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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Rays, 225:you as for others, the Way of the [225] Higher Evolution, and the glory of the Lord will be seen inRays, 225:stage to treading the Path of the Higher Evolution, just as the Probationary Path is the necessaryRays, 230:(as far as you, at your particular point in evolution can determine it) is to bring in the energyRays, 231:matter, largely dependent upon the point of evolution. Some members of [232] the New Group of WorldRays, 242:of nature), were at the peculiar point in evolution at which they are all now to be found. That isRays, 243:you can begin to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution; for this the five initiations open toRays, 244:all that is found in the three worlds of human evolution. It concerns that which is working slowlyRays, 246:upon the shores of the three worlds of human evolution, reveal - in the clearest notes and tonesRays, 248:occult way which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution. He must study the five meanings ofRays, 251:the first step towards the Way of the Higher Evolution. The Teaching on the New Discipleship. ThisRays, 260:to reach a point upon the cosmic ladder of evolution which would make Him - as a result - theRays, 260:that which implements the evolutionary process. Evolution is an effect of this hidden work,Rays, 260:work, emanating from cosmic levels; only when evolution has run its course through all theRays, 262:consequently can work with the impelling Law of Evolution which (as worded in the rule we areRays, 262:and with clear purpose further the ends of evolution. Transmutation "disappears" out of his ownRays, 263:functions in the three worlds of human evolution; and who have grasped somewhat the purpose forRays, 264:themselves to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution upon the other. Rays, 265:unconsciously under the fundamental Law of Evolution, which is a Shamballic law, embodying as itRays, 266:must still be learnt if the Way of the Higher Evolution is to be trodden and a choice between theRays, 268:ahead of Them upon the great cosmic ladder of evolution, for an aspect of the Law of Sacrifice hasRays, 268:Youth and these three Buddhas in point of Evolution. They work out Their plans - these four GreatRays, 268:implications. It was Their activity which (after evolution had run a long course) brought about theRays, 279:of soul contact, and as the inevitable result of evolution itself. All these three spiritualizingRays, 279:the Hierarchy as They face the Way of the Higher Evolution? What can these words imply to Those forRays, 280:upon the three lower planes of human living and evolution. Transformation concerns in a mostRays, 283:and thus arrive at the door of the Higher Evolution. What I have now to say may be made somewhatRays, 284:therefore, seven ways into the Way of the Higher Evolution. These seven ways correspond to theRays, 286:as that phrase covers the three worlds of human evolution; the world of meaning is the world inRays, 291:of the Christ upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. Therefore, experience, perception and Being areRays, 291:and Being are the keynotes of: The Path of Evolution. The mode of unfoldment upon the Path. TheRays, 293:on these words, for they convey to you where (as evolution goes on) you will later lay theRays, 297:3. Reveal The objective of the strictly human evolution in this planetary cycle is sight,Rays, 310:outside the five worlds of human and superhuman evolution, just as the destruction of form in theRays, 317:been constructed and [317] the Way to the Higher Evolution - which confronts the higher initiates -Rays, 318:in all forms of life, from the lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience. TheRays, 325:is ever to step off the ordinary path of evolution on to the path of discipleship and ofRays, 326:had to be recognized: The three worlds of human evolution. The mental plane. The astral plane. TheRays, 326:or higher mind. The three worlds of superhuman evolution, the levels of the Spiritual Triad:Rays, 326:to indicate the nature of the Way of the Higher Evolution which had been hinted at but about whichRays, 327:entered by the treading of the Way of the Higher Evolution. The so-called third initiation, theRays, 327:spiritual enticement must be clearly disclosed. Evolution is not a static thing; death cannot beRays, 328:the door which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution and that nothing else will open it. ThisRays, 329:the Door which opens upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In considering our theme I propose toRays, 333:services on Earth in connection with planetary evolution. Men are so apt to regard their own livesRays, 334:reveal to men their place upon the ladder of evolution and lead them to the recognition of theRays, 334:the Door which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution and the entire personnel of the HierarchyRays, 334:engineered must cover the three worlds of human evolution as well as the three worlds of theRays, 334:well-known phrase "the five worlds of superhuman evolution." Hence, therefore, the necessity forRays, 335:embracing all the five planes of superhuman evolution and necessitating a group recapitulation ofRays, 341:and ceremonies, and its place in the scale of