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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTION

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Soul, 123:more vital organ in the earlier stages [123] of evolution, and is even at the present Stage moreSoul, 123:becomes a conscious sentient human being. As his evolution proceeds, the self or soul becomes moreSoul, 124:of the soul life. One of the objectives of human evolution is to accomplish this. The center at theSoul, 139:the diaphragm to the centers above. Through evolution and the effect of meditation work a man isSoul, 141:When man has reached a fairly high state of evolution the throat center is functioning and he isTelepathy, 15:interpretations, dependent upon the point in evolution of the reader, or seeker after truth. ThisTelepathy, 20:response registered earlier upon the ladder of evolution in the solar plexus. It concerns onlyTelepathy, 62:to his environment, as the forces of [62] evolution play upon him and lead him on from stage toTelepathy, 63:Every form has its own area of awareness, and evolution is the process whereby forms respond toTelepathy, 63:usefulness and effectiveness. The Law of Evolution and the Science of Impression cover theTelepathy, 64:is - inherently in itself - the evidence of evolution, of the essential dualism in manifestation,Telepathy, 65:is so, but because at the present point in human evolution, quality plus activity appear to be theTelepathy, 66:invariably passed through the human stage of evolution, for only human beings can perfectly blendTelepathy, 79:kingdoms, and upon such response depends the evolution of the indwelling consciousness. The animalTelepathy, 80:movements which are in no way related to human evolution. In connection with the planetary Logos ITelepathy, 81:in establishing the certitude of the point in evolution from which conscious invocation must ariseTelepathy, 83:angle of relationships, then the processes of evolution and the goal of the spirit of man (which isTelepathy, 91:on all forms of life at any particular point of evolution. Disciples then become agents of theTelepathy, 92:human beings, to that point upon the ladder of evolution when the aspirant becomes consciouslyTelepathy, 98:and perfect picture of our peculiar point in evolution. It is the aura which a Master watches, andTelepathy, 106:the educational background, the point reached in evolution, the mystical or the occult approach ofTelepathy, 108:by the Hierarchy in the three worlds of human evolution. [109] Telepathy, 110:the human consciousness. The normal processes of evolution will, however, prove incontrovertiblyTelepathy, 113:disciples work whose task it is to oversee the evolution of the forms of life in the subhumanTelepathy, 119:being, and Who sequentially and under the Law of Evolution is bringing to fruition the objective ofTelepathy, 120:a very long way ahead of our present point in evolution. Telepathy, 120:reveal the Purpose on all the seven planes of evolution. Then evolution, as formulated and imposedTelepathy, 120:on all the seven planes of evolution. Then evolution, as formulated and imposed by the Hierarchy,Telepathy, 121:of major importance), it might be said that evolution controls the form of the Purpose; the PlanTelepathy, 124:responsible for the well-being and progressive evolution of all lives and groups of lives withinTelepathy, 125:The Heart Center, the Agent of the Plan of evolution. This is the expression of divine Love or pureTelepathy, 127:sufficiently emphasized, owing to the point in evolution of mankind. Today, mankind has made suchTelepathy, 134:have controlled human affairs and the events and evolution of the other, the subhuman kingdoms inTelepathy, 141:non-existent, owing to the advanced point in evolution reached by this disciple. Realizing that theTelepathy, 143:the individual (at this particular point in evolution, through the circumstances of his daily lifeTelepathy, 145:it like an aura. According to the point in evolution will be the extent of the area which theTelepathy, 145:of aspiration or desire, and the point in evolution or the spiritual status, so will be the type ofTelepathy, 146:centers has appeared in the course of human evolution in response to energy from one or other, orTelepathy, 147:plane, commensurate to the man's place in evolution. Thus the incoming energy forming the ethericTelepathy, 147:lies full opportunity for all, as the Law of Evolution proceeds to dominate all manifestation. WhatTelepathy, 150:The directing energy alters significantly as evolution proceeds. Telepathy, 153:plane 4. That was the original condition; but as evolution proceeded and there was an interactingTelepathy, 154:buddhic or atmic, according to the point in evolution which the man concerned has reached. ThisTelepathy, 154:pouring through these tubes, unless the point in evolution is exceedingly low or unless one isTelepathy, 163:When the creative process is complete and evolution has done its work, these squares will become aTelepathy, 163:In this present system, the result of evolution, as far as the etheric body is concerned, will beTelepathy, 168:third ethers, counting from below upward; when evolution has brought the aspirant to the point ofTelepathy, 169:transmit energies from the three worlds of human evolution, and that the initiate is responsive toTelepathy, 172:are the needed changes made. When the cycle of evolution is nearing its close and theTelepathy, 180:radiation is conditioned always by the point of evolution of the life within the form; theTelepathy, 182:of the form, according to its point in evolution, and to its position also in the great chain ofTelepathy, 183:is His Will-to-Good which activates the Law of Evolution and carries His Form, with the myriadTelepathy, 192:and all, no matter what his ray or his point in evolution may be: Man's etheric body is an integral
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