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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Astrology, 20:and ordered life. This point in the human evolutionary process is spoken of in the Old CommentaryAstrology, 28:which produce and control manifestation and evolutionary progress in the human being: The greatAstrology, 29:vehicles or even by the soul. Later in the evolutionary process, recognition and response willAstrology, 49:the dense manifestation which we regard as the evolutionary matter. The forms are built (from theAstrology, 51:the unexpected and produce the hastening of the evolutionary process and the unfoldment of theAstrology, 60:initiation - present in the later stages of the evolutionary process, in the adjustment of formAstrology, 75:the individual and dependent upon his stage of evolutionary unfoldment. These might be divided intoAstrology, 81:- are the basis of cyclic law and govern the evolutionary process. From the point of view ofAstrology, 85:2 = 16 = 7. In these numbers the mystery of our evolutionary process lies hid. Always, however, theAstrology, 104:to full expression as the result of the great evolutionary process, initiated in Aries. The life ofAstrology, 115:of manifestation at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle, whilst in Pisces we have the fusion orAstrology, 127:way of incarnation is the "beneficent" method of evolutionary unfoldment and that the way ofAstrology, 137:of the involutionary path and the end of the evolutionary path than they are in the middle period.Astrology, 139:innate spontaneous activity and this produces evolutionary development - both natural andAstrology, 166:the approximate place of the subject upon the evolutionary path in one or other of its threeAstrology, 173:door stand wide." Here we have the key to the evolutionary urge, to the secret of rebirth, and ofAstrology, 178:the needed liberation towards which the entire evolutionary process has impelled him. It isAstrology, 195:all connected with the solar Logos and with His evolutionary undertakings in connection with theAstrology, 198:I would remind you of a basic fact in the evolutionary process which astrology will eventuallyAstrology, 236:perception and the steady urge of the evolutionary process. Nothing can prevent the inevitabilityAstrology, 240:under [240] spiritual and natural law which is evolutionary in expression; this is the goal ofAstrology, 240:eventually towards the final stages of the evolutionary process. When this understanding unfolds,Astrology, 245:been accomplished. Thus can the golden thread of evolutionary progress be traced throughout theAstrology, 248:and the other in an individual and progressive evolutionary sense. The following planets and theirAstrology, 251:eventually comes back as a result of the evolutionary process and from the soul: "I choose the wayAstrology, 251:for its symbology concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process which is to shield, nurtureAstrology, 255:the great Creative [255] Hierarchies and the evolutionary processes which affect the fourthAstrology, 255:really in a position to study, because when the evolutionary cycle is upon us, we ourselves are tooAstrology, 255:it becomes possible for us to grasp - on the evolutionary arc - those broad outlines and thoseAstrology, 256:and faint idea of the synthesis of the great evolutionary scheme which, in a cosmic sense, concernsAstrology, 258:there appears - as a result of the entire evolutionary process - the dedicated, trained and testedAstrology, 269:Path of Discipleship and the earlier stages of evolutionary development. The initiate is responsiveAstrology, 272:manner in Scorpio, in which the note of the evolutionary cycle which it dominates is "the Word madeAstrology, 291:other reasons, but this one will suffice. In the evolutionary process there is, therefore, firstAstrology, 295:are concerned, and the goal of all present evolutionary processes. The three aspects of the Sun (asAstrology, 302:and the underlying cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward; it is the keynote of the manAstrology, 317:of the transformed Crab and the result of the evolutionary process, and indicates the dangerousAstrology, 331:You can see from this, therefore, that as the evolutionary changes are brought about and as human,Astrology, 334:and which require a grasp of individual evolutionary status for correct interpretation. It isAstrology, 360:will lead to the intensification of the ordinary evolutionary process and the consequent waxing ofAstrology, 365:bear in mind that there is a conflict of the evolutionary process, leading finally to the conflictAstrology, 365:is rendered impossible. Towards the end of the evolutionary process, the disciple begins to respondAstrology, 371:scarcely knows which) of manifestation, of the evolutionary processes and of the will-to-be or theAstrology, 376:eye of revelation. The underlying goal of the evolutionary process - "the onward rush of the BullAstrology, 378:in spite of each other. That is as far as the evolutionary processes have yet taken humanity andAstrology, 379:and powerful movement which distinguishes the evolutionary progress of the individual, workingAstrology, 383:world cycle and at the peculiar stage of evolutionary unfoldment at which mankind now finds itself.Astrology, 391:the underlying theme of the entire creative and evolutionary process - the interplay of theAstrology, 392:the strength and potency which sets the world evolutionary process in motion; it