evolution. Since the fact of initiation had beenRays, 342:as he is, who share with him the same point in evolution, and who are working with him towards theRays, 343:the initiation to be taken, at the same point in evolution. They are taking the same initiation andRays, 348:The picture of a man moving along the Path of Evolution until suddenly one day he stands before anRays, 348:indicative of the point reached upon the Path of Evolution, as a result of experiment, experienceRays, 352:initiations which guard the Way to the Higher Evolution. There are four types of fire by frictionRays, 356:first door; it opens on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. The first door symbolically admits theRays, 356:of Initiation The Door to the Way of the Higher Evolution I write now for those initiates who haveRays, 360:love and intelligent will. The Way of the Higher Evolution leads through the monadic and logoicRays, 360:dense physical planes (our three worlds of human evolution) and the four cosmic etheric planes (theRays, 360:you may achieve anent the Way of the Higher Evolution. After the Master has taken the fifthRays, 360:- covered and mastered the ordinary field of evolution for humanity; that means the three worlds ofRays, 361:of the Door on to the Way of the Higher Evolution, for the fifth and sixth initiations liberate HimRays, 364:is what the treading of the Way of the Higher Evolution enables a Master eventually to do. OneRays, 366:[366] The door into the Way of the Higher Evolution simply permits the entrance of the sensitiveRays, 367:Kumara, and has a close relation to the deva evolution, hinted at by me in A Treatise on CosmicRays, 374:need) as it seeks to aid not only the human evolution but all the other evolutions, of whichRays, 377:regarded - as far as three worlds of human evolution are concerned - as illusion, for the denseRays, 382:of the great spiritual fusion towards which all evolution tends; it will take the form of theRays, 384:tell us, there came a great crisis in the evolution of humanity; this necessitated one of the rareRays, 387:of embodying in Himself a new principle in evolution and of revealing to the world the nature ofRays, 389:will permit Him to enter the Way of the Higher Evolution in its more cosmic stages. This Way leadsRays, 390:to be taken later on upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Higher Way is a sevenfold Way. TheRays, 393:based on past karma, conditioned by the point in evolution already achieved, and on the presence inRays, 396:- will comprehend according to their point in evolution. [397] As we approach the subject of theRays, 398:away from it. The invocative note of our united evolution at stated times and cycles sounds out andRays, 404:creation, leading in due time but much later, to evolution. They are therefore, all of Them, PathsRays, 409:of many initiates on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. [410] This in itself is a most joyousRays, 411:Master sets His foot upon the Path of the Higher Evolution. Rays, 412:human kingdom at this time, to the processes of evolution and to the inflow (since 1825) of theRays, 415:reality which is brought to full unfoldment as evolution proceeds. The energy of Sirius by-passesRays, 417:in the present through the results of the Law of Evolution in every kingdom in nature; this is thatRays, 419:of Initiation 5. The Ray Path The history of evolution upon the Earth, from the angle of humanityRays, 419:- mental and spiritual. The history of evolution is in reality and from the occult point of viewRays, 421:At certain points upon the Way of the Higher Evolution Their two lines of energy meet and blend.Rays, 422:had to enter this Path via the angel or deva evolution and by transference then to the fifth or rayRays, 422:Path directly and without entering the deva evolution. This sixth Path is one on which the MastersRays, 424:now moving forward on to the Path of the Higher Evolution are equally of much greater unfoldment;Rays, 442:as they demonstrate in the three worlds of human evolution. It is in connection with this effortRays, 442:life which he has lived for so many lives; as evolution proceeds, his astral body becomes aRays, 455:the Master. But in this task of unfoldment, of evolution and of development, the mind of man has toRays, 457:and arrive at some understanding of his point in evolution. He can consequently undertake - inRays, 459:up to the initiate of the Way to the Higher Evolution in its various branches and with itsRays, 459:Will an Mind Path of Light The Way of the Higher Evolution The Point of Contact The Antahkarana ofRays, 461:the unifying goal of material and spiritual evolution, as it is carried to its conclusion - forRays, 462:give reason and power to the next stage of human evolution. The point which I seek to emphasize isRays, 464:Cause of Being Purpose Life purpose, motivating evolution The note of synthetic sound Utilizes theRays, 464:relationship Wisdom. Understanding The method of evolution Consciousness. Soul The note ofRays, 464:The nature of form The Holy Spirit Response to evolution The note of Nature The mental plane whichRays, 466:to be grasped at the present point in human evolution is the need to relate - consciously andRays, 470:its lower correspondence, the Science of Social Evolution (which is the joint or united antahkarana
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