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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Fire, 1029:Spirit, or manifestation, or the processes of evolution. The activity which withdraws the centralFire, 1030:The Law of Monadic Return. The Law of Solar Evolution. The Law of Radiation. [1031] It will,Fire, 1032:This activity is the cause of all cyclic evolution, and has been called in the occult phraseologyFire, 1034:are to be seen clearly demonstrated in man's evolution in the approach he makes uniformly throughFire, 1037:last quarter of each century to stimulate the evolution of men through a further revelation of someFire, 1042:intelligent matter, the basis of the present evolution. In the next system atoms and the thirdFire, 1048:of the Ego (logoic or human) is the goal of evolution, and not the matter aspect. "The PrimordialFire, 1049:which must be borne in mind as we consider the evolution [1050] of the Divine Pilgrim. It is notFire, 1052:is profound; it is connected with the stage in evolution of the "imperfect gods" and the objectiveFire, 1053:of the subject and the vastness of the scheme of evolution. All these vibratory emanations passFire, 1053:their non presence and according to the stage of evolution of the emanating Existence will dependFire, 1053:along; their aggregate is termed the "force of evolution," and the life and persistence of theFire, 1054:worlds, as the Chohan does on the five planes of evolution. Thus the plan is carried forward untilFire, 1054:Motion on the Plane of Mind 3. The Law of Solar Evolution It is, of course, a truism to state thatFire, 1054:course, a truism to state that the Law of Solar Evolution is the sumtotal of all the lesserFire, 1056:upon the Heavenly Man Himself, as His stage of evolution negates such a thing, but that theFire, 1057:activity and as paralleling on a vast scale the evolution of the planetary atom. The entire solarFire, 1059:in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution, and with solar progress. Further, itFire, 1060:of all substances at a specific point in evolution, then they will very definitely approachFire, 1065:The positive life of any atom in due course of evolution becomes negative to a greater life towardFire, 1065:it is impelled or drawn, and thus the process of evolution carries every life invariably throughFire, 1073:a specific equipment, and during the process of evolution within the kingdom adds to it so that theFire, 1074:deva life of any atomic form proceeds with its evolution, and by a series of "releases" transfersFire, 1074:For this particular greater cycle, the goal of evolution is man; when individualization is achievedFire, 1077:into some greater sphere in due course of evolution. These are: The mineral monad of the mineralFire, 1080:cyclic coming in of egos who are at a point in evolution where they are ready for their firstFire, 1082:the initiate some knowledge as to the place in evolution of the Monad concerned, the nature of itsFire, 1082:of its incarnations, and its place in cyclic evolution. [1083] The same method of grouping is usedFire, 1085:this four is started by yagna - the spirit of evolution that connects the higher and lower or inFire, 1087:egoic wheel. It must be borne in mind that the evolution of the [1088] Monad is a much moreFire, 1088:only possible to comprehend as the history and evolution of the planetary Logoi become graduallyFire, 1089:vast cycle of unfoldment (which rendered later evolution possible) preceded this solar system, andFire, 1089:and thus proceeded along the present lines of evolution. They refused to incarnate because ofFire, 1090:of forces, therefore until His point in evolution and His objective vision is known and it is knownFire, 1092:chain, the Monads seldom begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge, pass through theirFire, 1092:There is here a correspondence to systemic evolution, and there is an analogy between the MonadsFire, 1093:is next, the Wheel of a globe, or the process of evolution upon any particular globe. The studentFire, 1097:physical body of the human being pursue their evolution, they pass on and on to ever better forms,Fire, 1101:his mental expression, according to his point of evolution. This same definition will be recognizedFire, 1102:amount of alignment has been achieved during evolution - lives its own separate existence apartFire, 1103:of consummation during the final stages of evolution, the mental body becomes a transmitter forFire, 1109:him back from entry until the time comes when evolution has progressed so far that he can come toFire, 1111:to be felt during the third period of man's evolution when he is an average intelligent unit orFire, 1111:vision of the Adept - a clue to the point in evolution of the personality. By looking at the egoicFire, 1112:type of energy is that which - at the close of evolution - makes itself felt through the innerFire, 1114:There are certain streams of force in the evolution of the Monad which might be regarded asFire, 1118:involved. Each circle of petals becomes, as evolution proceeds, likewise active, and revolvesFire, 1118:of the threefold lotus. At a specific stage in evolution, prior to the opening of the centralFire, 1119:is paralleled at the final consummation of solar evolution when the seven Suns blaze forth beforeFire, 1120:the number of his vibration, and the