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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Meditation, 23:for your consideration: [23] The point in evolution. The specific gravity of the causal body. TheMeditation, 23:when assigning Meditation The Point in Evolution The life of the evolving personality might beMeditation, 23:five divisions. Ours is, after all, a fivefold evolution, and the life of the man (as a human beingMeditation, 24:Self does the work, and the driving force of evolution carries all on to perfection. The secondMeditation, 27:is becoming ripe for a change of some kind, and evolution is moving with rapidity. The fourthMeditation, 34:An Adept of their ray supervises their general evolution, dealing with them in groups. These groupsMeditation, 38:can be felt, incidental to ray and point in evolution. On the second subplane the groups becomeMeditation, 45:That body provides the needed lesson, or (as evolution proceeds) it provides the best body for theMeditation, 47:Every man, who has reached a point in evolution where occult meditation is desirable and possible,Meditation, 49:You have three rays to consider, the point in evolution of the causal body and its interrelation onMeditation, 54:matter needed for manifestation, and started the evolution of that matter at the first greatMeditation, 54:was impregnated with that faculty, and fivefold evolution became a possibility. At the fourth greatMeditation, 55:fourth Breath is especially applicable to human evolution. You have therefore: Subtone one of theMeditation, 55:three of the threefold Word made our fivefold evolution possible. It is the basic note of the fiveMeditation, 56:monadic note, and involved themselves in human evolution. The sixth great Breath drew to itself theMeditation, 57:reflection of that monad at the densest point in evolution, - is linked to the monad by theMeditation, 58:meditation without seed. At a certain period in evolution the two blend, the seed is dropped andMeditation, 61:He realizes approximately his place in evolution and the work to be done if he would some day passMeditation, 66:seek Their instruction. It aids in the work of evolution. Infinitesimal that aid may be, yet everyMeditation, 69:the world of men, and to speed the processes of evolution as directed from the department of theMeditation, 72:specified [72] are applicable to our fivefold evolution in this the second solar system. In theMeditation, 80:by the man's own place upon the ladder of evolution, by the uneven awakening of the differentMeditation, 90:to use occult powers for the furtherance of evolution and for the development on all planes of theMeditation, 90:the development on all planes of the schemes of evolution as planned by the three Great Lords. LetMeditation, 93:discrimination and without a sense of time in evolution they may lead to a shattering of theMeditation, 100:plane. Cosmic fire forms the background of our evolution; the fire of the mental plane, its innerMeditation, 100:to its refining effects, is the aim of the evolution of our threefold life. When the inner fire ofMeditation, 100:the Raja-Lord of the second plane. Macrocosmic evolution proceeds in like manner to theMeditation, 109:is for those who have reached a point in evolution where the rounding out of the causal body isMeditation, 128:be avoided in Meditation Dangers from the Deva Evolution This second point is more complex. YouMeditation, 129:that ritual and set mantric forms play in the evolution of devas and of men. I only desire to pointMeditation, 134:way back for them will be long, but the mercy of evolution inevitably forces them back along theMeditation, 135:choose to refrain, working with the powers of evolution and not of involution. The elemental forcesMeditation, 135:by two factors. The inherent forces of evolution that direct all on to eventual perfection. TheMeditation, 137:bends every effort to the hastening [137] of evolution and - foregoing all that might be His as theMeditation, 137:The elimination of all fear. The forces of evolution vibrate more rapidly than those of involutionMeditation, 141:the higher and the lower that is the aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the minds of thoseMeditation, 142:which environ it. At this particular stage in evolution the average man is simply conscious ofMeditation, 155:by the human hierarchy, but by the deva or angel evolution as well. The secret of it all lies hidMeditation, 158:in the etheric body, but at this stage of evolution most of the troubles arise in the emotionalMeditation, 163:of each subplane on the five planes of human evolution. The adept receives instruction on theirMeditation, 164:would but result in disaster. A certain point in evolution has to be reached, and a similarity ofMeditation, 164:Earth, and embodies a phrase which sums up our evolution. Each planet has some such note or phraseMeditation, 167:Manu manipulates matter and is occupied with the evolution of form, whether it is the denseMeditation, 167:in collaboration with His Brothers, controls the evolution of mind whereby the Spirit or SelfMeditation, 167:the form in touch with the particular line of evolution represented by the Head of that line.Meditation, 170:personality ray, and by the point attained in evolution. If you study the three words applied toMeditation, 170:matter of all forms on all the planes of human evolution. It is, as I have said before, the line ofMeditation, 174:and the Rulers of the five planes of human evolution hold rank equal to that of a Master of theMeditation, 174:may if you wish incorporate it