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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Fire, 269:manas can be fully seen. It is the means whereby evolution becomes possible, comprehension isFire, 273:Questions VII. Why is the Progress of Evolution Cyclic? This question is one which necessarilyFire, 275:the Law of Periodicity, and of Rebirth. Cyclic evolution is entirely the result of the activity ofFire, 275:When Spirit and matter sound the same note evolution will cease. When the note sounded by the formFire, 275:note of Spirit is that of the higher planes of evolution. To the synchronization of the notes, orFire, 276:is reached and the period of abstraction. Cyclic evolution proceeds. A human being, similarly,Fire, 276:separation. But - during the great cycle of evolution - when the third factor of Mind comes in, andFire, 276:solar system, then, and only then, will cyclic evolution cease, will rotary movement on every planeFire, 277:the ideas dealt with in connection with cyclic evolution cannot be posited apart from the conceptFire, 279:Kingdom of Nature on the five planes of Human Evolution. - S. D., II 123. II, 678. The MineralFire, 280:the inevitable finale at the cessation of solar evolution, and it will bring about pralaya. TheFire, 285:the majority. As we have been told, the goal of evolution is the attainment of consciousness on allFire, 287:time progresses and man reaches a fair state of evolution, mind is more rapidly developed, and aFire, 289:sphere of activity. This covers the period of evolution up to the first Initiation, or theirFire, 289:consciousness is awakened on the five planes of evolution. To attain to the consciousness of theFire, 291:vehicle. It might here be pointed out that the evolution of the Heavenly Men is unequal, and thatFire, 294:energies and not the synthesis of form. Evolution in the Universe (Tabulation II) Entity VehicleFire, 297:this fourth round, a vital factor in planetary evolution. When the Heavenly Man, Who is at presentFire, 298:correlation of all that is in process of evolution. Perhaps some idea may be gained if we rememberFire, 299:these three, but a hidden mystery lies here. The evolution of the inner round has a closeFire, 299:atoms in the human being, so the middle evolution between these two (God and man) is the HeavenlyFire, 300:a little more clearly the place of cycles in the evolution of all these Entities from a man up to aFire, 300:that there are greater and lesser cycles in the evolution of a solar system, so it can beFire, 304:effects, so a Heavenly Man at one stage of His evolution does the same. As man progresses and as heFire, 306:of proportion, a discrimination as to time in evolution, and a just appreciation of the place ofFire, 309:and microcosmic mind. The place of mind in evolution in all three cases. The present stage ofFire, 309:contained in the microcosm... The stage of evolution which we have reached is the very startingFire, 312:downward pull into matter that results in evolution itself. The primary seven manifestations ofFire, 313:Physical ethers. The lower four manifest during evolution, but are eventually synthesized into theFire, 314:evolutionary arc, or a large part of the deva evolution, undergo a paralleling synthesis. On theFire, 314:manasic - just as in the three worlds of human evolution - the physical, astral, and mental - theFire, 315:we call light, and thereby objectivity. During evolution this demonstrates as heat and magneticFire, 321:This needs to be borne in mind. The work of evolution is based on two methods and demonstrates as:Fire, 322:Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature Evolution, wherein, due to the action of manas,Fire, 322:polarity. Their attractive quality at the end of evolution will cease owing to the fact that naughtFire, 322:in each planetary scheme will be, during evolution, seven. Later, during the period of obscuration,Fire, 324:relationship to the whole is comprehended, human evolution will have run its course. A Master hasFire, 326:way to clarify the whole subject of planetary evolution. We have now reached the three planesFire, 326:which are closely concerned with the physical evolution of man. It is the etheric sphere withinFire, 328:pre-eminently the plane most concerned with the evolution of the Heavenly Men. What I haveFire, 330:Attraction. Paralleling them, of course, during evolution are their opposites, showing asFire, 333:By means of progressive development or cyclic evolution. On certain planes, that are, for theFire, 335:towards the final stages of the animal's evolution, and as it becomes more and more detached fromFire, 335:normally, and through the driving force of evolution itself. They found (to express it as far asFire, 339:we call love. Effective work in connection with evolution, or the fundamentals of hierarchicalFire, 347:sense as the Pleiades are connected with the evolution of manas in the seven Heavenly Men, andFire, 350:and is succeeded by another period of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution leads upFire, 350:of gradual evolution. This period of gradual evolution leads up to another crisis which we callFire, 356:a. Man and the Planetary Logos With the deva evolution at this point we have nought to do. I seekFire, 358:logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims of evolution. It will be obvious that the Heavenly ManFire, 362:some comprehension of manas and of planetary evolution may come about. What have we, therefore, inFire, 363:the fourth Creative Hierarchy is the one whose evolution we are considering, and it will beFire, 363:clue, not only to man but to the entire cyclic evolution in which he is taking part. The fourthFire, 368:of force are found at different stages of evolution, or (to word it otherwise) different centersFire, 376:round, will have attained a paralleling point in evolution, and the fifth principle will, asFire, 381:scheme, and with the consciousness, and evolution of some particular Heavenly Man. The student inFire, 383:the place the Earth chain and globe play in the evolution of the planetary Logos of the EarthFire, 386:seven globes or worlds which form the field of evolution during the planetary cycle or manvantara.Fire, 387:of the fact that Entities at Their stage of evolution are active love-wisdom and embody inFire, 389:Treatise. They depict only one cycle in logoic evolution, and cover only the present greater periodFire, 393:the third root-race of this chain, and that the evolution of manas brought about theFire, 393:will affects all lesser lives in cyclic evolution within the Body of that particular activelyFire, 397:It is the second and the third Logos united in evolution. In the merging of the five and the sixFire, 397:of in the abstract mind) in due course of evolution crystallize into concrete form by means of theFire, 397:hidden the mystery of mind and of its place in evolution. For the sake of clarity, let us take theFire, 398:the close relationship between man and the deva evolution, man being the repository (through theFire, 399:he awakens to a realization that the aim of evolution for him is to build consciously the channelFire, 401:aspects of the [401] place of manas in cosmic evolution. It necessitates a somewhat syntheticFire, 404:ring-pass-not, for instance, and as far as our evolution is concerned, we have radiant electricFire, 404:active, intelligent ether, ensouled by the deva evolution. 43 These [405] work blindly and underFire, 405:electrical substance, and is, therefore, during evolution and for the major portion of the process,Fire, 405:it. In fact, little as it is realized, the deva evolution controls for the greater portion ofFire, 405:whole system is reaching a very high stage of evolution, and with the two schemes which will beFire, 408:contradiction, is the result of our imperfect evolution, the result of our entire lack ofFire, 409:ability of all intelligent, active Lives during evolution to conform to the Law of Attraction andFire, 414:recent, carrying forward the history of evolution to the middle of the next round in our chain. HadFire, 415:simply absorbed. During the twofold process of evolution, it might be numerically expressed as:Fire, 415:as three, then seven and finally ten. During evolution the sequence is ten, then seven and finallyFire, 416:its origin in the moon failure. The progress of evolution on the moon was abruptly disturbed andFire, 417:to certain erroneous ends, not along the line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery.Fire, 417:an uneven development and a retardation of the evolution of a certain number of deva and humanFire, 418:developed and has reached a fairly high stage of evolution. Second. Discrimination between the EgoFire, 419:in man as he nears the final part of the path of evolution. It is incident upon an earlier stage ofFire, 425:set its second great impulse upon our planetary evolution by the obscuration of two fifths of theFire, 426:spheres, more [426] suited to their stage of evolution. This event will be regarded at the time asFire, 426:It is simply a question of degree and of cyclic evolution. We might now take the four minor Rays,Fire, 427:only revealed after initiation at this stage of evolution. In them are summed up the basic laws ofFire, 431:utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent. The fourthFire, 431:in the immediate future, a period of intensified evolution for the units of the fifth root-race,Fire, 434:planetary Logos during different stages of evolution. This influence has waxed and waned since thatFire, 436:of all manifestations, and lies back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growingFire, 438:bear in mind that all forms are dual, both in evolution and in essential nature. They are theFire, 440:to an intelligent cooperation with the plan of evolution. It might here be stated that the sevenFire, 440:is therefore a vital factor in the immediate evolution of man. The fifth principle of manas, is atFire, 441:two are paramountly concerned with the evolution of man: the fourth Ray of Harmony, which is theFire, 444:middle or psychic aspect. [444] The Aspects and Evolution (Tabulation III) Aspect ManifestationFire, 444:centers. Seven types of force. Involution and evolution of the kingdoms of nature. Sumtotal: FireFire, 448:The fact of the identity of the deva evolution with the essence they manipulate must ever be borneFire, 451:dense physical matter and control the subhuman evolution through certain groups of devas. WordsFire, 451:of man himself. Words concerning the deva evolution which control, and bring different groups of
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