embodies also theAstrology, 398:Scorpio, thus proving the effectiveness of the evolutionary processes undergone in the greatAstrology, 410:calling to your attention that in the great evolutionary process and owing to certain shifts andAstrology, 420:by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also to zodiacalAstrology, 422:difficulties confronting humanity on the arc of evolutionary experience upon our planet. Astrology, 424:finally of divine unchangeable Purpose. In the evolutionary effects of this relation of Life toAstrology, 425:conditioning factor, which sets the note for evolutionary development and which engrosses theAstrology, 456:the present general plan or blue print of the evolutionary development of consciousness. OtherAstrology, 459:finally work towards good, for the trend of the evolutionary force is unalterable. It can be slowedAstrology, 461:statement describes his own involutionary and evolutionary history. It depicts the interplay of hisAstrology, 463:that the triangles are incomplete during the evolutionary process. The fact, however, is that inAstrology, 474:of the reincarnating ego are: [474] The evolutionary cycle from individualization to liberation,Astrology, 476:all the twelve constellations bring about man's evolutionary development and eventual release fromAstrology, 479:is essentially a web of triangles and when the evolutionary process is completed, it will have beenAstrology, 494:make our theme comprehensible to you) that the evolutionary process - from the standpoint of theAstrology, 495:be added: I Taurus - Desire - the incentive to evolutionary unfoldment in the human kingdom.Astrology, 549:to the dualities with which man has a definite evolutionary concern. These are expressed in aAstrology, 590:In manifestation it is a gradual, self-revealing evolutionary and demonstrated activity. We knowAstrology, 592:of the will of God as Life. This concentrated evolutionary effort, this undeviating purpose hasAstrology, 593:- the Way to the higher evolution for which our evolutionary process prepares mankind. I amAstrology, 595:suited to our systemic life at this point in the evolutionary process, just as the Hierarchy uponAstrology, 595:one of the most important clues to the whole evolutionary process; the key to the mystery of timeAstrology, 597:The process is inherent in the seed; the evolutionary urge is the inevitable accompaniment of lifeAstrology, 602:keynotes for humanity at its present point of evolutionary development; as these seven energiesAstrology, 614:We are now concerned with the third stage of the evolutionary process, carried forward upon theAstrology, 617:energies distributed, in line with the creative, evolutionary plan. This, the Life of our, planet,Astrology, 619:the place which the will plays in our human evolutionary process; His transforming ray is theAstrology, 626:as the transforming will because the entire evolutionary process (which is, in the last analysis,Astrology, 628:upon the phenomenal side. Today, however, the evolutionary process can be considered from the twoAstrology, 644:one of the seven Heavenly Men. He is on the evolutionary arc of the Universe and has passed manyAstrology, 649:which facilitates, whilst it complicates, the evolutionary process. The sacred planets are calledAstrology, 679:In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousness suddenlyAstrology, 687:yet in complete vivification at this stage of evolutionary development. Another triangle inAtomto them a realization of the universality of the evolutionary process and its actuality; and toAtom, 15:we might call the Idealistic. It posits an evolutionary process within all manifestation andAtom, 15:this simply as a suggestion) just as much of the evolutionary truth [16] as it is possible for theAtom, 20:the minute consider what we mean by the words "evolutionary process." They are constantly beingAtom, 22:in all that is. This interpretation [22] of the evolutionary process does not look upon it as theAtom, 24:or repetition. The stages which distinguish the evolutionary process might be broadly divided intoAtom, 54:evolution, or the gradual demonstration and evolutionary unfoldment of that subjective intelligenceAtom, 54:First, we will take the subject of the evolutionary process, which, in this particular case is theAtom, 61:the forms are built up, or to enlarge upon the evolutionary process by means of which atoms [62]Atom, 86:consider for a little what is the method of the evolutionary process for a human being. We haveAtom, 102:be regarded as the [102] consummation of the evolutionary growth of consciousness in the threeAtom, 103:the medium of the objective. The method of the evolutionary development of consciousness in a humanAtom, 105:of nature. Man is the gainer by that vast evolutionary process which lies behind him. He startsAtom, 109:of vitality to a greater unit, so through the evolutionary development of consciousness the humanAtom, 115:Those who already know. Thus we have within the evolutionary scheme not great gaps between oneAtom, 129:There are several other developments during the evolutionary process with which we might deal, andAtom, 130:we may expect to happen in connection with the evolutionary process during the next few thousandAtom, 157:and a clearer view of what is going on in the evolutionary process, is of value to us, not becauseAutobiography, 123:why churchmen do not move with the times. All evolutionary development in all fields is an
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