point of evolution attained. It will be apparent therefore,Fire, 1123:4:2.) There are, in connection with human evolution, certain factors which produce definite andFire, 1126:and the intuition. The black brother carries the evolution of the senses on to a stageFire, 1136:a will, and a purpose, and as he progresses in evolution that purpose and will become to him everFire, 1141:downwards - involution. From beneath upwards - evolution. Right to left - greater cycles, etc. LeftFire, 1141:triangle. Systemic interpretation. Dealing with evolution of system and all therein. HumanFire, 1143:A plane. The reptile and insect world. The bird evolution. The devas. Human units, egoic groups,Fire, 1146:development, owing to the longer period of their evolution, but also by the quality of great andFire, 1148:units have a vital effect on their cyclic evolution, and the ray and the three main types produceFire, 1149:and the methods involved in the later stages of evolution. It should here be borne in mind thatFire, 1152:early incarnation to conceive of the effects of evolution upon him and to realize the nature of theFire, 1153:the nature of the solar Logos, and of the effect evolution will have on Him. Suffice it to add,Fire, 1157:demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far as man is concernedFire, 1158:as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical" hereFire, 1159:is, therefore, a miniature picture of the whole evolution of spirit and matter for, The lowestFire, 1159:The supreme head center to the Monad. In the evolution of the fires of the spine, we have aFire, 1159:may so express it) which have (in the course of evolution) to be bridged by the energetic action ofFire, 1160:(which he does during the final stages of his evolution in the three worlds) that gulf is bridgedFire, 1161:intelligible to man at his present stage of evolution. Some brief statements might, nevertheless,Fire, 1161:each other) may throw some light on planetary evolution and on the relation of the planetary LogoiFire, 1163:alike and differ as to: Type of energy, Point in evolution, Position in the general plan, KarmicFire, 1164:the name of the planet, and the nature of its evolution). [1165] Each of these solar lotuses, orFire, 1167:which is produced [1167] by the merging during evolution of the two poles. From the standpoint ofFire, 1169:of man in the final three stages of the path of evolution: The stage of high intellectuality, or ofFire, 1174:Schools does not specifically apply to the deva evolution. They come under another law called "TheFire, 1174:slowly and under the sway of the basic Law of Evolution. It does not affect, in any way, forFire, 1177:the final stages of the treading of the Path of Evolution. They begin to work with men from theFire, 1192:Monad can - at a certain very advanced stage in evolution, and one far beyond that of the Adept -Fire, 1194:of the Monad (in time and space and during evolution) demonstrating forth as the Triad, the Ego andFire, 1198:in that very material and intellectual evolution. Even in this, they will find it impossible to doFire, 1198:of the many. Some idea of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by studyFire, 1199:in themselves the potencies [1199] of triple evolution, mental, psychical, and spiritual. TheseFire, 1205:downward whilst in the worlds of superhuman evolution, it is the fifth counting from below upwards.Fire, 1207:body does to man, and all that concerns the evolution of man must (in this particular place) beFire, 1211:of a great Intelligence to produce a group, and evolution is to be regarded, therefore, as a vastFire, 1211:Man, standing as he does at the middle point in evolution, and marking the stage in the evolutionFire, 1211:point in evolution, and marking the stage in the evolution of consciousness where a tripleFire, 1214:work as they do in the macrocosmic, and cyclic evolution proceeds in its work of group adjustmentFire, 1223:as far as man is concerned, the five planes of evolution. There are, as we know, the thirty-fiveFire, 1231:which is [1231] the result of the sound. This is evolution and the effect of the directing energyFire, 1233:the idea and so adapt it to the point in evolution which the solar Logos, the planetary Logos andFire, 1236:All these three factors are yet in process of evolution; all are as yet "imperfect Gods," each inFire, 1236:outstanding Figures, in connection with human evolution. A similar diagram from the standpoint ofFire, 1236:similar diagram from the standpoint of the deva evolution would be differently arranged. Key toFire, 1241:and comprehend (at our relatively low stage of evolution) what is the true [1242] connotation ofFire, 1242:initiations concerned entirely with solar evolution. Their work is concerned with the system as aFire, 1245:are permitted to do so to carry on planetary evolution satisfactorily. More is known about thisFire, 1246:of service in connection with our planetary evolution. These identifications eventually bring aboutFire, 1248:Them in the furthering of the plans of solar evolution. This becomes possible to him when he canFire, 1249:MAY BE SAID. They are swept out of systemic evolution altogether upon a great tide of attractiveFire, 1250:involved as to unduly speed up the processes of evolution upon our planet, and thus upset the
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