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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Psychology2, 379:connection with the final stages of the Path of Evolution, are significantly different. For onePsychology2, 385:Thus the work carried forward upon the paths of evolution, of probation, and of discipleship isPsychology2, 391:to the lack of comprehension and the limited evolution of the average disciple, but in any case inPsychology2, 424:compiled, and suitable for the point in evolution but not so advanced as to be impossible. ThePsychology2, 427:the race has progressed to its present point in evolution by just such crises. So does thePsychology2, 432:in the etheric body. The integrations which evolution eventually effects are carried out throughPsychology2, 433:of the best of men; secondly, that the point in evolution has been such that the writer or speakerPsychology2, 438:differences in background, ray type, point in evolution, and tradition and heredity. He becomes aPsychology2, 441:part of his intellectual equipment. Finally, as evolution proceeds and the ages pass away, theyPsychology2, 441:today has made so much progress upon the path of evolution that two groups of men are thusPsychology2, 452:time and space and in relation to the point in evolution and the whole. This energy has thePsychology2, 461:in varying degrees, according to the point in evolution and the ray type, and - in the early stagesPsychology2, 479:His pride of place upon the ladder of [479] evolution should be evoked at this point again, ifPsychology2, 527:upon the Path and is, therefore, taking his own evolution in hand. Then he stands "midway betweenPsychology2, 530:life of the human being. During the processes of evolution, the sacral center passes through thePsychology2, 542:instead of following the natural course of evolution. This accounts, partially, for the presentPsychology2, 544:of mystics who are at the point in their evolution where they are making one of the majorPsychology2, 555:the unfoldment of the psychic powers, the evolution of the mystical vision and the revelation ofPsychology2, 555:are many. The primary one is the force of evolution itself, plus the inherent or innatePsychology2, 560:of Disciples and Mystics Microcosmic Sensory Evolution Extracts from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Psychology2, 563:the Self and the not-self. Taste - Perfection. Evolution completed through the utilization of thePsychology2, 564:to express unless at the lowest point in evolution and, therefore, allied closely to the animalPsychology2, 564:which are low down in the scale of the human evolution. This is a fact and a statement whichPsychology2, 564:of this situation is increased because, as evolution proceeds, certain more or less advanced [565]Psychology2, 574:the whole problem shifts into changing fields as evolution proceeds) to the psychic becoming awarePsychology2, 575:lower. This is the stage of Psychism. [575] The evolution of the mystical vision. This is the stagePsychology2, 582:and need to remember that every step forward in evolution and, therefore, towards the spiritualPsychology2, 584:mediumship must inevitably be discarded as the evolution of the race proceeds. Those which arePsychology2, 585:I would add that: Touch - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on Venus. It isPsychology2, 585:impression. Hearing - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on Mars. It isPsychology2, 585:and knowledge. Sight - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on the Earth. It isPsychology2, 588:the things of physical living until such time as evolution carries him to the stage of mentalPsychology2, 592:of the energies will be apparent, the point in evolution more easily established and the psychicPsychology2, 594:and disciple, it is the highest head center. As evolution proceeds and the life forces flow everPsychology2, 598:a higher turn of the spiral than in the past. As evolution proceeds, the human and animal psychicPsychology2, 605:the right way for people at a certain stage of evolution, the Atlantean stage, provided it is notPsychology2, 629:and an extreme activity, for Those guiding human evolution have been deeply concerned to preservePsychology2, 638:privilege and right it is to watch over human evolution and to guide the destinies of men. ThisPsychology2, 659:regarding them as incidental to the point in evolution which the race has reached and they arePsychology2, 689:Hierarchy, Who stand behind our planetary evolution, and Who seldom take an active outer part inPsychology2, 707:of: The causes of unrest. The point in evolution reached by humanity. The crises which mustPsychology2, 710:unconsciously, simply expressing their point in evolution and demonstrating the work done in otherPsychology2, 722:of men who have reached the [722] point of their evolution where they are close enough to their ownRays, 6:Subjective Aspect in Man. One of the objects of evolution is that the subjective reality shouldRays, 34:upon this distinction. The "Way of the Higher Evolution" lies open to the aspirant to the GreaterRays, 34:his mind the difference between the progress or evolution of the personality towards soulRays, 58:taking place. It has taken many aeons, for evolution (especially in the earlier stages) movesRays, 62:initiate or disciple has reached a point in his evolution in which triplicity gives place toRays, 66:my comments. These demands refer not only to the evolution of