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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Externalisation, 112:of spiritual culture at a particular point in evolution. Hence the magnitude of this crisis as itExternalisation, 115:is changing and doomed to die. The processes of evolution have in the past and will in the futureExternalisation, 118:not be taking place. But the divine plan of evolution was based upon the production of thisExternalisation, 119:two major laws governing the process: the Law of Evolution and the Law of Rebirth. Here lies theExternalisation, 120:or another into the country - the lords of evolution are forcing the breaking up of the rhythm ofExternalisation, 129:to negate the new and to hold back the evolution and development of the human consciousness. ForgetExternalisation, 131:as yet brought them only to the nursery stage of evolution. Externalisation, 134:that is of importance from the standpoint of evolution and the growth of the world consciousness.Externalisation, 145:he is able to do so at his particular point in evolution. All that he has succeeded in doing is theExternalisation, 164:at least in so far as man's present point in evolution permits of his correct apprehension ofExternalisation, 166:for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution. Such is the note and theme of the entireExternalisation, 168:and at-one-ment and (from the angle of evolution) it has been slowly and gradually attained, but inExternalisation, 221:which is nevertheless a governing principle in evolution. This world crisis and the present worldExternalisation, 225:disciples are facts in the natural processes of evolution, historically proven and known throughExternalisation, 227:by man, owing to his relatively low stage of evolution which makes it beyond human comprehension atExternalisation, 259:fact that humanity has now reached the point in evolution where the expression of human free willExternalisation, 288:apparent to mankind through revelation, as evolution has proceeded and man has developed the neededExternalisation, 292:standpoint of mankind at his present point in evolution) Avatars are of two kinds, as might beExternalisation, 300:which humanity could look at this point in its evolution. I spoke of the activity of the HierarchyExternalisation, 326:indiscriminately that their work on the side of evolution is negated, and that effort to promoteExternalisation, 326:would then be spiritually defeated and its evolution would be set back for an indefinite period. IExternalisation, 337:in that decision will be discovered the point in evolution of the mass of men. I urge you to faceExternalisation, 343:as may be possible at this midway point in human evolution), and in its group use. It is aExternalisation, 352:nor the Hierarchy may, at this stage in human evolution, take any step vitally affecting humanityExternalisation, 391:and to proceed, consequently, along the path of evolution. Externalisation, 401:physical plane and in the three worlds of human evolution and spiritual groups upon the innerExternalisation, 403:is in every evolving man; they are the flower of evolution and the tried representatives of God. InExternalisation, 408:to Their messages is dependent upon the point in evolution which has been attained by man. Back inExternalisation, 417:what has been called "the Way of the Higher Evolution." Much along these lines has been given outExternalisation, 423:and again pointed out that, under the Law of Evolution, certain great fusions, at-one-ments orExternalisation, 429:and misused by many, owing to the point in evolution of the mass of humanity, but it is aExternalisation, 451:must include the three worlds of human evolution - mental, emotional and physical. For long theseExternalisation, 464:is carrying His whole creation along the path of evolution to its consummation - a consummation ofExternalisation, 470:and selfishness. In that resurrection, evolution and death are only preparatory and familiarExternalisation, 479:in its turn, is conditioned by the point in evolution attained. In the Middle Ages of history, andExternalisation, 492:involving the entire three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 492:aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution and to the release of the soul in form,Externalisation, 502:as much, that is, as is consistent with evolution and progress. In the West, what the Great OnesExternalisation, 502:entirely new presentation of truth. Nature and evolution move with gentle gradations and not withExternalisation, 510:are steadily held in view by the Guides of our evolution: First, that the general public serves orExternalisation, 513:the churches those who have reached the point in evolution where they can consciously and of theirExternalisation, 513:that in the turning of the cyclic wheel, in the evolution of the spiral, similar conditions willExternalisation, 515:What then can we do? First, teach the law of evolution and its inevitable corollary, perfected men.Externalisation, 516:remembering ever that as we work on the side of evolution, the power of the Godhead itself is withExternalisation, 518:infancy of the race the forms for long endured. Evolution moved more slowly. But now on this upwardExternalisation, 531:the seven Paths for which the Way of the Higher Evolution prepares the senior initiates is the PathExternalisation, 532:the human and subhuman kingdoms in nature. As evolution proceeds, He will work increasingly viaExternalisation, 535:direct yourself towards the Way of the Higher Evolution synthesis emerges. More than that it wouldExternalisation, 535:of all fluctuations in