteDestiny, 125:will be, as a consequence of this quickened evolution, the rapid destruction of certain types ofDestiny, 135:and according to his position upon the ladder of evolution. Such points are often forgotten. If aDestiny, 145:The true Psychic. Ray III Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician. Ray IV Vibration ResponseDiscipleship1, X:God; that this moving forward upon the Path of Evolution out of the fourth kingdom into the fifthDiscipleship1, 4:problem confronting those who are guiding world evolution and looking for those who can aid inDiscipleship1, 5:to the newer circumstances and to the advance of evolution. Many tried disciples and aspirantsDiscipleship1, 13:concerned and vary according to ray, point in evolution and the stage of discipleship which is theDiscipleship1, 25:unity of all beings, of the synthesis of world evolution and of the unity of the divine objective.Discipleship1, 70:of his centers, his alignment and his point in evolution. As yet we are only dealing with theDiscipleship1, 84:to aid humanity and to further the processes of evolution as well as to develop that deep love ofDiscipleship1, 101:souls) surmount this very present evil, then the evolution of humanity will be hastened beyond allDiscipleship1, 108:ascertain your own position upon the ladder of evolution was - in those days - stronger than yourDiscipleship1, 180:will come so easily at your particular point in evolution that the chances are that you will notDiscipleship1, 209:which indicate to us who watch the point in evolution, the immediate limitation, need and theDiscipleship1, 229:overlong perpetuated, especially at the point of evolution at which you find yourself. It is goodDiscipleship1, 269:the whole man in the threefold world of human evolution. One point might here be noted. TheDiscipleship1, 323:about the nature of the sixth ray. Your point in evolution necessitates a dominant personalityDiscipleship1, 344:of the soul. May I add here, that the point of evolution of the disciples and their status upon theDiscipleship1, 394:aspirants who have reached the point in their evolution when they can find their way into theseDiscipleship1, 450:law, leaving to the inevitability of evolution and of law the stemming of the astral cataract andDiscipleship1, 639:Ponder on this. You are at a point in your evolution and in your daily life (as I think you know)Discipleship1, 644:and objectively, the nature and purpose of man's evolution. All of them are partially right inDiscipleship1, 655:or the personality whose nature (at my point in evolution) is that of the "one at the center," theDiscipleship1, 677:of an abstruse nature to communicate anent the evolution of the human hierarchy through the mediumDiscipleship1, 685:have reached a certain [685] stage of advanced evolution. It is a process of continuing integrationDiscipleship1, 696:because of ray, karmic relationships, point in evolution and love for humanity. In the words focusDiscipleship1, 697:material world - the three worlds of human evolution. Later, upon the evolutionary ladder, the mindDiscipleship1, 714:a stage when (towards the end of the Path of Evolution) the soul recapitulates the evolutionaryDiscipleship1, 714:the evolutionary processes of involution and evolution. Soul energy descends and personality forceDiscipleship1, 739:place himself consciously at the point to which evolution and spiritual unfoldment have brought himDiscipleship1, 740:Ashram are upon the same rung of the ladder of evolution. It is not so. An Ashram is composed ofDiscipleship1, 764:system, and the diastole and systole system of evolution which is found in the universal lifeDiscipleship1, 768:Nirvana, the beginning of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It is a stage which marks a specificDiscipleship1, 787:changed approach. There is nothing static in the evolution of truth. It has long been my intentionDiscipleship1, 788:of the Christ) to tread "the Way of the Higher Evolution," as it is called. The name given to us byDiscipleship1, 790:the relief of distress and the promotion of the evolution of humanity and the indication ofDiscipleship2, 21:bring to your attention your personal point in evolution. I would remind you at this point thatDiscipleship2, 24:"strolling along the path of life," feeling that evolution is long and why, therefore, the need toDiscipleship2, 29:according to the ray, the type and the point in evolution of the disciple. From it you cannotDiscipleship2, 56:can now consciously share, for their stage in evolution warrants it. Men can today grasp theDiscipleship2, 64:life. At the entrance to the Way of the Higher Evolution, which is now more easily to be found,Discipleship2, 65:Chamber at Shamballa or the Way to the higher Evolution engrosses their attention, but the life ofDiscipleship2, 68:to be based upon the demand and the point in evolution of the mass of humanity, working throughDiscipleship2, 107:and who were also at exactly the same point in evolution, would be relatively futile and useless?Discipleship2, 108:It is based, as you see, on the point in evolution which humanity has reached. There are manyDiscipleship2, 156:now available for use, owing to the point in evolution reached by mankind. The wonder of theseDiscipleship2, 157:used. It is interesting to us to note that the evolution of humanity is in line with the indicatedDiscipleship2, 184:he is now ready to tread the Way of the higher Evolution. There is then a direct channel of contactDiscipleship2, 189:that the cross is the result of his point in evolution, that it is imposed upon him by astrologicalDiscipleship2, 194:symbol indicating means of access. In the total evolution of the spiritual man through physicalDiscipleship2, 195:should remember [195] that the higher Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way, and thatDiscipleship2, 195:to the personality in the three worlds of human evolution. I would ask you to ponder on these
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