humanity, but to all forms of lifeRays, 68:be stimulated to move forward upon the ladder of evolution. Even the Hierarchy [69] itself needsRays, 78:precede a great moving forward upon the Path of Evolution. Secondly, a process of reorientation isRays, 80:Its two figures define the method of evolution; 2 equals the quality of love-wisdom, working underRays, 91:appropriation of the vision, and his point in evolution warrant a truer picture which - ifRays, 97:it. Though individuals of varying points in evolution form the group, none of them is below theRays, 108:In the long run, literally when the path of evolution is trodden to its end, what remains will beRays, 115:of the Hierarchy. They too are on the way of evolution, and Their goal is to pass through the "eyeRays, 115:"eye of the needle," on Their way to the higher evolution. This higher evolution is that whichRays, 115:Their way to the higher evolution. This higher evolution is that which opens up before a Master ofRays, 117:third initiation. The eye of the needle...higher evolution...monadic consciousness. Leading to lifeRays, 131:can mount on to that stage of the ladder of evolution which will lead him out of the three worlds,Rays, 131:is completed) on to the Path of the Higher Evolution. The antahkarana is built by aspirants andRays, 131:the first stage of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It is to that Path what experience in theRays, 132:been termed the soul can "onward move in life." Evolution as we now understand it ceases; yetRays, 138:and throws a light upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. Great movements and progressions haveRays, 138:those in the three worlds of definitely human evolution; the intention is to teach him to functionRays, 141:revealed to him. Then the entire scheme of evolution and of the intention of the One in Whom heRays, 142:in various capacities, working with the Law of Evolution, pass out of our planetary lifeRays, 142:enterprise in the three worlds of human evolution; everywhere men rate the light of the sun asRays, 157:man by force of circumstances, experience and evolution. They tend to bring about increasingRays, 162:of time, and which is consummated only when evolution - as we know it - comes to an end and theRays, 162:choosing to work with the planetary forces of evolution. Others pass on into the great CouncilRays, 165:to the point reached upon the ladder of evolution, and according to the personality ray, with laterRays, 166:of developing sensitivity in this sevenfold evolution has been undergone in order to enable theRays, 171:first but tending eventually to selflessness as evolution carries out its beneficent task. Then theRays, 171:divine will in terms of their present point in evolution. The clue to understanding (the clue whichRays, 173:of the human wave at present in process of evolution. Beyond this state of awareness there lies aRays, 177:a Master can start upon the Path of the Higher Evolution and for which all that has transpired inRays, 177:Law. The symbol which expresses the door of evolution is the crescent moon; that of the process ofRays, 177:is the crescent moon; that of the process of evolution - as it affects the material or substantialRays, 179:to the methods [179] of the deva or angel evolution. The rule runs as follows: The Army of theRays, 180:activity. These are the qualities of the deva evolution. God is love. God is relationship. God isRays, 180:These are the three qualities of the Christ evolution. This latter evolution is carried on withinRays, 180:qualities of the Christ evolution. This latter evolution is carried on within the created sphere ofRays, 181:mastering illusion) on the Path of the Higher Evolution. Maya is the conditioning factor on ethericRays, 181:of humanity to the activities of the deva evolution, rightly and divinely proceeding with theirRays, 181:as it does the immense potency of the deva evolution. It definitely affects humanity; this is dueRays, 181:learns to break loose from the aura of the deva evolution, and the major task of the Hierarchy (asRays, 183:present moment the phenomenal point in evolution reached by the life of God. The work of theRays, 183:Army of the Voice to the Sound which conditions evolution, and with the supervisory work of theRays, 185:is constantly conditioned by the point in evolution of the human hierarchy. In the early days ofRays, 188:steadily contributed and responded. Then as evolution progressed and the human intellect began toRays, 195:human family as it moves onward upon the Path of Evolution. They are not basically related toRays, 197:comes to a complete end. In the early stages of evolution, blindness is natural, innate,Rays, 202:hinted in my writings. "The Way of the Higher Evolution" leads to the cosmic astral plane, and theRays, 206:not as far advanced as He is upon the Path of Evolution which stretches before the Planetary LogoiRays, 207:of the Plans which implement the Purpose; the evolution of consciousness in the three worldsRays, 207:and preparatory to the Path of the Higher Evolution. There is little more that I can tell you anentRays, 208:who are approximately at the same point in evolution, whose rays are "shining through" adequately,Rays, 213:and women all of whom are at the same point in evolution, is a generalization and simply means thatRays, 223:place to duality, and the Way of the Higher Evolution stands open before the initiate. It will be
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