the three worlds of human evolution and the remaining two of superhumanExternalisation, 540:of the Hierarchy upon the Way of the Higher Evolution; other problems incident to the planetaryExternalisation, 559:one or other of the seven Paths; the Path of Evolution gives place to the Way of the HigherExternalisation, 559:Evolution gives place to the Way of the Higher Evolution; planetary recognitions eventually expandExternalisation, 560:relation to man and to the three worlds of human evolution. The interior constitution of theExternalisation, 562:greater rapidity on to the Way of the Higher Evolution; this is due to the fact that initiates areExternalisation, 567:for a pralayic period and the Way of the Higher Evolution will be more closely trodden than theExternalisation, 588:following lines: Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity with peculiar attention toExternalisation, 589:to its recognition through a study of the evolution of the human family, through a closeExternalisation, 589:This approach of the central fact of human evolution - the steady growth of divinity and theExternalisation, 590:cultures appropriate to a particular point in evolution) - these ideas the intelligent public canExternalisation, 636:free spiritual man, no matter what his point in evolution. Toward the end of the second decade ofExternalisation, 649:Humanity is deemed to have reached a point in evolution where much can be done, because the mindsExternalisation, 664:status) who were cooperating with the Law of Evolution and also with the hierarchical Plan. TheyExternalisation, 675:power of directed thinking and on behalf of the evolution and well-being of mankind. At each one ofExternalisation, 690:from those who are below him on the ladder of evolution. The more a disciple is under the influenceExternalisation, 691:save a wise apprehension of the point in evolution of those contacted; a sound appreciation of theFire, xv:to provide a reasonably logical plan of systemic evolution and to indicate to man the part he mustFire, 7:- growth - disappearance. [7] Involution - evolution - obscuration. Inert motion - activity -Fire, 7:for all the subhuman kingdoms. The goal for the evolution of the atom is self-consciousness asFire, 7:in the human kingdom. The goal for the evolution of man is group consciousness, as exemplified by aFire, 24:each with their seven lesser wheels, in spiral evolution, rotate within the timeless Now, and moveFire, 26:of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolution spiraled on its way. The Sons of PowerFire, 38:and the sign of His place in cosmic evolution. This threefold fire may be expressed in ray terms asFire, 40:ray. It is the ray of cosmic mind and in its evolution parallels that of cosmic love, but as yetFire, 42/43:the activity and the driving forward of material evolution. On the highest plane the combination ofFire, 44:though what lies hidden in a later cycle, evolution alone will disclose. This third fire, alongFire, 48:mental plane, deals with: The expression of the evolution of mind or manas. The vitality of theFire, 49:movement which we call, within the system, solar evolution, but which (from the standpoint of aFire, 49:includes all forms of activity and spiral cyclic evolution from the standpoint of cosmic evolution,Fire, 49:cyclic evolution from the standpoint of cosmic evolution, and in terms of absolute consciousness,Fire, 49:in Manifestation The third fire deals with: The evolution of spirit. Practically nothing can atFire, 49:can at this stage be communicated anent this evolution. The development of spirit can be onlyFire, 49:can be only expressed as yet in terms of the evolution of matter, and only through the adequacy ofFire, 51:through the medium of substance or form. When evolution ends, the fire of matter is not cognizable.Fire, 51:forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolution proceeds in the fifth or spiritualFire, 53:or radiatory fire retains in life and causes the evolution of all that has evolved into objectivityFire, 58:body. These centers concern matter and its evolution. One fundamental statement can be laid downFire, 63:considered from the standpoint of cosmic evolution, is more evolved than His two Brothers. He isFire, 63:Dhyan Chohan, or planetary Spirit, when the evolution of man was recommenced after the last periodFire, 63:on this planet and commenced the work of evolution." - The Theosophist, Vol. VIII, p. 443. 2O TheFire, 65:and devas on the three planes of human evolution, the physical, the astral, and the mental, andFire, 75:of the individual. It involves a control of the evolution of the monadic essence, the elementalFire, 76:should not be overlooked in connection with the evolution of a world, a synthesis of worlds, or ofFire, 78:and its consequent activity) and the uniform evolution of the form of which that particular atom ofFire, 81:to the law which governs the whole. The evolution, preservation and destruction of the world isFire, 88:to a specified action at any given time in evolution. All that it is possible to give here isFire, 91:here be given: When men understand the deva evolution somewhat more correctly and recognize theirFire, 97:down to the humblest violet via the [97] deva evolution which acts as the transmitting transmutingFire, 102:and its quality marked predominantly on all its evolution. Prana, therefore, which is activeFire, 111:to that which is of small attainment in evolution, but forms no barrier to the more progressed. TheFire, 113:the Quaternary of Manas while in process of evolution, and who pass under Their influence all the
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