here. "Force in evolution and force in involution are two differentMeditation, 176:and your first step (as you are on the path of evolution, as they are) is to get in touch withMeditation, 177:will be so essential towards the latter end of evolution. Meditation, 178:unselfish motive can successfully reach the deva evolution, whereas in connection with theMeditation, 182:Hierarchy deemed the danger too great, for the evolution of men and devas was threatened, so TheyMeditation, 182:the two great evolutions, and the latent third evolution (composed of involutionary lives) wereMeditation, 182:Remember this statement. The deva and human evolution will, during the next five hundred years,Meditation, 183:benefit to both groups will be mutual. The human evolution should give strength to the deva, andMeditation, 183:I touched somewhat upon the part fire plays in evolution and on the various departments connectedMeditation, 187:most important mantrams as regards individual evolution and development, and are well-known to allMeditation, 191:points are decided by his place on the ladder of evolution, and by the emotional and mental controlMeditation, 192:and to make application of them on the side of evolution. Meditation, 193:sufficient number of people at the same stage of evolution, at the same point on the ladder,Meditation, 193:on Their ability to do just this very thing. As evolution progresses, and the matter is more fullyMeditation, 194:to the dangers incident to the low point of evolution of the human hierarchy. When the use of thisMeditation, 200:planes. These Deva Lords are aided by the deva evolution, and the Hierarchy [201] by those of theMeditation, 202:and Culture and the head of the third line of evolution, you will see again similar action. NoMeditation, 209:Colors - such as we have now to do with in evolution - are the colors of light. Certain colors,Meditation, 210:absorbs all. But in the three worlds of human evolution the orange of flame irradiates all. ThisMeditation, 213:second system. It is the great ray for the deva evolution. Indigo-yellow... The Harmony-Ray.Meditation, 214:the other five colors with which our fivefold evolution is concerned, change, intermingle, blend,Meditation, 221:microcosm, in a lesser sense, does in process of evolution. Violet. In a curious way the violet RayMeditation, 227:that as you return to the center of systemic evolution the nomenclature of these colors is mostMeditation, 228:threefold Personality. The three worlds of human evolution. The three persons of the Deity. [229]Meditation, 229:man, the quaternary. The five planes of human evolution. The five senses. The fivefold departmentMeditation, 230:the Personality. 3. The factor of the point in evolution. One hint may here be given. At a lowMeditation, 230:One hint may here be given. At a low point in evolution the colors are largely based on theMeditation, 235:the work of the student in meditation. Early in evolution these forces played through and on theMeditation, 236:possible: Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution will come about, though it is impossibleMeditation, 251:adherence to one line of thought, and their evolution parallels that of the mystic and theMeditation, 259:dealing with the Masters and Their place in evolution. We will therefore take up our first point.Meditation, 262:of men who are pressing forward on the wave of evolution. Through meditation has the Great OneMeditation, 265:the man who has reached a specific point in evolution, and stands upon the Path of Probation. MuchMeditation, 271:- not so much one's place upon the ladder of evolution (for that is approximately known), but inMeditation, 281:objective effects on the three planes of human evolution. Some of the points touched upon areMeditation, 283:subplane. It involves the comprehension of each evolution and form of divine life as found on thoseMeditation, 284:the same in the last and fifth period of his evolution, - touched upon and described earlier inMeditation, 284:uttermost for the furtherance of the plans of evolution; first in the man's own development, thenMeditation, 285:- would apparently dispense with the ladder of evolution, and rank all as of equal value. SoMeditation, 286:by man, according to his present place in evolution) and not enough has been placed on wisdom,Meditation, 299:plan, which has in view the hastening of the evolution of the higher mind, and the bringing underMeditation, 305:like subsidiary colleges. The aim of all is the evolution of the race, the object of all is to leadMeditation, 305:Indian school has special work with the deva evolution, and with the second and third subraces ofMeditation, 312:work, for instance, with the deva or angel evolution. In the preparatory school he learns thisMeditation, 315:and earnestly devoted to the work of assisting evolution and devoted to the service of some oneMeditation, 319:out in practice of the theories anent the other evolution, the deva evolution, laid down in theMeditation, 319:the theories anent the other evolution, the deva evolution, laid down in the preparatory schools;Meditation, 327:service. It depends therefore upon the point in evolution at which he enters the school. Those justMeditation, 329:Study of the human hierarchy. Study of the deva evolution. Study of the laws of the solar system.Meditation, 332:tested instruments. When Those Who guide human evolution at this period cast Their eyes over theMeditation, 332:will fill the need fairly adequately. As evolution proceeds the polarization of the race changes.
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